Bestseller, Don’t Worry, Make Money, Richard Carlson

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Accept The Fact That You Can Make Excuses, You Can Make Money, But You Can’t Do Both

It nice to know that we can make money but it’s sad to know that people are afraid to act and get it. There are so many ways to get it but our fear stop us and make excuses. I’ve learn that having fear paralyzed your action, your focus will not become concentrated and you will start to fail or making it hard to make money.

Give yourself an excuse and you will delay the process of making money, but giving a full concentrated focus and effort will eventually help you go get your goals. It is very hard to have them both. How can you act well if you doubt about what you’re doing? Will you make an excuse or do nothing? Or make some plan or follow the blue prints of someone who already successful in making money.

Using the directions, you cannot reach north when you are headed to east. If you have a regular job with a salary enough to pay your bills and nothings left to save, don’t expect to get rich. Don’t make and excuse that I am not rich because I have this kind of job when you can give some of your extra time leveraging.

A person who is the habit of making excuses keeps himself from his greatest potential.

Pay Yourself First

This is the attitude that will save your future from being not enough. Give rewards to yourself first when you get your salary go and put some in your bank or savings. If you have enough savings to live for a year without a job is a nice result of paying yourself first.

When helping people you can give everything but don’t forget to recognized or reward yourself. It is not sometime the money you can have but you also can have a blessing from God. If there nothing left with you because you give to help God will be the one will provide for your future.
The bad habit of spending everything for you but categories for expenses is not paying yourself first. It will only solve your problem at the moment. Your future will depend on how you manage your money well.

You can make a difference, every working man can save $5 on a pay day but honestly only few will do. You can always find in the end that people who save money or pay themselves first will always be happy and less the financial problem.

Get Mileage out of Reflection

Looking back to what happen to you can push you more forward. It is like famous quotes “sharpening the saw” I read in the book “The seven habits of highly effective people” by Stephen F. Covey. You find the benefits of knowing how you get here and understanding your strength and weakness.

Find yourself on things you can do well and things that you need to learn much more. When you reflect yourself, observe and find the answer of why you get there. When you have analysis on your reflection you can do more best on the next time around.

The reflection in my life that I always wanted to go back is the day I learn how to smile. There is inevitable mood of feeling bad and the way how I manage to smile and understand that process is the best reflection I always observe. The day I lost my first phone model is “Asus v8” I bought from my first credit card. It is lost it and its not yet fully paid. Imagine what you can feel if it was your first. Sure you feel bad, but how I make myself learn to smile is a different point of my life. I know that I become careless on riding a public transport MRT.  And when something is taken out to you something will replace or fills in back. Nothing will be lost now if you have none but a things to have.

You my lost your friends for a reason but you know someone can understand you better. Find a reflection where you can see yourself happy in the end. We make reflection to brighten up the way.

You can also find some reflection from others; you can adopt or relate some situation from your friends, or others. We can take more visual experience and imaginary solutions as we observes and learn from their experience.

Experience Relaxed Passion

There are three kind of passion! 1) The Hyper Passion, 2) I Love This As Long as Everything’s Works out well, and 3) The Relaxed Passion. I had experience all of these kind of passion but I never understand and get aware of it until I wanted to make a difference. We are used to do something that we love but never utilized what make grow more and productive.

Hyper passion is something like that you love to do as long as you are excited and motivated. You will get tired in the end when you feel like it’s not worthy or not being appreciated.

I love this as long as everything’s work out! This happen in most relationships and it ends if doesn’t work out as simple as that. You love each other until something went wrong for a reason that your relationships did not work out. I applies to my band mate too. I had a band that so aggressive to play and get together by music. I become a member of the band that never last long because I had some better plan to do so.

Relax passion! It’s the best way to live with. When you can enjoy the hardest part of it. You love what you are doing and you are happy for it. Relax passion must be in your natural ways of living like you love to be with the people you care. Having a work using the talent that you have, like being a chief if you love to cook or a singer if you love to sing. You can’t be relax if they asked you to sing but you are lack of singing talent.

