What SEO company do?

The SEO Company believes that your website needs exposure in the search engine to get more customers. A good Search Engine Marketing must be applied together with SEO. While others are focusing how to get you on the top result, applying search engine marketing can convert more sales than SEO alone. It make a difference when you apply SEM.

There are companies that can help you to "SEO" optimize your web pages to be listed first on search engine result page. SERP

What SEO Company does to optimized your web pages?

They will help you on keywords research and suggest proper SEO friendly html code in your web pages. I recommend doing On-site Optimizations first before optimizing the webpage on search engine.

On-site optimizations must be well done before doing search engine optimizations

  • Title Tag – The title of your webpage
  • Keyword Density – the numbers of keywords on the page content
  • Keyword Prominence, Frequency, Proximity – this is how you intensify keywords
  • Outbound Links – A link that going out from your domain name
  • Image SEO – the keywords for your images
  • Video SEO – this is new, video is making an impact on the search result
  • Sitemaps – where all of your major links are gather together
  • Url Slug – the exact link of our web pages
  • Internal Linking – the link navigating within your domain.

They submit your sitemaps to the search engine to be index. Search engine provide a webmasters tool to help you submit your site map in to their index. Here are few search engine I recommend but there are many more.

  • Google Webmaster
  • Yahoo Site Explorer
  • Bing Webmasters
  • Ask.Com
  • Baidu.Com

They will improve your page rank. Your webpage need credentials and authority convince search engine consider your website to be listed on top. Basically the back link is needed to gain credentials and authority. The more web sites that are linking to your webpage mean that your web site has the information that can be trusted.

These are basically what SEO Company does when they optimized your web pages. Unfortunately SEO is a never ending process because you can be on top today not in the future.

A little bit about Search Engine Marketing

This is how link and descriptions attract the attention of the visitor even if you were not listed first. A short text description is your opportunity to convince that your link is much better to visit. Your descriptions will do the work to convince that you have what they are looking for. Your landing pages must be the exact description of what is your visitors looking for. The rest is how your website does the marketing.

What did you learn?

  • SEO Company is there to help you to boost your traffic.
  • Search Engine Marketing can attract more visitors and convert sales.
  • Now I am on the top, you can say that yesterday I am not and the future is in competitions.
  • More often we use google, yahoo, bing search engine but there are many more.

You can make a difference

  • SEM and SEO can work in synergy to boost more sales.
  • Learning to do SEO for your web pages gives you more in control in search engine marketing.

Make a Difference Keywords Optimization

I am optimizing the keywords "make a difference" for a year now and yet my website never appears on the first page of the search engine. These are the list of the website that is always on the first page of Google and Yahoo search engine when I search "make a difference."

Top  website on Search Result Page for Make A Difference keywords.

  1. The Make A Difference Movie - www.makeadifferencemovie.com
  2. Quotes on Making a Difference - quotations.about.com
  3. MAD ~ MAKE A DIFFERENCE - makeadiff.in
  4. Inspirational Movies | Mary Robinson Reynolds - www.makeadifference.com/movies/
  5. How to Make a Difference - howtomakeadifference.net
  6. Make A Difference Day | USA WEEKEND - www.usaweekend.com
  7. Make A Difference Day - makeadifferenceday.com
  8. Make A Difference - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Make_A_Difference
  9. Make a Difference | Care2 Healthy Living - www.care2.com
  10. Inspiring young people to Make a Difference - www.mad-uk.org
  11. Make A Difference Day | Facebook - www.facebook.com/makeadifferenceday
  12. Kids Can Make a Difference - www.kidscanmakeadifference.org

My Page Rank had dropped fro PR4 to PR3 while my others competitors maintain their rank.  As of this today May 16, 2012 you can found my website on the fifth page of Search Engine Result Page google.com and on the seventh page of yahoo Search engine result page. Lucky that my webpage is on the third page of Bing search engine result page. May goal is to achieve higher Page Rank and check the result if my keywords will be on top.

I was never on the tenth 10th page before that is way I am happy to see my webpage on the top 100. I am blogging this because I want to know the result when I achieve PR5 ranking while still using the same keywords. For me it is a good challenge and I make sure that I’ll be having more fun of doing it.

What did you learn?

High Page Rank website can always be find on the first page of Search Engine Result Page.
If you have the same keywords then page ranking will be applied to be listed first on the first page of SERP.

You can make a difference

Creating a fresh content religiously with the keywords you want to optimize will benefits you in the future.

HTML5 Is My New Baby


What is about HTML5? Back when I was using WordStar for DOS. WordStar give me the idea how code tags works. WordStar was the first text editing software I used to print my documents. That text editor helps me to understand Hyper Text Markup Language quickly.

I learn the basic html at the age of 16 and then I knew to myself that I love it. My first website is uploaded on GeoCities and the others from homestead. I can’t ignore that there is always something new to learn. Now that all major browsers are supporting it, I will definitely place my attention to play with the codes and start to use it.

The code is more descriptive and very structure oriented. It will be easier to learn than previous version of html. HTML5 will surely help the loading speed and more search engine friendly because of the simplified codes.

HTML5 Logo

Why should I study HTML5?

I will consider HTML5 even if old browser can't display it properly. I know that people are more willing to upgrade their browser soon because they don’t want to miss the excitement.

What did you learn?

  • WordStar is a rich text editor that use code tag to format the text. It runs on DOS floppy disk drive.
  • Geocites hosting is very popular free hosting in the 90’s as well as Homestead.
  • Old browser does not support HTML5.

My Page Rank 4 drop to 2

The last week of June 2011, Google Page Rank drops my stats from 4 down to 2. I would like to know why this happen and I got several answers on my research. I recall the changes occur and the activities of my pages during the last 3 months. I installed new themes and blog commenting. I really wanted to know why it drops because I was expecting that my page rank will improved. For me dropping stats is not a good things but I need this experience to share what went wrong.

