Couple Kissing

A Kiss Apart

We’re just both here at the same room;
Together but still we’re alone
There isn’t any affection;
We’re trying to get connections
It’s good to hug your girlfriends' heart,
And look on her sweet loving eyes
A warm caress and gentle kiss;
Sharing the air we couldn’t breathe.
But we are really miles apart;
Defying love remain untold
To the future it is behold;
Shall I remain till I grow old?

About A Kiss Apart

This poem is just a mixed of my emotions from the different person I kindly like so much. It is a mere compilation of my thoughts about them. Honestly I wanted to write a birthday poem to Lutchie but it does not appear to be a birthday poem. If you want to ask about the gentle kisses, it’s for my friend who’s name is Ma. Lourdes. And I don’t know about the last part, because maybe it will turns to be Grace you.

couple kissing

Couple Kissing

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I want to make a memories

King Of Comedy

Farewell to the King of Comedy also known as Mang Dolphy (Hulyo 25, 1928 - Hulyo 10, 2012), He died as a good man and contribute so much inspiration and happiness to us.

I want to make a memories

We’re young and wild when we just met.
Full of things we cannot forget
Our story never planned to made
All memories I don’t regret.

Never mind if we’re just playing
I will keep to last this feelings
I sit and rest my head to think
Wonderful memories I reflect.

I love you friend, my wife, my love
The life you’ve shared and sacrifice
I treasure memories of love
Never let the memory of me disappear.

Emotional poem of the month, I wonder how would you feel if you will never see me again. I did some bad and good things to you. It nice to know how much you acknowledge me for who I am after all.

I also want to share the Naruto Shippuden Quote by Itachi Uchiha who said to To Kisame, after he related the story of the sharks.

We are humans, not fish. We don't know what kind of people we truly are until the moment before our death. As death comes to embrace you, you will realize what you are. That's what death is, don't you think? - Itachi Uchiha

Farewell to the King of Comedy also known as Mang Dolphy (Hulyo 25, 1928 - Hulyo 10, 2012), He died as a good man and contribute so much inspiration and happiness to us.

I live, love and loved for who I am

Let me take this feelings
going upward the sky
I want to dive for you.

Then let me drop this feelings
dig pit to the ground
I want to die for you.

Is there something more to do
Is there someone else to save.
I wanna live with you.

After I closed my eyes and see you in my dreams
I am much more likely love this peace and serenity
Like to live un awake for I found love out of reality

And let the time pass by
You and me... just you and me
I live, love and loved for who I am.

About I live, love and loved for who I am

This poem is simple telling how I love some one and be loved for who I am. I will never forget do humble down when I feel so high. And I will do anything for love even it requires my life because I want to live with you for a lifetime.

Accept And Forgive

I walked from afar to reach you
Fall on my knees and beg you
Wave goodbye and crash out our heart
Make time and distance be apart.

Soon we will cross again
hope to accept me for who I am.
Let us throw away the pain
From depth of mountains rest

Smile and start singing
rejoice for our new beginning
Be happy for what we’ve wept
Have courage for what is left

Don’t let your memory be diminished
thoughts of vows unfinished

About Accept And Forgive

This is a short poem about love, letting go and moving on while hoping that someday both of then will cross it's path and journey to the same road together.

Same constant feelings

I made a short poem for I am dreaming of the same constant feelings. The events are so random but I always woke up with the same interpretations. I wish not to understand what it means or ignore the events I saw in my dreams but it is touching my life in reality.

Same constant feelings

I had dreams that can be worst
And it will depends on each other’s most
These random kind of dream with same meaning
Makes me cry each time in the morning
I wish to know if it is real
But I hope it is not because it hurts.
I am truly felt that I love you
why these dreams took away my trust in you.
Dream jumping off the cliff
as you are there to catch and lift
for you’re the only air that I can breathe

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My Childhood by Arence Gecale

Ah, childhood. What wonderful memories I can share.
Like the the time I was five, and got my first teddy bear.
I loved that bear like it was my own.
I kissed her and fed her and loved her as my own.

Like the time I was six,when I got my first bicycle.
When the time Papa brought it home and gave it to me as a gift.
That bicycle soon became one of my daily cycles
Biking to and fro, back and forth through the park.

But alas, these memories are soon to fade away.
Like my bicycle and teddy bear will rust and wilt away.
But every time I close my eyes and count to ten,
these memories I had from the past will soon shine again.

They will shine like the stars in the dark blue sky.
Like pearls from the ocean and the deep blue sea.
These memories I had when I was a child,
will remain forever and ever in my heart.

Arence Gecale

My Childhood by Arence Gecale
An official entry for the poem making contest

Because I do love you.

Because I do love you

It’s written in my head, and flowing in my blood.
You’re the only person I know inside my heart.
I hope someday you will know how much I love you.
Someday will be fine knowing that you love me too.

Stealing moments and watching things you do.
I kept this secrete that I admired you for so long.
My best friend, my sweet heart and my special love;
I want to live with you because I do love you.

Because I do love you is not a word I speak.
It is the air I breathe and dream I hope for us;
That our love be the same and will forever.
His gift to me is you; God thank you and praise you.

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Come Closer

Come closer because I’m waiting
I’ll be here with you, I’m smiling
Like the old songs we want to sing
Like the rains can’t stop from falling

Come closer, you don’t have to go
Where I am going to find you
One step forward and you will know
I really want to be close too.