Bestseller, Don’t Worry, Make Money, Richard Carlson

Surround yourself with experts

Just like the popular quote “The birds with same feather are the same birds.” At the back of my mind while reading this topic I know that if you are very successful at one thing you will love to share it because it’s one way people acknowledge it. Then it comes to my mind that the title of the chapter gives a big clue for your success.

Tracing back may experienced when I was involved in a rock band, I started with no idea about making your music rock and how it feels like to be on the stage. Not long enough I learn the way how to make the music rock on the stage. Changes happen all the time when I decide to become a sales agent. Same things happen, I have no idea from the start but time leads me to be good on it. Now I’m a blogger but and beginning to learn it from bloggers out there until such time will come you will know my success story. I have a different sets of friend like a musician where I learn to play rock music, like a business man where I learn make sales and a blogger from where I am learning how to blog right now.

It’s ok to get advice and most important to learn from the people who is already successful in doing things that you want to learn.

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Remind yourself that your life begins now

When our thought feels like our life is merely to end; in the moment of bad and unfavorable situations; why most people think that they are hopeless? What we do not understand is this is just a beginning of another chapter of our life. Our past was already accomplished. What you have now is a brand new hope.

Always remind yourself that your life begins now!

In this chapter of the book, it shows how people use the past or their experience in the wrong way. The past gave us lessons in life and we had interpret it good or bad. We might say the past is cruel things that we can’t move-on anymore or we can say that past make me realized the tomorrow is better than yesterday. You must learn your mistake. Some are saying that the past ruin everything and what had left is nothing. We’re just truly nothing form that start and by knowing that, I can easily accept my defeat. If you still have an energy to breath, think, and love, it’s enough for you to start over again.

Our past has no power other than the power we give it. Drop all negative references to your past and you notice that living now is much easier. As your past habits creep into your consciousness, simply acknowledge them and let them go. Your past was important because it was needed to get you into the present. Focus on what you can do today, right now, in this moment, and you will begin to create the abundance.

Work On Knowing Instead of Believing

This topic will guide you to choose to decide which way is much better. Which is better! knowing or believing? It said that believing is something that you just feel, but it is uncertain and often you don’t understand. Believing is something implanted in the mind while we’re young but we never really know it from the first place. Knowing is said to be within your understanding and making yourself sure about what is certain.

kaya toastMy personal example of believing is like a pay day. I expect to have money on that date but it is inconsistent on my experience and it was delayed. We move now of knowing that pay day will sometime never come on time and knowing it makes you prepare on a budget.

At first I believe and after I experienced, I  learn to know about it. We believe that a nice looking and mouth watering food at the table is good but you never know unless you taste it. And once we knew it, we learn from the second time around to and explain more detail.

It is a gift when you to know something in instant. But it requires lot of experiences of knowing something you want for. Just like planning to become rich or have a nice income. We can start from believing but knowing things what to do will be easier to achieve our goals.

We believe that we can earn big income on doing business but only few try to know about it. And the people who try can able to learn and know more about the business they are doing.

If you believe on something and you know it will going to happen, act for it. It’s an opportunity to have this kind of wisdom to do a certain thing that will eventually happen when you act.

Become Less Reactive and More Responsive

Being reactive is like making decisions without thinking. It can cause failure or worsen the event if the decision is not correct.

I remember the story of the father hit the hand of his five years old son with a wrench. The child was hit because his father got mad when his son wrote something on his car. His father didn’t want his sons’ finger to be broken but it’s too late. After that he saw the word “I Love You Dad” written on his car. His son asks his father gently “when will my finger grow back.”

From that story lets make it being responsive. When the father see his sons scratch his car instead of making himself angry he, try to think of a solutions to fix it relax and calm. We know that a five years old child don’t know what they did after. The boy  just wanted  to say "I love you" to his dad. The boy don’t mean bad thing at all. It happen to people who don’t know how to act responsive.

To be responsive is being on our most relaxed state of mind. To see bigger picture and take things less personally, rather than being rigid and stubborn we are flexible and calm. Seeing bigger picture of you can able you to see it more clearly. Having a clear vision can send you a relaxed state of mind, good mode and happy feelings.

The last paragraph on page 34
A responsive mind is fertile ground of success. When your mind is clear and relaxed, you pave an open channel for abundance and joy. There is a direct and clear relationship between how much time you spend in a responsive state of mind and your own level of success. The more you are able to stay out of reactivity, the more opportunities will present themselves. Beginning right now, use the power of responsiveness to create your own success.