Relax passion saves so much time and energy because you already know what you are doing. It is like driving on the same road over a year, some changes my happen but you can manage. It saves time and energy and it’s nice to be efficient at your relax passions.

Learn The Magic of Non-attachment

The first time I've heard this advice is from the book of “Happiness In A Nutshell” by Andrew Mathews says about;

The moment you get too attached to things, people, money ... you screw it up!

This book "Don’t Worry Make, Make Money" tells about what happens when you attach yourself to nothing. It shows that non attachment gives freedom and a win-win situation whatever the outcome of your doing.

My personal experience on making myself nonattached is like offering or giving free services. Whatever the outcome of my services will never be a failure because I did give all my best but when I satisfied my customer that’s the real good story.

What about if commitment is concerns? It does not mean that non-attachment is not making a commitment. Doing this kind of tricks has the same goals with commitment and that is to make things delivered. It’s the way how you do it and make it.

Give, Give, Give

I understand the importance of giving when you feel good of doing it. You feel bad when you give not wholeheartedly and it makes me feels a part of me is taken. When some part of you is taken definitely you feel incomplete and being incomplete is really bad. But when you give wholeheartedly noting in the part will be missing and you will feel the joy completely as you give.

When somebody borrowed something to me, I assume that I already give it and expect never to return or I will never let them borrow. It’s my fault if they can give it back because it let them borrowed. Hoping them the return the favor will only gives you bad mood, but recognizing the big help you give can make you proud of what you did.

The old books says that when you give it will return a hundreds folds, just give and you will receive. Be careful of what you give, good and bad things must be consider. You cannot expect good things if you give a bad things.

Remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

This phrase always been to my mind since I was a nine years old. I saw this line on a notebook cover and love to read it. Since then I am thinking of baby’s step as I interpret to myself. Everything here on earth has a beginning.

I start blogging this book and I don’t know when I’ll be finished. What I have as of the moment is the vision that I can learn along the way and gain afterwards. Thinking of what lies ahead is a first step of creations. Things start to process when you think of it, when the universe is fit to it, it will be done.

Take the first step and there will be next. Soon enough, just don’t quit and your goals will be fulfill.

Don’t Worry Make Money by Richard Carlson

I like to share what I’ve learned inside the “Don’t Worry, Make Money” by Richard Carlson, Ph. D. It can be our guide to “spiritual and practical ways to create abundance and more fun in your life.”
I bought this book last April 28, 2010 in BOOKS AND MAGS store. The store is located in Walter Mart, Pasong Tamo St, Makati.
I link my story related to the topic given inside the book. I share my personal experience and explain what I’ve understand about it. I hope you find my stories very interesting.

