If I really want to make a difference I would

Vary My Routine

Habit will reconcile us to everything but change. – Charles Celeb Colton

It is nice to form a habit when you want to have your masterpiece. Be aware not to fall in-love too much on the things that you do because you might become addicted to it. That is why I would like to share this topic on Make A Difference.

As the book said that it is not good if you cannot break free from what you are doing when your friend ask you to go out for fun, just like reading books all the time and ignoring your movie invitation or having fun hanging out with friends.

You need to consider breaking up with your daily routine to give more chance to think of new ideas. Do something new that may help you grow and improve your lifestyle.

I have few friends who are claiming to be the boss or businessman with time freedom but cannot give time leave their business running alone. It seems like they are like an employee with no work no pay. Wake up and do some extra stuff! I did not mean to become irresponsible but to learn how to manage your routine. You can exchange your time to learn something new because doing the same thing again and again might be good only today but not for tomorrow.

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. - Mike Murdock

What did you learn?

  • I’ve learned that the things I’ve learned from the past might be good for today and not for tomorrow.
  • Breaking your routine is a time freedom, doing something new or learning is a choice.

You can make a difference.

While others do the regular rest day on weekends! Push your self to go out and learn with friends.

Give Myself a Break

Do you have times for yourself? Yes, treat your self as if you are the king. Recharge yourself with a good break. Life is continues and never ending process; you will end up nowhere when you are just like going where the wind blows. What I mean is that you have a choice where you want to go just give yourself a break and think what can be accomplished by doing something new.

You need a little break to control your emotions.

It is very helpful and important to give yourself a break when you cannot control your emotions. To think positive while you are angry is very difficult but you have to hold your emotions first and think good. Taking a deep breath can give signal to your brain to think wise and be very positive before you take actions. You really need a break to control your emotions.

Too much love is also dangerous when you are not aware that your relationship is unfair. Give yourself a break to check if you can still give your trust, love and commitment in your relationship. It is applied to a friend, and any relationship you have with people.

Stand up! Its time to show your guts, do not entertain your fear and give your self a break. Doubt and fear exist in the world without trying. When you are longing find some answer, take some courage, give yourself a break and make a difference.

How shall we expect charity towards others, when we are uncharitable to ourselves? – Sir Thomas Browne.

Reaching too far can cause you to lose your grip.

What did you learn?

Check your direction and take a look to see where you are. Give yourself a break you can do this and definitely make a difference.

You can make a difference.

You have to take control of your life, there is nothing wrong in giving yourself a break when it can change you for something better.

Be careful not to over commit.

Try to swallow while your mouth is too full. You will get choke when you can’t accommodate. Understand this and you can relate what it is mean not to over commit.

It’s nice to make a commitment but you have to comply what it is.  Commitment gives challenges that you must be prepared.

Learn To Say No

One cannot manage too many affairs; like pumpkins in the water, one pops up while you try to hold down the other. – Chinese Proverb

Learn when to say yes and when to say no. You have to know what you can do in due time so you can be confident enough give your commitment. Commitment is a responsibility that you must take care and attend.

Think before you commit

You must know what you’re doing more importantly if you are giving your commitment to others. You have to say it clear the level of your commitment. Like “I try, I do my best, and I do whatever it takes” most people succeed when they commit whatever it takes. People who try may quit soon enough when they get tired and people who do their best can fail when the best they exert is not good enough.

A commitment is important ingredients of success.

In relationship, marriage is a failure without a commitment. Sometime it is weird that the minister asks if you love each other for better or worst. It is a common sense that they want to get marriage and obviously they love each other. This is because the minister and witness want to ask your commitment.

Commitment is the blood of your business, without it your business die. As long as you keep on doing the right things and committed to grow your business then success is right there.

Remember the level of your commitment and make it clear. Don’t commit for a false hope, being honest to what you can give and do whatever it takes can make a difference.

What did you learn?

  • There are three level of commitment, “I try, I do my best, and do whatever it takes.”
  • Think before you commit to avoid giving false hope.

