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Keep in Mind that Cheaper Is Not Always Better

Practically! Buying cheaper products can afford you more or save money only if the product becomes useful.

When it comes to footwear, I love to buy expensive brand because I had a bad experience on buying cheap brand. To cut the story short, my nail died for wearing cheap and not comfortable shoes. Compare to expensive shoes that is comfortable and good. I helps you at ease and relax.

You can buy a cheap automobile but think if the expense on maintenance is as good as paying for the monthly installment of a brand new car. It will only be good if our expense is less on maintenance and your cheap automobile is always in good conditions.

You can buy web hosting at cheaper price but the downtime is often and not predictable. Then it is better to buy a hosting that can put your site more stable. You might be able to miss a lot of traffic during downtime and it might affect your page search engine optimization.

It is always good to pay the price and get the quality of service that you want. It might be expensive but it can be justify the result and outcome.

I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.
Tammy Faye Bakker

How about the quotes by Tammy Faye Bakker? Most of the time commonsense is always better. Disposable products are often cheaper, it can only be use for one or two times and it is worth it for emergency and alternative replacement.

What did you learn?

  • Buying involves critical thinking where you have to know if the price of your product is worthy.
  • Commonsense is important too, try to observe and think wise.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Being busy with your work or goal in life is nice and it is very effective when you’re having fun. After all the things that we’ve done, always make sure that you have fun.

If you are suffering from pain or sickness think of H.O.P.E., which mean Holds On Pain Ends. It is fun when you think of cigarette brand call HOPE. You can relate more if you are a smoker. I don’t know if HOPE cigar brand still exists today.

It is hard to have fun in the middle of problem but you can always find crack people that can break the ice and have fun with you. Happy thoughts can solve the problem more effectively.

Allocate time to think happy ending if you feel the event is getting more serious. You must begin by knowing that you had already achieved happiness. Having fun must be always included in your priority list.

Have fun with love but stop it if this could only hurt. It is not really fun if it cause to break some ones heart. Two hearts with mutual feelings can start having fun and this could last for a lifetime. Be in love and have fun.

Sharing happiness is more fun. Having a good food to eat is fun and it is more fun when your family and friend are eating together. Blessing can multiply when you know how to share it and it is more likely the more the merrier.

How easy it is to have fun?

1. Think of it. If you are currently sad then change your thought. You cannot change what is already happen. Declare that you are happy and fun things will follows.

2. Decide that you really want to be happy. Hold on to the process, having fun is just a ride that you need to choose. Your action tells that you are serious and having fun is just a manifestation of decision you made. Decide and take actions and you can feel happy and more fun along the way. Your action is likely the things that you love to do. If you think it is good in your mind then how much more fun of doing it.

3. When you are at the lowest point of your life, cheer up and don’t get depress too much. Only happiness comes next after that. If you feel like you’re at the edge then the only option you have to think now is moving forward. It is more fun when you start to think positively. Step forward again and look for the opportunities. When you reach the edge it is up to you if you want to see the other side. Have more fun.

4. Get yourself in to an adventure. Meet more friends and socialized with them. Forget the world for a while and enjoy your life at the moment.

5. Celebrate your happiness, give thanks and praise God. Have fun because God wants us to be happy when serving and praising Him.

Be aware of your unique stacking order

What is stacking order really is? Stacking order is something that you do in order list. Be aware of it because stacking order might develop your habit.

Other people love to work on only one project at a time. They focus beautifully on whatever they are working on until they are completely finished.

It is not really advisable to do different work at the same time for it slow the progress. There are some good tips that I want to share and might also help you to focus on one thing while doing multiple tasks.

I believe that doing your job one at a time is very effective and you can make it better, but we’re trying to make a difference here. To give you a clue, you can not make it without a break. My point it you still have to have to eat, drink and rest. Manage your timeline and you will always have a chance to do some other things while you’re doing something important.

You have to know what is more important

Do not accept job if you believe that it will only hang on the process. It is important to accomplish your priority list on time. You have to visualize and plan your goal before you take an action. Your staking order will be more efficient and effective.

Know your ability and capacity

You have to study and understand what you are going to do and how you can do it. Sometimes you have to take a bath first before you eat because your breakfast is not yet ready. The availability of your resources can help you decide what comes next. This will help you to make a priority list.

Pin it on your timeline.

When you put everything on schedule, your action will be more efficient. Your timeline will shows that you can still do something with the vacant time if there is. You can do some follow up call when you have 30mins vacant time, and that extra effort can make a difference. When you are aware of your staking order then you can do more things and at make it good at the same time.

What did you learn?

Visualize, plan and take action can make your goal easy to accomplish.

You can make a difference.

I believe that you can accomplish one job at a time but, learning to give extra effort on your vacant time to do something more can make a difference.

