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If I really want to make a difference I would

Vary My Routine

have few friends who are claiming to be the boss or businessman with time freedom but cannot give time leave their business running alone. It seems like they are like an employee with no work no pay. Wake up and do some extra stuff! I did not mean to become irresponsible but to learn how to manage your routine. You can exchange your time to learn something new because doing the same thing again and again might be good only today but not for tomorrow.

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Tell the people in your life how you feel about them

You are born to express what you feel and it is very true from the day you were born. You would not even care the people in your surrounding as we cry or laugh to what you want and what you feel. It is a very wonderful gift that you’ve lost as you grow. You learn different manners and you forgot to preserve the importance of sharing what would you like to speak in your heart.

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Remember to say Thank You.

You are the poorest man if you can't even say thank you. The words thank you attracts more blessing and opportunities. It is a confirmation that a good thing is done. With or without an offering, saying thanks wholeheartedly can be enough to give back.

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