You can make a difference

You can be successful by reaching your goals whatever it takes.

Keep in touch with my friends

I always want learn something new with my friends. Knowing information about them is a nice way to keep in touch with them. It develops strong relationship and comfortable to ask for help when it needs.

Forsake not an old friend; for the new is not comparable to him: a new friend is as new wine; when it is old, thou shalt drink it with pleasure. – Ecclesiastes 9:10

Protect your friends no matter what, because you are a good friend you still have to protect them even some of them aren’t real. It’s always nice to have a new friends but your old friend know you more somehow.


How to keep in touch with your friends

I simple greetings that you receive can make your day complete so you can do the same. Anybody can do it but some people play lazy to give empowering words.

Hi and hello always start at the beginning, it is like giving new hope to your friends when you greet them.

Extend your care with your friends, they may not ask for it but making them feel that you are concern can make a different. It is a big support by knowing that there are people who still care for them.
Communication is the best way to reach their heart. Just say something wonderful and lend your ears. They may say something that can ease worries.

You can use technology to deliver your message like, internet, mobile phones, and post cards. Sending a gift is sweet and awesome.

Ask for a gathering and meetings. It’s nice to have a bonding and get to know each other from time to time. You can plan for a vacation, or travel adventure, make fun and enjoy.

Be lucky to have old friends who have had the opportunity to see you at your best and every state in between. They know what makes you thick and appreciate how far you have come. They understand your flaws and love you anyway.

Friends’ Love at all times – Proverbs 17:17

It is time to appreciate the friends who have made a difference in your life. Friendship doubles your field of influence.

Tell the people in your life how you feel about them

When was the time you express what you really feel? You are born to express what you feel and it is very true from the day you were born. You would not even care the people in your surrounding as we cry or laugh to what you want and what you feel. It is a very wonderful gift that you’ve lost as you grow. You learn different manners and you forgot to preserve the importance of sharing what would you like to speak in your heart.

Tell the truth

Do not lie to yourself and when you are saying something to anyone. The best way to communicate people is to be honest and detailed conversations. Tell them what you feel about, when you are happy and when you are sad. Never give false expectation, be honest and show who you are.

Do not exaggerate stories

Never add or change the real story. Too much sugar coat is not good because instead of appreciating your words they might think it as fake. You don’t have to hype people just to make them believe you. It is ok to be share with excitement but never to exaggerate it.

Do not hide your problems

Keeping problem will only prolong the situation. Speak to the right person for advice and to the person involve, so you can talk about the solution that can solve your problem. You can fix it alone but you can ask for help because there are people who care about you.

Be sensible

Telling the truth about people can really hurt feelings. Be careful in confronting people in different state of moods. Check the message if it is compromise to what people feels at the moment. Study your words because there is always a better way to deliver your message and in much appropriate way.

What did you learn?

  • As written in the book, Speak up and you will be glad that you did.
  • There is always a better way to deliver your message in much appropriate ways.
  • Problem can be shared and the solution will can be find easily.

You can make a difference.

  • Remember that you have the gift to express what you feel from the day you were born.
  • Be honest; speak in details and truth to communicate effectively.
  • Speak up and tell them that you really care, show it to them and you can make a difference.

Remember to say Thank You.

You are the poorest man if you can't even give thanks. Thank you is the word that attract more blessing and opportunities. It is to confirm that good thing is done. With or without an offering, saying thanks wholeheartedly can be enough to give back.

Always find ways to say thank you.

Don’t let the perfect timing pass by. It’s the opportunity that to  say that “I notice, I understand, I acknowledge.” Being thankful is a way to express your appreciations and happiness.

The word of thanks is a word that is good to hear and can echo into the heart forever. Mean it when you say it because that word can easily felt by heart.

How can you say thank you if the person is already gone, so please say thanks whenever you have a chance. It is a priceless moment of time where you were able to say thanks.

Give thanks for everything you have for our loving God provide us all of the things we want. Never forget to give thanks to our loving Father.

