Bestseller, Don’t Worry, Make Money, Richard Carlson

Use The Power Of Reflection

I don’t know how to understand this topic about reflection. Only on the last part, I get some more idea reading the story having trouble on partnership. He thought that the problem was caused by his partner but he was the one making the problem due to poor communication.

The idea is to step away to object and see it more clearly. Often times and truly we cannot observe what is going on inside if we don’t look in others point of view. We must think about what happen and will show where did you make mistake or done good things.

Leave A Great Impression (Not Just A Good One)

Leave A Great Impression (Not Just A Good One)
The author said very simple: Make living your life with absolute integrity and kindness your first priority. Put other first, whenever possible.
I doing business this strategy will develop trust. Whatever plan you have in mind will be fully supported. You’re not just making people to trust you but you develop your influential skills. Influence is very powerful that every action you do will be bow by others.

Express Your Gratitude Toward Others

gratitudeI express my gratitude by respect. I acknowledge people that give importance to us. Sometimes we don’t know how to express. Gratitude is the echo of love returning to where it’s from. When you do a little thing to someone, someday it will goes back more than you expected.
Remember when we are in nursery, pre-school or elementary school. We receive something special like toy, or caring from our friends and family. Once we grew up we end up doing the same thing. We can also call it gratitude. We inherit it. We experience love since then and we are continuing to pass it through.

Spend the bulk of your time on the CRITICAL INCH of your business or project

When it say “critical inch” it means that you give an extra effort on your extra time that can make a difference. This critical inch may aid to the growth of a business or project.

One example is saving money, everybody can put $5 on their piggy bank every pay day but only few actually do it. At the end of the year you can feel the difference. You have some money in the future when you need it.

Another example is to prepare for school or work for tomorrow. It’s better to prepare everything before you sleep so that even if you wake merely on time you’re ready to go.

When you are on a coffee break; you can think of productive idea that you can use for your everyday life. Others are just having their coffee for socializing while you can do both.

Those examples are using some extra effort and time that can help you prepared.

Be willing to change

How strong do I really want to change? I always ask this to myself. I know what happen to me from the last year will just be the same result if I were not make the things different or I’ll keep of doing things that I’ve always done.

We want change but we wait for someone who does it. And just get jealous sometime on the achievement of other rather than motivates us to make a difference.

I have a friend who’s just like me, not enough money to give and we earn enough to feed ourselves. Today his achievement is far better than mine making over his 10Millions earnings in just 5years since we’ve been almost together. He put a business that pays him off while I stay on my job and add extra part time job. We have a great result but result will be the outcome of how strong do you want change.

But others don’t accept changes because they are afraid of losing something that they are already comfortable with. It’s like the job that we cannot leave behind. Even if we know that having a good business can profit better, we are not willing to take the risk of quitting our job and focus on our business. Most of us don’t understand what to choose, to risk for a fortune or to be comfortable with a secure job. Honestly they want changes but sad to accept that most are afraid.

Be prepared to walk away from a negotiation – you can usually go back.

I learn to prepare how to buy the price you wanted to be. This time I learned the “don’t worry attitude” applied in negotiation and it’s often done in sales. The book “don’t worry make money” share the story you can read up and relate. I want to share my personal story to too when I have my first car, I use this kind of attitude.

My friend was selling his second hand Nissan Sentra 91 model at Php 150,000.00. I don’t have that budget so I ignore it and ask them to find someone who can afford it. It was December of 2008 when the offer was good. After six months he offered it to me again but this time he gives it less 50% or Php 75,000.00. It was really a good price but I don’t really have the money to afford it. I found out why he wanted to sell that car. It was because he doesn’t have enough space parking for his new truck “Nissan Navarra” and he want to dispose that car immediately. I want to get it but I don’t want to pay him. I offer him an extra time to work with the company and pay for it afterwards. The point is he can sell the car to someone who can afford it but if he does that he will lose a great service that I can offer.

The one who get more worries will eventually fall to those who have less. Like he worries about losing my service and the worries I have is just “I don’t have money yet and drivers license” so why buy a car. I just ask him to give me the car at Php 25.000.00 and pay it later.

Experiment With The One-Hour Solution

Decision in life is very critical and you have to be ready anytime it occurs. It happens more often in choosing priorities. A decision making is not sometimes a skill but sometime an instinct and some use faith to decide what he choose to believe.

“Don’t Worry Make Money” suggest that we have to eliminate fear and worry because it is the single most self-defeating emotion in life that will make your decision blur.

In my experience I can’t get an hour solution or instant solution if doubt fear is in mind. I have to get more time to understand the problem. If I doubt on a certain thing, I will miss the opportunity to know more about it. I must open up my mind and understand. When you understand more of a thing you can probably find the answer right away. Just focus on the things you want and you get faith, learn how and you will understand more. When know about that certain thing doubt and fear will disappear.

This is just an example. When you want to buy something that last on the stock and it is the only one left. Thought that tomorrow will be a good day to buy it but someone buys it the moment I return it to it's place. You know that it will happen but our hope can’t predict what happen next. If we buy it when we can there will be no regret in the end.

Become Aware Of The Passion Factor

Richard Carlson agree with the book “Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow” a best-best seller from the author Marsha Senetar’s. -- When we are passionate about what we do, success will follow.

This chapter explains about passion and how you benefits from it. I understand more how to use passion to benefits me. Let me share my experience doing things with passions. We play the game we like to play. In my case I love to play basketball when I was on High School. I never get tired until the end of game it’s because I love it.

When it come to success passion is important. Your passion will be your fuel to work-out and you might even forget to take a rest just because you love what you are doing.

If you are not passionate enough on what you are doing, your energy will not be enough to finish what you started. Applying passion on the things you do or want must be wise. The career path that is not within your passion will just lead you to frustration. But when you do things that you love to do everything will just be alright while you can give all the best for it.

Be aware of what you don’t know and what you’re not good at.

Filling up your weakness is a great help to make your goal done easily especially if your weakness will requires working with it. You must first find your weakness in order to prepare a supplemental aid for it. One good example is solving mathematical equations, if you having hard with numbers use your calculator. That is a very simple way that others may fail to do so. They push themselves so hard and making their work much longer.

My personal experience doing things that I’m not good at is ordering a menu on a restaurant. So I always ask who’s with me to pick food to eat. Same thing on my business, when don’t know much about the product a have, I ask somebody who can explain more about it.

When you are good at something share it. It is your opportunity to leverage yourself to many. If 9hours of work can be done by you, when you delegate it by 3 people, you can finish the work in 3hours.