Review and Moderate Post that Appears on your Timeline, Groups and Pages.

When Your Friend Tagged You in unwanted post!

Take control over your Facebook timeline because anybody can insert something that you don't want. Don't let anyone post on your timeline. To do this you have to update Facebook account settings.

Update: Who can add things to my timeline? Only Me

Only Me - means that no other users can post on your timeline but you. This will prevent others from taking advantage of your friends and followers by using your account to promote their post. You are letting other users to reach your friends and followers by allowing them to post on your timeline. It's good if the post is beneficial to both of you but what if the post is against you? So be careful and I recommend to set this settings to Only Me.

Update: Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline? On

Another way to let someone post appear on your timeline is by tagging you. Update your setting to On! this will allow you to review it first and decide if you want this to appear on your timeline.

Why these two settings are very important to me?

It will help you to protect your identity and your business too. Your Facebook timeline is also a mirror of your charater and reputation, so don't let your detractors damage your character. You need to manage your timeline and review things before you allow it to appear on your timeline.

Same things goes with your group settings.

Follow this link to update your group settings.
Update: Post Approval: check - All group posts must be approved by an admin.
I recommend this for the goal oriented admins where you are taking or leading your members to the next level or to reach your goals. You are not taking away their freedom of expression but you are showing them how to discipline and avoid negative post. By doing this you are allowing only positive things and you can still have a time to talk to people why their post was not approve. Moderation very is important to protect your group interest and goals.

Posting Ability of other people posting on your page

Like what we said above! posting ability must be always review and moderate. If you have a Facebook page then update the Posting Ability of other people posting on your page. I recommend "Review posts by other people before they are shown on my Page"§ion=posting_ability&view

How do I react to people who keep on tagging me their post!

My reaction to this is simply update my Facebook account settings. What really annoying is when they keep you tagging and still taking your time to review if you want to allow it on your timeline. Most of the content is like promoting something that is not related to you. Its nice to talk to them personally not to tagged you and hope that they obey.

You can block the person or unfriend if its not really helpful. But here is the bright side of it. Aside from never allowing it from your timeline and removing your tagged. You can add positive comment and counter promotion or somethings else. Like sample comment "Hi name_of_tagger", thank you for tagging me and here is my thought about it. Just add anything that you want to promote too. This is what you called ridding on someone else effort. You can support or counter information and now your are being efficient on tagging other users because it is already done.

DNS Error Resolution

Clear the local DNS Cache in OSX 10.10 Yosemite, Linux and Windows

When you see something wrong on your website, like getting worry if server not found or the site isn’t loading the way it is. This is happening when Domain Name Server is changed or by connecting into network that has DNS management system. It is time to clear your DNS Cache.

The DNS store domain and IP address on your local network cached and you can refresh it by flushing the cache.

How to clear the local DNS cache on terminal or command line?

OSX 10.10

sudo discoveryutil udnsflushcaches

OSX 10.9

dscacheutil -flushcache; sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

OSX 10.7 – 10.8

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

OSX 10.5 – 10.6

sudo dscacheutil -flushcache


ipconfig /flushdns

Linux (depending on what you’re running)

/etc/init.d/named restart
/etc/init.d/nscd restart

DNS cache is periodically flushing but it depends on how it is configure in network settings. You can use this command if you want to flush it now!

I experience this when I transfer hosting and the dns change, while my local dns cache are still having the old data, it could load the page or the url can’t be resolve. I have to ask my chat make to check if the website is online and yes it was. So its time to flush my local dns to resolve the url.

You can also flush dns in this kind of errors!

Error 1001 Ray ID: 1d74987af9ca122b • 2015-04-15 03:35:50 UTC

DNS resolution error

What happened?

You've requested a page on a website ( that is on the CloudFlare network. CloudFlare is currently unable to resolve your requested domain ( There are two potential causes of this:

  • Most likely: if the owner just signed up for CloudFlare it can take a few minutes for the website's information to be distributed to our global network.
  • Less likely: something is wrong with this site's configuration. Usually this happens when accounts have been signed up with a partner organization (e.g., a hosting provider) and the provider's DNS fails.

DNS Error Resolution

Global Intergold Cover Photo

Why you should buy gold with Global Intergold?

Global Intergold is the only company that sells gold with amazing options. If the client cannot afford to buy 100 grams of gold then he can join the table of orders options. It is good opportunity to join the program by sharing 35,000+ pesos on the table of orders.