Give thanks in all circumstances - 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Thanks for all the blessing that you receive from everyone. Sometimes it is hard to say thank you when you think that you are losing your pride but please go and say thanks because there is much positive effect on saying thanks.

You are the poorest man if you cannot even say thank you.

Thankfulness is one of the most important habits. It attracts more blessing and opportunities. Thank you means that a good things has been done or will be done. Let your heart express this gratitude by your words to say thank you for this act can make a difference.

The positive effects of saying thanks

  • It is a way to show that you humble and down to earth by giving thanks.
  • Saying thank you acknowledge and shows appreciations.
  • You can start a good relationship

You can make a difference

  • Say thank you even if you don't really need help but to say your appreciations
  • The moment of saying thanks can be lost forever if you forget to say it.

Send handwritten letters and flowers

I wrote a handwritten letters to express my appreciations and love to my friends. I add some flowers to make it nice and good. I never expect the feedback was so touching from saying goodbye on the letter. I never expect that flower and short note can make a difference.

The handwritten letters and flowers.

I gave two sets of flower with handwritten letters. They were almost the same and alike. I gave one to my roommate and the other one to my friends’ next room. Although it was just the same; people think and feel differently. It is because they have different experience of knowing me.

Our feelings are often time base on our experiences as we grow. The emotions we have now are molded by the things we have learn and discovered, and it is something that we believe in.

I don’t have time to take photo of the flowers, so I hope they have extra time to do it and send to me.

What did you learn?

  • Often times we always have a different point of view on the certain things even if we are looking at the same side and the same things.
  • People give feed backs defending on the experience they had with you.

You can make a difference

  • Your gift can be more appreciated when you add more gratitude and love, which can make a difference.
  • Writing a letter on a paper is an old way of sending message but I can be more meaningful.

Read books to a child

Can you remember the first time you listened to the person who read the books for you? I can remember my mom reading books to me. The best part of the story telling is not falling asleep after listening but the valuable lesson you learnt. Who can read the story book sharply at age of three? Congrats for those who can. And so while looking at the photo of each page my mother explain what happen.

I will list few stories that my mother told me which gives moral value, guide and wisdom to my life. I learn that I should not be greedy when my mother tell the story of the greedy black crow. The story of Homer The Owl that makes me courageous and brave. The truth and the lesson from the Bible is the best of all time.

Once you acquire wisdom it will benefits you. Reading books to a child means will not only to help them learn and grow wise; reading books to a child will also make them remember you.

A book is good company – Henry Ward Beecher

Read books

2014 Spring/Summer Picture Book Preview By Minh Le

Live in the present

I am telling my story to a first year college student taking his second semester that failed three major subjects when I was freshman. He told me that I is wasted but I smile and answer him, No! it wasn’t. I value it as I learn something. When he told me about getting perfect passing grade on his exam I told him that I had that experience too. Passing and failing gives you both experience that you can use now and in the future.

It is more wasted when you pass the exam but didn’t learn or used it in your life living the present. Good for those who experience failure that knows the pain of being left behind. The past will support you to live in the present; you just have to learn from it to use them well. Your past will tell your strength and weakness.

How to live in the present?

Start giving thanks to God for having your days and to live forward enjoying His blessing. Start breathing the air and affirm that you are happy to have your life to live.

Smile and feel it. It is really hard to smile when you feel sad, but keep smiling and eventually you will find yourself happy. Sounds like crazy but try it, it works.

Don’t worry about the past; instead use them to make your day. What you have learned and experienced will help you to deal in the present. It’s your chance to make change and succeed.

Make priority and manage your time. We only have 24 hours per day so make the most of it productive without stress. Know your schedule and avoid delay and you will enjoy the result of having more time.

Express your love and share it as you have more than enough. When you give love then you receive love too.

Forgive specially to those people who ask. Forgiving It is the best way to let go of your grudges. Grudges will stole your happiness in the present, forgive and let go of your grudges.

In the summary: I just want to take note that it’s hard to live in the present when you still live in the past. There are more ways to live in the present. Think positively and you will find it.

Live in the present