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I miss you

I miss you... sometimes I am listening to the music or looking at the picture of you, not to remind me of the past but to make me feel like I’m with you. It help me forget the distance between me and you. And make me feel that I’m just embracing you.

Enjoy your wonderful journey wherever you are going and comeback anytime you want, here is your home that is always open whenever you return. Where everybody here are missing you, please come back while we’re still here.

No matter how far you are and no matter how long you’re gone, you will always be within me. I will always picture you in my mind as clear like daylight.

Because I want you to know... our hearts are one that whatever emotion you feel I’ll be part of it.

PS: This video made me cry! I don't know why I insert this video clip on this post, just watch and enjoy.

I wasn't stupid. I knew you had to have a heart to be alive. Whoever gave me that heart had to be dead.


I was called upon You

First Contact

The sadness in my heart vanished when you shook my hand
I felt the spirit who lead me to seek the kingdom of God.
With that blessed moment in my heart and in my mind,
I started Christian living and believe in the Church Of Christ.

The kindred love I felt inside, lighted my way to Almighty God.
Though my life is not enough to give an offer.
I’ll be obedience my Lord to You forever.
And live my life at your service until my dying days.

Thanks to my brother for we remember you today
You shook my hand with the holy message,
The calling to be one of the Chosen,
And now I am a member of the Church Of Christ

Watch The Announcement of Bro. Eranño Manalo Passed Away August 31, 2009

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Until We Said Goodbye

I’m here with you even I tried to leave.
On a deeply breath I hid what I felt
From the sweetest cares you shared;
Until we said goodbye.

Those walked we had on that road together.
We become comfortable and closer.
For you can lay your head over my shoulder;
Until we said goodbye.

I’m kindly trap inside your loving heart.
I can gently stay within this life.
And love with you forever;
Until we said goodbye.

I dedicate this poem to a couple who never let their partners dies inside their heart even though they passed away - Dlysen

I love to be with you but I hate the things we do

I always wanted to be with you.
Stay, live, and laugh with you.
I love to cry and share the feelings.
To risk my love for you I’m willing.

To cheat the most I love I hate.
The things we do forward this kiss.
It brings discomfort, guilt and pain.
Please help me God forgive my sin.

Help me to make this shadows go.
And gain more fear for I love you.
We need to be in faithful ways.
And love the things we hate to do.

This is a short poem about love and lust, a kiss with pleasure and discomfort. I hope you can relate when you are kissing someone that you must not do.