What is the table of orders? Table of orders are 15 slots that worth of 35,000 pesos each. The company will reward you for completing that table of orders and you are entitle to received 100 grams of gold for your effort. You can also re-sell your gold at 182,500 pesos or exchange it to coupon.

This is a very positive review for Global Intergold online store.

Online selling of gold is operating worldwide and you can purchase gold on their eCommerce website. You can buy gold and pay it by credit card or you can send money on wire transfer. The gold is deliver by parcel services like FedEx and receive at your doorsteps. Please note that some countries requires you to pay government tax while your product is held at the custom.

How do client earn money with EmGoldex?

The price of gold today will be more expensive in the future. Client can earn by buying it now and selling it later when the price goes up. It is very simple buying and selling because the value of gold is always increasing because of its demand.

Another method of earning money with Emgoldex is participating on their program while you can buy one slot on the table of orders and achieving the rewards is clearly making money. Your effort on promoting gold and the company gives you reward as you and your group completes the table of orders.

Emgoldex Company has developed a special marketing program to increase sales and attract customers. The company advances a part of gathering for processing of orders of the buyers on financing of the advertising - marketing program and on execution of the Order of the buyer subtracts administrative expenses for Order processing.

In Global Intergold you can also become advertiser or endorser by promoting products and with a good program! You can also earn money with Global Intergold.

PS: Global Intergold is formerly know as EmGlodex

How to edit wordpress theme functions.php

How to add meta tag description of your wordpress blog?

While updating my website SEO, I notice that there is no meta tag description in html page. It is important to tell the search engine the summary of the page content and it also the best way to describe what is it to the readers.

Here is how to hook or add meta tag description on your WordPress blog. I am using Avada Version 3.7.3 and find out that there is no built in meta tag description. The reason why it is not always built-in on the header theme is to give advantage of using SEO plugin. I hope on the future update there will be good theme option for meta tag description and other SEO related meta tags. I don’t have any SEO plugin that manipulate meta tags so I need to add extra code to my theme function.

I suggest that it’s mandatory for you to install child theme if you are using Avada theme because of its frequent update. Having your own child theme is also a good practice as developer to work with your own codes without worrying the updates of the parent theme.

How to update meta tag description in WordPress theme function?

Go to your appearance editor and edit your theme functions. Give a space to copy and paste this code and edit some description of your blog.

add_action('wp_head', 'dlysen_meta_description');
function dlysen_meta_description(){
$description = "Blog description goes here";
if ( (is_home()) || (is_front_page()) ) {
echo "";
} elseif (is_single()) {
$description= get_the_excerpt();
echo "";

This will insert code between head tag of your html page and we are inserting meta tag description on this tutorial.

Cebu Pacific

Why a company need website?

A company website is a part of business trend and marketing evolutions. A strategic location and telephone line is enough before to make your business prosper. Internet can bring more talks over your telephone when online marketing is applied in your website. Today people are using the internet to look for interesting things that they wanted to know. People are already comfortable to search or find information in the internet before they engage transactions.

The purpose of your business website

Your company must be present online to serve the information of your business. It will be an extension of your office where it gives automations and help visitors to find what they are looking for. The website can handle immediate response for your customer and give them good experience. It is very simple and strait forward that your website will represent your business online and running 24/7.

The five major contents of business website

A good website contains good information in one page or separate pages. They are combined all to let people know more about your company.

Company Info – This page tells all about the company details and information. This page can talk about the nature of your business and the people behind. This page can tell people what it is all about.

Product and Services – This page can describe the kinds of products and service you can offer to the customers. It page can endorse and promote the product and services to the people.

Contact information – This page can help you to connect with your customers. It is where they can find your locations, email and phone numbers to keep in touch. It is also a page where customer can get your support.

Terms and conditions – It is a good standard to acknowledge your visitors’ with terms and conditions of your business. This can protect your business in some cases or issues weather it is bad or good.

Blogs and testimonials – This page will give a customer interactions and responses to the company updates. Your daily update can bring more visitors with the help of Search Engine Optimizations.

The Photo Of Old Cebu Pacific Brand

Cebu Pacific

The Photo Of New Cebu Pacific Air Brand


Secure your company name and brand

The domain name like is more or less $10 USD while the “cebu pacific airline” failed to register this domain early on time, they have to change their brand to “Cebu Pacific Air.Com” and repaint their airplane to purchase new domain for their brand. You can now register your domain name in NameCheap.Com and secure your company, brand name and most importantly your own name or identity

New market for local and international

You can do business local and you can also do business international when you have your website present online. Your company website can be access globally using the internet. It gives the privileges to invite more investors and customers in to your business.

