How to delete ._ file on mac?

I got this ._ file name after extracting zip file on directory. In my case it was automatically created after unzipping. Here is how I delete that unwanted files.

On your mac terminal run the command:

dot_clean /Volumes/directory/path

I always wanted to delete this in linux way and you can still perform this on your mac terminal.

Step One: browse on the directory where the ._ file name using the command:

cd /Volume/path

Step Two A: When you are in the directory that you want to delete all the files with name ._, just run the command:

find . -name '._*' -type f -delete

Step Two B: If you want do delete file recursively.

find . -type d | xargs dot_clean -m

find . -type d - will go to each directory recursively and xargs dot_clean -m will perform delete.

That how easy it is to delete ._ files on your mac

Review and Moderate Post that Appears on your Timeline, Groups and Pages.

When Your Friend Tagged You in unwanted post!

Take control over your Facebook timeline because anybody can insert something that you don't want. Don't let anyone post on your timeline. To do this you have to update Facebook account settings.

Update: Who can add things to my timeline? Only Me

Only Me - means that no other users can post on your timeline but you. This will prevent others from taking advantage of your friends and followers by using your account to promote their post. You are letting other users to reach your friends and followers by allowing them to post on your timeline. It's good if the post is beneficial to both of you but what if the post is against you? So be careful and I recommend to set this settings to Only Me.

Update: Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline? On

Another way to let someone post appear on your timeline is by tagging you. Update your setting to On! this will allow you to review it first and decide if you want this to appear on your timeline.

Why these two settings are very important to me?

It will help you to protect your identity and your business too. Your Facebook timeline is also a mirror of your charater and reputation, so don't let your detractors damage your character. You need to manage your timeline and review things before you allow it to appear on your timeline.

Same things goes with your group settings.

Follow this link to update your group settings.
Update: Post Approval: check - All group posts must be approved by an admin.
I recommend this for the goal oriented admins where you are taking or leading your members to the next level or to reach your goals. You are not taking away their freedom of expression but you are showing them how to discipline and avoid negative post. By doing this you are allowing only positive things and you can still have a time to talk to people why their post was not approve. Moderation very is important to protect your group interest and goals.

Posting Ability of other people posting on your page

Like what we said above! posting ability must be always review and moderate. If you have a Facebook page then update the Posting Ability of other people posting on your page. I recommend "Review posts by other people before they are shown on my Page"§ion=posting_ability&view

How do I react to people who keep on tagging me their post!

My reaction to this is simply update my Facebook account settings. What really annoying is when they keep you tagging and still taking your time to review if you want to allow it on your timeline. Most of the content is like promoting something that is not related to you. Its nice to talk to them personally not to tagged you and hope that they obey.

You can block the person or unfriend if its not really helpful. But here is the bright side of it. Aside from never allowing it from your timeline and removing your tagged. You can add positive comment and counter promotion or somethings else. Like sample comment "Hi name_of_tagger", thank you for tagging me and here is my thought about it. Just add anything that you want to promote too. This is what you called ridding on someone else effort. You can support or counter information and now your are being efficient on tagging other users because it is already done.

How do I work smart?

Your work must be efficient when you’re already an expert. But experts even bring delay to their accomplishment because of poor time management and lack of planning. It always smart to have a detailed plan on what you are doing. That will be the road map to get in to the destination you want.

Timing is very important and don’t start your task unprepared.

Look for the best time to do it. The problem is when you’re at work and you only have a certain time to do it. When you are working on fixed time schedule; gathering inspirations and motivation will help your work efficiently. Lack of preparation will prolong your accomplishment. Sometimes we think we are ready but truly we are not prepared. We have to check everything to make your best preparation.

You have to love your work before you start.

Adding affection to your work supplies more energy. You might not even notice that you are working 24hrs. It’s is very easy to determine when you are attracted so much with your work. It is when you don’t feel bored doing it.

Look for your team and partners.

The greater problem can be easy and efficiently solved by the many. Delegating the work task will save time and it’s an application of the law of leverage. Check each member’s capability to do the task. It is good to have them work to their strength.

Seek for an advised from successful person.

Every successful people have their own ingredients for working successfully. You can get the best advice from them because they already did and prove it.

Diaper for toddlers

Taking care of toddlers will be easy in time of wetness. Know how to keep them comfortable and dry. I did not used disposable diaper. The washable lampin was the most comfortable diaper I wear during my time.

The innovation of diaper is constantly changing because of technology. Modern diapers have an absorbent that keeps the skin dry. The ability of the diaper to keep your skin dry will make it more comfortable to wear. There are many brands in the market offering the best choice. Price and quality are always considered on buying diapers. It is wise to buy cheap diaper with good qualities and because of that, this kind of brands will always be on the buy list.

Expensive diaper is really not expensive if you can enjoy the products benefits. The role of the diaper is to make sure that toddlers will be comfortable on wearing. Cheaper diapers may not give the benefits or the qualities of the expensive brand. Cheaper means more savings but it isn’t wise to buy if it isn’t comfortable. I don’t recommend buying uncomfortable diapers because it is not really worth because changing diapers more often gives the same expense with the expensive diapers.

It is really good to get cheaper and comfortable diapers when it is available. Ask advice from the experienced mom. Recommendation from their experience is reliable.

Why web developers are having a hard times on web design?

I had a good experience to hang with people who is very proficient in customizing online application. I got the opportunity to asked  few questions to Jan Ryan, RV, Nick, Mike and Mong. They are genius people who can easily find the solutions on the system function that you needed. They can develop software that works perfectly to your needs. They can even make much better result.