Don’t Worry About The Market – Invest In It

When you pay yourself first there is nothing to worry about investing whether your strategy fails or succeed. This is what I understand inside the book. To make it more clearly about investing, risk is always there and strategy is always changing. It really means Investing is only for risk taker persons, but to be safe and not to worry about the book advice to save money or pay you first. What ever happen to the market and your investment you will glad to know that you are safe.

Hire Up

It was 3:30am of June 14, 2010 when I flip the page 27 and No. 11 Hire Up topic from “Don’t Worry Make Money”. I am about to sleep at the moment but I become interested what lesson I can learn from the topic.

Hiring someone to do the work for you is such a form of leverage. Smart hiring is must to avoid the reverse effect of leverage. Don’t hire a people that are not capable. I see myself as the book explain that “People who are self-employed often fall into the same trap.” I can do myself better than anyone else. I agree that it is really a foolish statement.

Sometimes I’m afraid to work with the person who I see better than me because I’m afraid that idea can be stolen. I try to look for people that I still have to train, this is good but there is always a better way. The book is right that if you are going to hire it must be better than you so that you can learn more from them and gain more time from them.

If I’m going to laundry all my clothes for a day I will miss to earn let say 100% more than I can pay for a laundry shop. I’d rather pay 10% if my income for the laundry and do my work to earn 100% of my income. If I have a salary of P1,000.00 for a day I would rather pay P100. 00 pesos for someone who can clean my laundry.

Consider the Possibility that if is sound too Good to be True, It might not be.

Consider the possibility that if is sound too good to be true, It might not be.

This is false expectations, when you think that it’s so easy or good the outcome probably the worst. It happens to me and this is my story.

Having a job seems easy to have when you have not yet try to apply. I thought that completing the requirements and know all the things you do about the job you applied for is what you need. But it’s not what you expect; you can fail anytime you miss some of it. I failed the requirements.

Another “Sounds Too Good To Be True Story” in my life is when I join MLM Company that promise a compensation to live a lifestyle that you want. Well again its Good and True but it not again for me. That company doesn’t exist anymore and before I make a good income it shut down and declared a bankruptcy.

When I’m in High School? It’s just too good to be true that I marched on the graduation day even though I have a tendency not to graduate.

It is us who will claim that If Is too good to be true, It must be.

Learn About Moods and Money

My moods to attract money are being happy to what I want to have. I love the trick in the book that says “to be grateful when your mood is high and graceful when it low.”

Have you observed your moods? Do you use it properly?

When you are in a positive emotions, love, happy, sharing, passionate etc. you’re in a good mood. The energy you have at the moment is so powerful that everybody can feel what it is in you. Try to close a sale or try to start your work and you can deliver well. But when you where in a bad mood, having a feeling and emotions of being sad, frustrated, worried, hate, etc. you can feel yourself lock and it’s hard to move on.

It’s hard to work in a bad mood

To share my experience how I use my moods perfectly is when I work. Honestly it’s hard to work in a bad mood. It’s disturbed your mind and freezes you up, and don’t know what to do. While you’re in good mood you can easily figure out what next and you can work very well and efficiently. All possibilities will come up to your mind and you can have abundant of resources.

Don’t Deal With Problems, Transcend Them

I’m about to share my bad habit during High School days especially during exams. Honestly I cheated on the exam, but what will you do if you got caught? The easiest thing to do is to accept that you cheated. I’m just being honest that I cheat and wait for the punishment. It is what I've done.

Another problem that makes me so hard to move is when I broke up with your sweetheart. It is hard to move when you're attached to someone. I am blind to see the whole picture because I was inside of it and later figure out when I get out. I can see the image more when you’re away and understand what it really means. I have to move on.

Like when you lost a small thing a toy or gadget in your house. You spend your time searching the whole day  and you will find it on the other day when you’re not really looking for it.

When it comes to money… We may not have enough money at the moment. We wonder where to get it and often get frustrated when everybody turns us down. Don’t let yourself turn you down too. It’s the tragic mistake that you can make because it will paralyze us to think, to plan and act. Be happy that you don’t have money today no money can take away from you but today is the day you can make money. If you have nothing, you’re going to have. When you have it, share more often and all what left is a blessing.