Celebrate Diversity


Be proud of what you have and who you are. When you feel different from others then be the first to accept and love it, let the rest follows how you love yourself. Appreciate who you are and feel great about it. Learn how to celebrate diversity.

Celebrate Diversity

From the moment in time you got to know who you are and starting to love yourself, celebrate as it is your birthday. No other person can love you more than how much you can love yourself. So don’t kill ourself and die because it is unfair to those people who love you more than you love yourself.

Look at the man with out arms; they are very good in using their feet to feed their mouth with food and most of all they can smile.

Take a look of the photo I grab from Tumblr. I don’t the original source of this photo to give credit. Thanks for this inspiring photo scattered on the net.

Yes all have something in common but we also have diversity that makes us difference from each other. We can always take advantage of it by learning how to live with it while others dare not.

Another successful person like Nicholas James "Nick" Vujicic. He figure out to love and respect who he is. He learn to hope and become successful even if he has no arm. I am totally inspired by his ambition to live like normal people and how he give hope and inspiration too.

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  1. jeniffer
    jeniffer says:

    OMG this is so touching dlysen, I felt like yes.. we need to be happy of what we have, coz we are lucky enough.. and he smile despite that he is disable...but he is not disable in my point of view, because he use his weakness as his strength...

  2. dlysen
    dlysen says:

    Hi Jen, thank you for always coming back here. I love your comment about being disable, I just want to add that "If you think you are disable then you are."

  3. Ty Neal
    Ty Neal says:

    Awesome post my friend, I love it, if you think you are disable then you are it funny because the disable humans beings do more then the humans who have legs and feet.

    Great post you share some great content will be back again...


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