What did you learn?

  • Website can boost your business in local and global market.
  • Be aggressive to secure the domain name of your brand or business. It can be purchase by anonymous and re-sale it to your with higher amount.

Online Marketing Proposal and Project Scope to CET

I prepared a SEO presentation for Catalyst Energy Technology that will supplement their online marketing. The highlights of my SEO presentation are the basic and important thing we need to know how SEO works and the benefits that we can get from doing it.

Keywords Research

You have to research the keywords first to know and estimate the lead time of your project. Keywords have a competition and you have to know the keywords that will describe your website. Study the keywords relevance, search volume and competitors. Competing with High PR will take so much time and efforts in link building before you can over take them on Search Engine Result Page.

Site Architecture and Structure

Your website must have a site map that can easily browse and more importantly to have a sitemap for the search engine crawler that will index your blog. It is good to have proper linking of pages from hierarchical level and friendly 404 pages for the pages that aren’t exist. Other files like robot.txt, xml sitemap and authentication file for search engine crawler must be present.

Page Optimization

Create a killer headline and quality content that has good keyword density. Do the right text formatting to determine the keywords very well. Add attractive images with proper alt tag as its keywords. On-page and off-page optimization must be done together complementing to each other for better search engine result.

Link Building

Perform link building after the page optimizations are all done properly. You can now submit your link on Google, Yahoo, Bing, ask and other search engine. This also include directory and article submission to the site like,  ezine articles, craig list, open directory project, etc.

Link baiting and Social Media

Your website must have a social network profile for the people who love to use social network like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. Create an account that represents your company where you can able to show updates to your network. This can bring more traffic ranking to your website.


The power of advertising can always bring good result. You have to have a powerful landing page that can convert visitors into leads or customer. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Article base advertising are the best combination of traffic.

Site Analytic and Tracking

Of course we need to check the result of our work and it’s good to impress your client to give them live progress and statistics of their website.

These setup are very essential, you’re next job is to maintain the interaction with your readers and campaign. Apply all SEO tactics and always create a fresh content. I can do a lot more task for SEO for a one man team like me this is enough or else I would look for a partner who can support me in this project.

My setup fee would be $500 USD and $100 USD monthly maintenance fee which includes fresh article weekly, social media campaign and advertising, and link building. Advertisement will be optional depend on the third party provider.

SEO Infographic


Grasshopper and blog-hopper related to SEO

I don’t want to compare the blogger to a grasshopper but I want you to notice what life of a grasshopper can be applied in SEO. They are not similar as it is but what grasshopper does can be related with what bloghopper does. While grasshopper visit grasses, leafs and branches, the blogger visit websites and browse the internet.

When the grasshopper colony attack the crops, they suck all and mess up your harvest while the juice of your PageRank will be suck empty when you allow the blogger place do follow link in your page.

Blog-hopper like me is a natural link builder. Putting my link on the box is just a bridge to reach me when you can are curious to know about me. It is because I am real human who contribute to the topic. I also ask something that I don’t understand and share my thoughts about it.
We are using pesticide to protect our crops from the insect. We use nofollow for the link rel attribute to prevent other website juicing out the PageRank of your blog.

Dofollow Link Vs Nofollow Link

The bot and crawler will check the link attribute if it is dofollow and nofollow. It means that these two are important in SEO. A link is default to be a dofollow, then you have to add nofollow if you want search engine crawler to ignore it.

<!-- default link or dofollow link ! inform the crawler that this link is important !-->
<a href="url"> text </a><a> or </a><a href="url" rel="dofollow"> text </a>
<!-- a follow link inform the crawler that this is not important !-->
<a href="url" rel="nofollow"> text </a>

Adding nofollow will inform the crawler to stop checking on this link because it isn’t important. The default link or a dofollow link will inform the crawler that this link is important. The keywords or the text on the link will be checked by the crawler if it is related. The PageRank of your pages will increase having such many incoming dofollow link and decrease when you have many outgoing dofollow link.

Learning about dofollow and nofollow link attribute is one area of on-page optimization. The on-page optimization will help the search engine understand or craw the information in your page quickly.

What did you learn?

  • You can learn or relate something with animals.
  • You can maintain the PageRank when you avoid outbound-dofollow-link.
  • If there is on-page seo, ther is off-page seo. And these two will help you on SEO
  • The PageRank will increase when you have lots of incoming dofollow link from other websites.

You can make a difference.