Develop relationship with people before anything else

Plant good seeds, grow them well so that you can have a good harvest. You have to take care of your relationship first and build a strong bond that will support each other. You can ask for help from strangers but it’s very unpredictable if they will give you a favor if you are asking for a big help. Basically you want to help people who are close to you rather than a stranger. Developing good relationship from the start can build strong relationship and become your reinforcement when you need them.

A good relationship has the components of trust, understanding, appreciation, sharing and love. These things can create a very good and lasting relationship and happiness is easy to get.

Make more friends and know about them by heart.

Always give time for meeting new people and make friends with them. Each of your friend has different set of attitude, know their character and moods to know how to approach them nicely. Try to adjust your conversation in various situations. Their moods will tell you how you can make conversation with them and knowing their character can help you to avoid negative things for them. Recognize and appreciate people by heart and you can earn their trust.

You can create happiness for free, share it.

It is always good to get along with happy people. Laughter is the best medicine so it is another thing that you can share. You can distribute a good medicine from laugh. Laughter can help the lung muscle to get more oxygen and it also ease the pumping of the heart. It can also help to overcome pain and sadness at the moment. You can always remember the people who help you to turn the bad moods in to good moods. Happiness is priceless thing that everybody can share and you have to share your happiness and make a difference.

Show how much you care and they will care for you.

You can apply the Law of Giving. The more you give so shall you received. Every good thing you did for your friend will always be remembered. And most all people are going to pay back if the opportunity comes. There are many wealthy people who can testify the manifestation of the Law of Giving. I can give a few Leaders or Businessman who become wealthy by being generous. Henry Sy, Lucio Tan and Ayala provide more jobs and employment. They can help millions of Pinoy to find a job, and that is why they are blessed. Many of them become loyal and by showing how much you care you can make a difference.

What did you learn?

  • A good relationship is not instant; you have to develop it by heart
  • Rich people are not greedy; They are found to be generously by giving job to millions of people.

You can make a difference.

  • You can choose to be happy and make more friends, it is more fun anyway.
  • If they cannot buy your happiness then you are rich, make a difference by believing it.

Change what you can. Accept what you can’t

Lord, grant me the strength to change the things I can, the serenity to accept the things I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Change our self first.

Many people thinks that they are not capable of doing something different, they want to solve problems which is out of their control. We want to change the world as we think, but we forget to change our self first.

Time invites you to move on; those times are not meant for your success because you are not yet prepared. Learn to accept what you cannot do today but you can do it on the right time.

Most people are giving their time to solve the problem that they can’t usually solve. Let the Government Issues be solved by the government. You very are lucky if you are the person who has the voice to influence. Instead try to do something within your control. If you want to increase your income then sell something. Stop complaining and rather find a customer because you can do something by yourself to increase your income. It is easier to sell one product at a time than to convince the government to increase your salary. Selling products at a time is within your control and you can sell more if you want make more money as you can.

Don’t blame the government when the flood and other disasters come to your home while you can move to another place. If you say that it is the only home you can stay then you will live in that place forever. But when you change your thinking to live on a better place and locations then you are now starting to control your life conditions. You will get a new idea how you can leave that kind of place and move to your new ideal home. You may not find the answer now but when you started to think you already starting to move on.

Forming a good habit can help you to make things easy. As you are part of this world, your changes will affect the world too. If you want to make everybody rich and wealthy then make yourself prosperous first. Then you can teach others to do the same. I hope this make sense for all the people who want to change the world by starting to change themselves first.

What did you learn?

  • The world will be change as you change because you are part of the world.
  • You cannot control the calamity but you can do something to prevent it.
  • I can sell something to make an extra income. That makes sense if you want to make more money.

Let’s make a difference.

  • While others are busy blaming others, start being responsible and solve the problem that you can solve.
  • Don’t waste your time solving the problem of the world or government, solve your problem first.


Know When to Bet, When to Hold, and When to Fold

Exercising your brain can develop good analytic thinking. It is the best to practice in making good decisions. Let our mind works and give enough time. Gathering information will make you smart enough because you are making decisions based on facts and possibilities. You have to know when to bet, when to hold, and when to fold.

Know When to Bet

When you are 100 percent sure enough that you can win, then make a deal. Don’t lose the opportunity. You can only get result by trying and it is great to try when you know you can win. I join network marketing company because I know I can have a good income if I work it out.

Know When to Hold

Don’t go if doubt and fear is very strong, try to conquer it first by learning and get more understanding. Don’t let others push you do the things they wanted if you don't know about it. It is better to hang up in the air while you can prepare for a perfect landing. It’s better to hold on first, asked advise and learn.

Know When to Fold

Always think like a winner but consider losing to win again. You cannot win in unhealthy conditions when you are fighting on martial arts. When your strategy is not working anymore, even if that strategy was good in the past years, fold that plan and create a new. The best thing that you can do now is be humble and give thanks.

Timing is very important in life. Use your commonsense to know when to bet, hold, and fold. Making yourself ready is important. That is why you need to know these things before you act. Your timing would be great when you know what you are doing and the result will be good enough as planned.

What did you learn?