I am satisfied with this information found on other blog who had the same experience. Page ranking gain the scores from the inbound links, where the inbound links are found on other domains back link to you. Page rank drops when an outbound link is present in your pages. To neutralized outbound link and prevent from dropping page rank, reciprocal link or exchange link is needed.

I am enjoying the benefits of PR4 for almost years when I decide to change my WordPress Theme. I never noticed that I was publishing more outbound link on my front page. I want to make it clear that changing theme may not really cause to drop your page rank. It is when you promote more outbound links on your pages.

Now I can test what will be the result when I minimize the outbound link. Can this test bring back my PR4 or improve my ranking on the next update? What did you do to improve your page rank?

Offline Traffic Generation

I want to share my experience how I get more traffic online using newspaper ads, but paying advertisement on news paper is much more expensive than online ads. Don’t worry it will not cost you much money as you think. You will only need a little time and extra money to buy a popular newspaper in your place.

Honestly I just recently discover how I maximize the traffic on every landing page I create. It’s time to increase your Adsense revenue or any pay per click ads on your website.

Here is one of my experience when FJT Online.com published and ads on Job Finder, I received more traffic. I feel amazing that the news paper ads is very effective but the cost the pay for that ads is almost P20,000.00 and the traffic multiply when they put an ads on Manila Bulletin one of the leading and most read newspaper in Manila for the cost of P33,152.00 1/6 page Sunday rate. Imagine how much money you lose if you try this.

Now let’s analyze what happen. FJT Online put ads worth that much and gets traffic. Why? The ads contain web site, a link, and keywords that readers will go to research on the internet and this is a clue. Try to blog an article that you can read about in the newspaper and you will see that some traffic will goes to your site. Most ads in the newspaper are short that you need to find more information online so they tend to look in the internet. The regular keyword that FJT Online use is “Go Abroad In 75 Days”

Here are the tips I can give. You can copy the keyword that we have and the best tips I can share now, that I recently discover is we can use also other ads competitors’ keywords.The other ads that we use to see. In your case you can use all the ads you think that need or short of information that readers have to research it more online. Some of them don’t have a website yet and it’s our chance to still the traffic.

A legitimate way and not obvious way to still traffic is to make a review about them. Tell about something or what can you say about that company or the ads you read? It’s nice to give positive information and insight and it will reflect all the content of your blogs.

How to create website?

Many people are using internet to search and share information. We use search engine to find the information we need to know. It’s nice to be index on the search query and be discover on your website or blog. People think it is expensive to have a website or blog but not anymore. There are may services you can use to get your website online free.

It’s ok if you don’t have a personal domain while you can use free personal url offer from blogspot, wordpress, and tumblr. I suggest the link below when you decide to buy a domain name.

If you get your domain name for a service provider, make sure that you have a contract service that the domain name registrant is you and the email is belong to you also. This is your protection for a rude service provider.

You also have a web space where you put all your data. There are so many free web space available online where you can share information and bind with your domain name. You can use wordpress.com, bloggers.com and tumblr.com to start creating a blog or website. But using this free web space offer a limited amount of space and more restrictions. To have a bigger space you must have rent a hosting service to put all your data online.

Example of website or home page from free service provider listed below.

Bloggers.com or blogspot.com



Give to time to learn how to manage your website for business or personal use.
If you learn how to use your email or facebook, I'm sure that you can also learn how to manage your website or blog..

List of website that makes money online that you can also do.

Aside from personal use, you can start your own business online and start to earn respect and money. You can only invest for $15 or less than $100 per year to make over $100 per month.

I can personally guide you how create your website step by step. It would be nice to send me a message here.

Thank you for the traffic

I would like to thank Noypf for bringing more traffic to my website. According to my google analytic noypf.com is on my top 10 All Traffic Source List. Noypf SEO works so good that you can ride it on just make a very good contribution and be part of its growth.

The traffic comes from search engine to noypf to dlysen.com and to my passive income links. I believed that it is hard to compete with the giant, but if you learn how to use them you can be part of its growth. Like I use Facebook, Friendster and other top ranking sites, if you cannot beat them join, use them, play with them and you will see the result of your traffic. From that site you can get unstoppable traffic if you are friendly enough to share good things that are very interesting.

It is hard to make traffic all by yourself. Making friends is the key of having continues traffic. That is why we use social network to gain more friends.

It is like just riding to the big wave and enjoying the benefits of making friends.

Operation Back Link Overrides

Override is one of the techniques I use in SEO. It works when you appear on a top ranking website. You can override them by placing a back link on a top ranking website. This strategy came out to me when I am using social network on Friendster. I notice that I got more visitors whenever I put back link on comments on the popular profiles. My back links appear every time the profile page is visited and it’s a good advertisement for me. The idea is chance to put ads and the opportunity to arouse visitor’s attraction to visit my site. Then I start social media hopping to apply what I experienced.

I don’t usually make comments to my friends and plain text is enough for me to say something. Then I try html to put a back links to my site. I can express more using html and make my comment bold to see. Make your comment become a center of attraction and you see the result of having a good traffic from your back links.

You can get more traffic for free using back link, I am new to a forum, I don’t want to engage any conversation to them. I been directed to forum when I’m on a research, but now I am more willing to answers and engage to the topic. I find out that signature gives you privilege to put a back link in every question you answered.

Override the topic trough your comments especially on blog post. Contribute to the topic and give insight. Make a sensible contribution and gain acknowledgment from the reader and the authors. They will follow you trough and seek you to get to know more about you. This is very effective strategy you can use.