If I really want to make a difference I would

Celebrate Diversity

Be proud of what you have and who you are. When you feel different from others then be the first to accept and love it, let the rest follows how you love yourself. Appreciate who you are and feel great about it. Learn how to celebrate diversity.

Celebrate Diversity

From the moment in time you got to know who you are and starting to love yourself, celebrate as it is your birthday. No other person can love you more than how much you can love yourself. So don’t kill ourself and die because it is unfair to those people who love you more than you love yourself.

Look at the man with out arms; they are very good in using their feet to feed their mouth with food and most of all they can smile.

Take a look of the photo I grab from Tumblr. I don’t the original source of this photo to give credit. Thanks for this inspiring photo scattered on the net.

Yes all have something in common but we also have diversity that makes us difference from each other. We can always take advantage of it by learning how to live with it while others dare not.

Another successful person like Nicholas James "Nick" Vujicic. He figure out to love and respect who he is. He learn to hope and become successful even if he has no arm. I am totally inspired by his ambition to live like normal people and how he give hope and inspiration too.

Offer free baby- sitting

Have you tried to take care of your friend child or baby? Do you think it’s normal to offer baby sitting? It is normal but it is very rare or it comes once in a blue moon. We’re too busy yet we can make a difference by giving our extra time and effort for our friends. We can make difference to the person you ask to take care or help them to take care of their young.

Working at home together with children will divide our time attending both of your job and responsibility. You have to leave what you are doing to attend the need of your children. As a friend it would be nice to visit your friends’ house for help. You can attend to baby-sit on watching TV while you let your friend finished some work.

When your friend can’t bring their children on their work or appointment, offer your time to take care of them. It will be really nice to help and develop good relationship. Building relationship really make difference.

Remember Special Occasion

God want us to remember Him in every occasion. He wants us to give thanks for all the blessing we received from Him. Often times we forget God when we are in the comfort zone. We did not realized that we are nothing without God who provide us all the things that we need. So we must give praise and thanks to God.

Remember, greet and congratulates your friends or family on the anniversary, birthday, or any success milestone they achieved. They can feel more successful when we acknowledge them. More than that, we can be the part of his life celebrating special occasions. Celebrate your success that time you become a better person each time. Most of the time people will expect you to remember the birthday, anniversary and success stories, that is why it our chance to make them feel good and more happy.

Special Occasion is not better to celebrate alone. It is best to enjoy with friends, family or with your sweetheart.

Take an elderly person out to dinner

I remember when we went out dinner with other kids. I don't know them and I can't recall their names but the memory remains especially the man who brought us together to a dinner. My mother used to help Mr. Tapalez on laundry, that is why I was given the opportunity to be invited to a dinner.

From Mr. Tapalez home, we picked the other kids at Tandang Sora, near Old Balara Elementary School. From there we went to Max's restaurant at Quezon Avenue. I grew up missing the taste of chicken we shared on the table. There was something on that day that I won't forget, maybe it was my first time to dine with the person I only meet once and never forget. I wish I can remember the names of the other kids and the real name of Mr. Tapalez.

It would be nice if there will be a second time around to be with them on a dinner.

Good meal, good conversation, great memory. It's what I've learned. If you have given a chance to treat a child or an old man. I know for sure it is a good moments to remember.

Take more pictures

It’s good to live in this generation where you can take pictures from camera installed on different gadgets. Mobile phones and digital cameras that are rarely exist from 1970’s and below.

I only have a few pictures to kept from the past that can brought me back to remember we’re I was. Most of my photo are not personally mine, but own by whom I am with. I am with the group photo and other are form the stolen shot.

Take pictures on every place you’re going for the first time because it is nice to remember when it was. It is good to see how young you are or become sexier as of now. Take photo with different people you meet in life, its good to remember that you been with special person like celebrity and most of important friends or family.

Pictures are the evidence that you can share to people, friends, and family. You can’t bring the place where you went or the food you eat but we can took pictures of it.

Sometimes we have to trash some photos that only give us bad memories, keep only the good ones. The pictures in relations from the past love life will sometimes put some smile or make you feel sad.

Avoid Negative Thinking

no negative thoughts allowed

No negative thoughts allowed

Why people think positive or negative? It is the influence from what we believe. We start to believing on our thoughts that are constantly emerging in our mind. How can we avoid negative thinking? By knowing the reason or the root cause can help you understand. We can either think positive or negative but pay attention where will you get benefits most.

Why think negative when you know it isn’t good?

The best thing you can do about negative thinking is just being aware but never put your whole attention to it. Find a diversion and think positive. Make it a good habit of seeing things positively.

We attract what we think, just like the law of attraction.

Whey you try to think of bad or good things that you don’t want; you are creating the possibility to make it happen. The vision you create in your mind can be a blue print of what can be.