  • Exercising your brain can develop good analytic thinking.
  • Don’t lose the opportunity of winning
  • Ask advice on the things that you don’t know and understand it more.
  • Things that are working today will not be able to work in the future. Be innovative.

You can make a difference

Not all people know how to use their commonsense, try to practice logical thinking.

Make Decisions with the Advantage of Long-Term Information Instead of the Disadvantage of Short-Term Information

It easy to make decision when you can determine the benefits you can get. Be careful from short term information because you may not know what happens next. The good or bad things in your mind can cause you to decide. When you invest in stock market and notice that your investment is going to drop, the tendency is to withdraw your money because you have the fear of losing, while knowing the economic conditions and applying the long term information you might do the risk to buy more stock and gain more benefits in the future.


While if today the rate of gold and silver is going down, it is either you sell your gold or buy more. If you think of selling out your commodity and assume that you will lost the value of your precious metal then your decision is base only on the short term information but if you are going to buy more and take the advantage when it is cheaper, then your decision is base on a long term information. Buying commodity at low price is the opportunity to hedge its value for it become well in the future.


Smoking and drinking alcohol can give benefit in some other ways. You can socialize and make more friends from it, but your health conditions are going to suffer in the future.


Don’t engage into a relationship quickly especially when you felt the love at first sight. Modes and feelings can be overwritten in instance when you get to know more of the persons. Long term information is always important in making decisions when you are going to have a relationship. You have to know more of your partner and that cannot be done in a short period of time. The person can caught you by the first impression but sooner or later you can get disappoint as you get to know each other.


I love gadgets when it is new but I hate it when there is something better after few days. Have you experienced to buy gadgets and after few days something new is coming better than you bought. Most of the case gadgets is best for short term information because of the innovations, there is always something better in the future. You can apply long term information by checking the durability and quality of the products. You will buy the products because you can have it for the long time.

If you fail to know all the information before you decide then it is hard to tell what is going to happens next. The risk is always there when you don’t know what you are doing.

What makes a difference?

  • Making decisions is easy when you know the information.
  • Sometimes you have to wait or you have to decide quickly but you have to know the right information first.

What did you learn?

  • Don’t decide when you are not sure about, information is important to avoid failure.

Thinking big

Being contented is good but thinking big can make a difference. It is a very interesting book to read, The Magic of Thinking Big, and what I understand is that our mind need exercises. It is like muscles that become stronger when it is continuously training.

If you want to earn big then you have to think of big income if you fail at least you earn a little. If you think a little then it’s sad to hear if you earn nothing when you fail.

Think and Dream Big

The poorest man in the world is the man without dreams.

Dreaming is free and I know that people who are not dreaming are already six feet below the ground. Keep on dreaming while we are alive.

Thinking big help us in our actions

When we expecting something we have to be prepared. When you think big, like imagining yourself as a successful person. Our action and behavior will be change. Your imagination will give you the ideas to do and accomplish what is inside your mind. In the other side thinking a little can make you a lazy person who do things only for themselves.

Donald Trump - Think Big

What can I learn today that I didn't knew before. I love to learn from his idea, watch the video and learn from everything that Donald Trump are telling.

What did you learn?

  • I learn that training or exercise can help to improve our muscle and also our mind.
  • Our mind is our though factory, what we think inside can be process into reality

You can make a difference

  • People set their limitations when they are being contented, when you can think more and bigger you can make a difference.

Let Go of Fearful Thoughts

What are you afraid of? Check if you are getting benefits from the fear that you have. Take control of your thoughts and manage your fears. Fear is either beneficial or destructive. It is an emotion that you must know to how to use very well.

Fear stops you from doing things. Robert Kiosaki give acronym to FEAR as "false expectation appearing real" and those four words gives you a doubt to do things. When are expecting failure to happen? That paralyze us to take action, because we don’t want to fail. We have to take courage to overcome our fear and that can change our expectations. When your expectation change, you can have something new to believe in, to hope for and to live in. It helps you to take action and overcome fear completely.

You can overcome fear by trying.


I’m sharing the story of how the boy overcomes his fear from kissing. To cut the story short the boy was afraid to kiss his girlfriend for first time. He thought that he might get disappoint or in shame when his girlfriend refuse to kiss back. Fear is always present on your first time and to eliminate that fear you have to try and do something. We are afraid of something we don’t know! The boy kiss her girlfriend and finally her girlfriend kiss back. It was a success and the boy kisses her again and again.

Overcome your fear by Facts and studies.

Dealing with our finance, we are afraid to invest our time and money. A careful study and feasibility are needed to overcome your fear. But we will never know if that investment is good or for us if we don’t try.

Overcome Fear by Faith

The best FEAR that you can have is God Fearing. I do believe on what is written on the bible is TRUE and that eliminate my fear of false expectations appearing real. Blessing and more blessing when you have this kind of Holy Fear.

Fear is never bad at all, it pushes us to learn and be strong. It helps us to be humble and safe. Fear is something you have make you grow.