You can get ideas from others to make you understand and solve your problems. Just like the grasshopper life and the bloghopper has something related to SEO.

Page Rank Supplements

You can try my method how to gain Page Rank from PR1 to PR3. I do it naturally and it works, but you have to keep your patience because it is not an overnight success. Doing this method perfectly and consistently can bring your blog Page Rank even at PR4 rating.

Page Rank Link Building

Develop your passion to contribute in other blog. The best way to contribute is to add a comment or send a guest post. you can also submit article on article submission website. Try to involve and feature your blog in news headline online if you can have a chance.

To add comment effectively

  • Understand the topic and what it is all about and give your honest opinion.
  • Share your thoughts that make sense even if you agree or disagree.

Guest Post Can be approved easily

  • Just follow the requirements of the blog that is open for guest posting.
  • Try to apply the writhing style of the blog you are going to send your guest post.

Focus Internal Link

The navigation link is very important for it is the main internal links of your website or blog. To support this internal link and promote its keyword then add internal link also inside your content. Just like this make a difference keyword is linking to my index page.

Link Building Sub Pages and Post Pages

We usually gain Page Rank in link building our domain name but we forgot to do link building in our sub-pages and post pages. Don’t just focus in link building the domain name; build up the internal link as well. Did you notice that search engine will display two or more of pages in SERP ( Search Engine Result Page ). It is because the pages have developed its Page Rank as well.

Page Loading Speed

The Google Crawler is gathering over millions of information timely. They can crawl your content at speed so if you don’t serve your content fast they will only get few.

Page Rank Google plus Recommendation

Giving people experience from your article is a plus factor. Google loves suggestion and recommendation. In this way human feelings and emotions can be considered in gaining Page Rank.

Social Media Traffic and Trending

This can deliver traffic and trending, Search Engine consider how often your pages is visited from different referral links. It records how much time your visitors spent in your pages, you can see how it works in Google analytic. You can join as many social networking site to link up your blog. It is very natural and better if you can maintain all your account active. It is one of the best natural link building method you can work out.

Book Mark and Feeds

There are many web application that is good in linking up your blog. Feedburner is good to me for making your reader subscribe and deliver content. Submit your link to Google bookmark, stumble upon, Digg, delicious and book marking website for more site exposures.

What did you learn?

Page Rank can improve your page visibility on the Search Engine Result Page. You have to build more incoming links from other web pages with relevant keywords.

There are many ways to do link building and I suggest to do each tips one at a time. You can do it all at once but I recommend to focus on doing things for mastery before you proceed to the next idea.

You can make a difference.

You don't need to pay much if you can do it by yourself.

High Fever SEO

I am thinking of good conditions because as of this moment I don’t feel good. I have a high fever for two days now and my daily habit of doing SEO is affected. I am also in developing new shopping cart project and my programming logic slow down because of this sickness. I am also having a diarrhea but this will not stop me from doing SEO.

My SEO Habit

  1. I search the keywords on Google and open the link of my website. This is to check if my website is on the first page with the keywords.
  2. I visit my Google analytics to check the traffic, keywords and locations of the visitors. I am happy to see when my statistics improved from the yesterday and be aware of my stats.
  3. Study the Google Webmasters tools and check the keywords that are bringing traffic to my site. Then I use those keywords to my new article.
  4. I am also using the Google Adwords Keywords tools. This tool will help you to determine the volume of the keyword search and the competition. This will give you the advantage to know which keywords are bringing traffic to your website. You can see the keywords with high, medium, and low competitions as well as the volume of searches.
  5. After I make a blog and published my post article I search on the same keywords again on the search engine and try to blog commenting. If my title keyword here is “High Fever SEO” then I look for the other blog that talk about that topic and exchange conversations.

My website did Page Rank 3 easily. was previously at PR4 and it was reduce back to PR2. This month of June 2012 it is currently at PR3.  The link back url to your website give big impact to gain PR and the containing keywords of your link. This is just my analysis and I don’t have clear evidence that my presumption is correct.

Link building can easily be done in Tumblr because of the reblog features. Reblog features on Tumblr can carry over your link virally. Your post image or article can be reblog 100 times or more in one day and so on. I can also recommend Posterous and Pinterest.

I am building unique keywords that I only have. You may not find the words dlysen in dictionary but you can search it on Google. I agree that this keyword is lucky if someone search it. What I want you to notice is I don’t have any competitions with dlysen keyword. It’s my name and I can freely add a natural link back url when I do blog commenting. It is not really obvious that you’re doing link building.