For them programing is logical and analytic. Every data, input and output must be perfect. They are very good in solving this situations. Their mind is basically focus on true or false and what if else basic statement. It had been their life since they started to learn programming.

They sweat on the design and more often ask other to do this job. I asked them why and I am not satisfied with their answers. Most of them told me that they don't have time and it is hard to do. I was never satisfied because they had been on coding much complicated codes and even more harder than making simple html codes for design.

It was also a question for me? When I try to create a design, I wanted the result to be perfect. In reality the design may be good for our eyes only. The programmer attitude is to make sure that the result will be 100 percent good, while design output is not logically perfect for everyone. It is because people have different taste. They prefer simple looks than thinking of good design.

They are sometimes confused to the design they made and kept on thinking to make it better. They can make a best design and the attitude to make it perfect took them so long to finished the job.

Get Gorgeous Hair Now – useful tips from Shuji Kida

Top 3 things you need to know before getting a haircut.

Study your bone structure. For example, Asian usually has round faces with soft features and this should be complemented with soft lines. A haircut that gives harsh line on the face only works on Caucasian features. The same goes for color: choose soft browns like chestnut and put in highlights to brighten up your face.

Don’t go to the salon empty-handed and explain to the hairdresser the cut or style you want – he’ll just get it all wrong. Bring a photo so he’ll get a better “picture“ of what you want.

The biggest problem with girls is that we care too much about what other people say. We base our haircut on what others might think about or hair (our friends or boyfriends for example). Shuji says you have to know what style you want and work toward your ideal haircut, regardless of other people’s opinions.

How to make money on the internet without a website?

On the first era of the internet it is mainly use for information sharing. It supplements in promoting and advertising.

Most of us think that only those who have own a website can only make money online. People make money on the internet by selling, promoting and referring to buying customer to a merchant. It’s ok if you are incapable of having a website as of the moment. For some reason you can buy a worth of a website but you’re not capable of buying because of the requirements sending money. To cut the story most of us don’t have a credit card or tools use to buy online.

Let’s now make money online without having a website.
There are a lots of thing you can sell online were they will provide you a referral link to acknowledge your sales. This is what you called the affiliate marketing where you promote a product that gives you a referral bonus after sales. You can use your social media accounts to talk about the things you are selling and give the referral link for your sales.

Register to a Merchant that offers affiliate incentives.
Commission junction
This list can offer you a affiliate link that give incentives ever sales you refer.

Where to put your Affiliate link?
Use your social media networking like facebook, friendster, myspaces, twitter and more to promote your products link. You don’t have to have a personal website to do this. All you have to do is to promote the links you have in your page and let them buy.

Dlysen offers affiliate link where you can make money by following the steps here. Affiliate guide

How to sell digital products online?

To sell digital products is a nice way to make money online. The inventory will not be out of stock and can be deliver right away by downloading the file. Digital products can be sold online because it contain information’s and useful to the needs of the buyer. These digital products like software’s, Images, Text documents in MS Office format or .pdf format, videos, audio and other downloadable file.

What do you need to sell digital products online?

1. Digital products – Find a good products that you can sell online. Your photos, original articles, can turn into a digital products like .jpeg format for your photos and pdf file for your original articles. There are lots of products that can be re sale after you purchase. If you don’t have your own digital products, you can buy digital products that you can re sale after you purchase. This way you can get your money back.

2. Payment Gateway – There are lots of payment gateway online. If your customer is right beside you then you can get the money from hand to hand, but online is different. Your customer will come from all over the world that you must have a gateway to received payment. You can use paypal and google checkout.

3. You have to have a system that will sell your products 24/7 or all year round. This means that you will have your very own sales agent online that you don’t have to worry about for paying overtime. Sales agent or sales page will work for you even if you have to leave for a vacation. A sales page will manage all the transaction from making your customer buy and deliver your goods online. The sales page has a system make purchase on your paypal, and return your customer where they can download the products.

How create a sales page that will work for you 24/7 or 365 days?

1. You can join an affiliate marketing where you can promote others products. All you have to do is to promote that sales page or the products using your affiliate link. Affiliate links has a tracking code that will recognize a valid sales credit to you. You will provide information where they can send your commissions to you.


2. You can start having your own domain name and hosting services to install a sales page for your digital product. If you are good enough or have programming skills, I recommend having your own sales page. This can able you to control all transaction and manage your products pricing, add your own products and monitor your earnings.

Tips on effective accounts payable system

1. Schedule your payments.

Make the most of your cash flows by setting goals for your cash collection and cash payment. Having a schedule will make you remember important dates. Paying on time or ahead of time will avoid extra charges especially to the merchandise that create interest.

2. Organize your documents.

File all your invoices according to your payment schedule so you can remember the details of your payment when the account becomes due. Your document must be place where you can see often to remind you of the things to do. The organize documents will help you identify the priorities and easily track your transactions.

3. Prioritize your suppliers.

Identify who among your suppliers should be paid first. There are some suppliers you can afford to pay later. In this way, you can manage timing of your payments properly. Prioritizing means that you must not fail to deliver on time. Payment or collection must be done on time according the schedules

4. Be a reliable payer.

When it comes to paying, make every effort to be consistent with your supplier. The supplier will give more trust if you never fail to comply with the agreed terms, payments or contract.

5. Watch danger sign.

Analyze your cash flow patterns to see if you are having difficulty paying your accounts payable. If you take action to fix it early enough, you can avoid serious cash flow problem later on. Observed your transaction whether you are losing or making money. Check the difficulty of your obligation when it comes to paying. Study why you are making hard times on paying, check your budget and monitor your expenses, cut it down if needed.