  1. Remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
  2. Give, Give, Give
  3. Learn the Magic of Non attachment
  4. Experience Relaxed Passion
  5. Get Mileage Out of Reflection
  6. Pay Yourself First
  7. Accept the Fact that You Can Make Excuses, You Can Make Money, but You Can’t Do Both
  8. Don’t Deal With Problems, Transcend Them
  9. Learn About Moods and Money
  10. Consider the Possibility that If It Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Might Not Be
  11. Hire Up
  12. Don’t Worry About the Market – Invest it In
  13. Become Less Reactive and More Responsive
  14. Work on “Knowing” Instead of “Believing”
  15. Remind Yourself that Your Life Begins Now
  16. Surround Yourself with Experts
  17. Be Aware of What You Don’t Know and What You’re Not Good At.
  18. Become Aware of the Passion Factor
  19. Experiment With the One-Hour Solution
  20. Be Prepared to Walk Away from Negotiation – You Can Usually Go Back
  21. Be Willing to Change
  22. Spend the Bulk of Your Time on the “Critical Inch” of Your Business or Project
  23. Express Your Gratitude Toward Others
  24. Leave a Great Impression (Not Just a Good One)
  25. Maintain Wealth Consciousness
  26. Wait for Inspiration
  27. Use the Power of Reflection
  28. Laugh at Your Mistake (and You Won’t Repeat Them)
  29. Take Your Lunch
  30. Ask For What You Want
  31. Short Circuit Your Reaction Spirals
  32. Eliminate Your Most Self-defeating Belief
  33. Keep in Mind that Circumstances Don’t Make a Person, They Reveal Him
  34. Form a Winning Partnership
  35. Let Go of Fearful Thoughts
  36. Think BIG!
  37. Make Decisions with the Advantage of Long-Term Information Instead of the Disadvantage of Short-Term Information
  38. Know When to Bet, When to Hold, and When to Fold
  39. Change What You Can, Accept the Things You Can’t
  40. Develop Relationships with People Before You Need Something from Them
  41. Be Aware of Your Unique “Stacking Order”
  42. Don’t Panic!
  43. Create from the Inside Out
  44. Banish Your Doubt
  45. Know the Secret to Silence
  46. Sock Away Two Years of Living Expenses
  47. Give Up Your Fear of Disapproval
  48. Keep a List of Bargain Shopping Places in Your Purse or Wallet
  49. Don’t Rely on Too Much Date
  50. Find a Mentor
  51. Delight in the Success of Others
  52. Ask Yourself, Where Is This Decision Likely to Lead?
  53. Remember the Golden Rule
  54. Don’t Be Frightened to Ask for Referrals
  55. Know that the Idea “Opportunity Only Knock Once” Is a Big Myth
  56. Look for Expenditures that Might Be Made Cooperatively Instead of Individually
  57. Shop Carefully with Your Vacation Dollars
  58. Decide Carefully Between a Fixed and Variable Interest Rate on your Home Mortgage
  59. Buy Large Deductive Insurance
  60. Whistle While You Work
  61. Encourage Creativity in Others and Have Faith in Them
  62. Don’t Give Away your Power
  63. Charge What You Are Worth
  64. Listen, Really Listen
  65. Cultivate Humor and Learn to Smile
  66. Start a Buyers Club
  67. Build Up a Large “Trust Fund”
  68. Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak
  69. Go Ahead and Do It
  70. Be Willing to Take Advice
  71. Ask Yourself, What Have I Contributed to This Problem?
  72. Consider that Wisdom May be Even More Important that IQ
  73. Eliminate the Words “I’m Not a Salesperson” from Your Vocabulary
  74. Consider that Busyness Gets in Your Way
  75. Think About Purple Snowflakes
  76. Stay Out of Reverse
  77. Let Go of the Fear that If You’re Relaxed or Happy, You’re Going to Fail
  78. Be Aware of Positive Burnout
  79. Dive In
  80. Just Once, Try Something Different
  81. Help Someone Else Succeed
  82. Persevere
  83. Consider the Wisdom of Optimism
  84. Hold on Tightly, Let Go Lightly
  85. Be Willing to Apologize
  86. Lighten Up
  87. Remember that Everything Is Used the Day After You Buy It
  88. Keep in Mind that Cheaper Is Not Always Better
  89. Don’t Be Afraid to Take Baby Steps
  90. Remind Yourself that Your Life Isn’t Your Enemy, but Your Thinking Can be
  91. Just Do It
  92. Resist the Temptation to Continually Raise Your Standard of Living
  93. Start a Car Pool
  94. Have a Plan
  95. Don’t Get Lost in Your Plan
  96. Stop Commiserating
  97. Work at It
  98. Create Your Own Luck
  99. Don’t Forget to Have Fun
  100. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff! Suggest Reading

As I read the book, I will write my opinion, how I feel about it or how I put myself to it and what I’ve learn and add to it. If you have this book too, please share something you have in mind.