An anxious heart weights a man down, but a kind word cheers him up. – Proverbs 12:25

Choose friends of various ages in varying situations.

Life without friends seems to be incomplete. Imagine a world without them and no one cares about you. Having many friends is good. They can help and care about even if you don’t need them. It is wise to choose friends of good influence.

Friends of various ages can give also different answer when you ask advice. Ask the elder and you get their experience and ask the younger and you get what they think about, “new idea, concept, innovations, etc.” If you are planning to know how to become successful ask the elder, they already know how to get there. Be with the youth to get curious and explore more.

Friends gives flavor to our life, It can influence us, so be careful. They can turn us up and down. "Tel me who your friend is and I tell you who you are." This quote is realistic for those people that can be easily influence.

Let me share the group of friends that I interact regularly.

  • INC Brethren – We see each other in Worship Service and many religious activities.
  • Bloggers – I may not often meet them but we are connected online 24/7 via internet.
  • Band Mates – When I want to express my emotions on music, I makes me feel good and great
  • Businessmen – Where I learn how to set goals and Dream Big.

Every group has different qualities and uniqueness. We must know how to face different situations, sometimes when I feel hopeless; I go to Church and ask spiritual advice; I am learning from my partners in business how to have nice and decent income. We have to choose friends from various situations to get the right advice. Don’t expect to get more accurate answer when you ask the wrong person.

Life Advneture Planner with Jopet Pedroso

Acquaintance I would have, but when it depends not on the number, but the choice of friends. – Abraham Cowley

Be on time

wasting time

There are many benefits of being on time. It avoids the negative impact of the delay and easily manages schedule. Time will never stop and wait, it goes on come what may. It’s our job to keep up on time or we find our self left behind.

Scheduling can help your task on time. Having so many tasks can ruin your time management because we only have 24 hours per day to be exact. It is important to know each task because you can determine how long it will be. Now you can able to adjust your time schedule carefully. Being punctual is an attitude that will keep you on time. Don’t forget to check the surrounding and the weather, it can also cause of your delay.

To keep yourself on time

  • Know your task – it will give you the idea how long it is.
  • Schedule – it will avoid overlapping task and time conflict
  • Attitude – be punctual and don’t be lazy. Your attitude will keep you moving.
  • Surrounding and climate – bad weather and not appropriate surroundings can cause delay.
  • Don’t think late – when you think you are late, it will manifest and the feeling of being late only brings bad vibes.
  • Just think that you’re just in time and it will make you not to worry.

We are trained to be on time when we are set to school. We did not get in the school without preparations. That preparation is how we manage to be on time. Without preparations, we have the tendency to be late. Task and time management is one of the key to keep up on time.
Plan your 24 hours or daily routine. It is a very good habit. Plot your task in time table make a plan.
I miss my healthy time schedule when I was on elementary.

  • 6am – wake up and prepare for school
  • 7am – 3 pm : Study time
  • 3pm – 6pm : play at the beach, fetch wood, bring pale of water in full, watch sunset
  • 6pm – 7pm : must be at home, clean, do home work “not school assignment” just help at home.
  • 8pm – must be sleeping.

Now my schedules are more on appointments and doing my project done on time.

There is one kind of robber whom the law does not strike at… who steals what is most precious to men: time – Napoleon I

Someone else's time is a terrible thing to waste.

Refuse to hold grudges

When you feel hate, grudges will come along and we must be careful of our actions. It flames up your anger and turns us bad. It is hard to avoid grudges but we can do something about it. Grudges give bad emotions and you carry it not until you’ve let go.

Happy person don’t hold grudges and wise enough to learn that grudges are for the people who can’t let go of sad things or experience. Forgiving can take away your grudges and that is the best way I know.

When we cause other peoples grudges? Be the first to humble down and ask forgiveness. It can lessen the hate and make them easily to forgive.

Avoid before it happens. We are not perfect that sometimes people don’t like what happen. By understanding, we can control our emotion well and giving considerations allow them to do the right things. Managing our emotions can handle our grudges to let go.

I don’t want to end this topic without sharing my personal experience. What can you feel when you are giving love to someone that loves you back untruly? It is like having a fake relationship that will never last. I have to know where the pains of grudges come from. The pain of letting go can heal faster than the pain of being cheated. I don’t have any benefits on my grudges. I also remember when my friend borrowed my Eraser Heads “Cutterpillow” album that was never returns. I have now in mind that when I let someone borrows my things; I assume it was already given, so that I won’t hold any grudges on them.

What did you learn?

Grudges is a rewards you get when you hate someone so much, It is up to you to received it.

You can make a difference.

You can avoid having grudges because its normal and you can make a difference when you can learn to let it go quick. You don't need grudges in your life.