Walang Take Two Behind The Scene

What can you say about her?

I want to look into her eyes
To and see what her heart desire
We shake our hands and feel the warm
Wishing that she could be my charm

I had no words for you that time
I hope you read my face and smile
And I wonder how deep you are?
Just like a star -- up high, so far.

Another quick poem when my new friend Anne asked me what you can say about her? Pertaining to specific person name Grace. The scene from NEU Professional Building when they ask me to hang around with them before the class start at 4pm. I had 10 minutes to spare time with them and I am glad to meet the rest of her friends. Love was on the air and I don’t know how I reacted from it. I remember to smile naturally and feel good about it.

PS: The second stanza was for Anne!

Take easy on the poem, no animals harm and in danger while making this poem.

It’s good to remember how we did the independent film “Walang Take Two” at this building. Hospital scene and the awarding event was taken here last July 8, 2015.

PS: It is also what I can say about You!

blood drive New Era University 2016 07 14

Blood Drive

Let the blood flows
Let the love grows
Let life goes on
And let’s move on.

Hold my hand please
Be calm and peace
Feel my heart beat
Hugs and kisses

Drive me back home
Old memories
Funny stories
Bring me to rest

Days are counted
Love was hunted
August Seven
Twenty Fourteen

About Blood Drive Poem

This is a quick poem I wrote after NEU Blood Drive at NDEP Center. I knew that there will be a blood donation but I don’t know exactly when. Early morning before 10 am "July 14, 2016", When I passed by NDEP Center, I fill-up and registered myself as blood donor.

I mention about August Seven before I end up the poem. I remember good memories that I wanted to go back from that day.

PS: I wish I can always donate blood specially when someone badly need it. I feels likes giving life supports for whom who wants to live long. Today July 11, 2017 I don't really know more about happen last August seven.

grace baque

Love and Desire of the Broken Heart

What kind of words you want to hear?
My heart to speak into your ears.
How did it hurt you even more?
When someone leaves out of your door.

Your confuse mind and heart so cold
You want this burden to be told
My love for you will be remain
uncertain love to be sustain

If only I can steal your pain
would I can also feel the same?
When someone precious let you go
had never seen your heart of gold

Life’s goes on, times are moving on
Love and desire of heart unknown.
You need a light, you need a home
is where happiness you can own

I am happy to be with you

Love and Desire of the Broken Heart Poem in the Making

I was stalking to my friend and find the post “Bakit ang Sakit.” I had that feeling too and I wish I can do something about it. I open up chat conversation with her made this poem. My intention was to help and ease her worries, but it didn’t turn good after all.

Here is my opinion: She only sees what she had lose and never open her eyes to see the aid and replacement. She is on the stage of holding on and I want to see how long it will last when she let go.

The poem was made for her

Lorgil Maquiling

When You Become My Candle Light

I’ve been long walking at the dark
Then your light shines into my heart
I started to fall in love
with a graceful path in my eyes

I’m happy to follow your ways
Never get lost in your trace
But all was just an illusion?
I want to see in my vision

I can hug your warm lovely light
I stare and let it through my heart
But that was when were young before
I wish I could love so much more

You are still the light that I knew
The one I kept but I let go
The light within will always be
Making night romantically

So sad to feel distant apart
Hope you can remember my heart
I want to touch flame of the night
Burning desire to keep your light.

The meaning of when you become my candle light

It was a heartbreaking moment when I invited someone to be with me and I knew that the answer was already no. The poem was created having this kind of feelings. I was in the dark but I did not mean I am not happy, dark was a symbol of my close heart and I mean to see the light as opening for the relationship. I became a follower of you  by tracing steps and every activity. I almost had seen the visions of me and you at the wedding, but it was just an illusion and false hope. I remember how it was before and now things had changed. Change? You are still the girl I knew, but I don’t know about you now. What I can see is that you become the better person and I can’t be with you now. All I can do is to watch and get some updates about you. I did not mean to stalk over you, what I am doing is keeping my desire to love you even if we are apart.

PS: I don’t want to post this poem on my blog but rather I wanted it to be published elsewhere. I did post in anyway and explain how it was made. I was first published by TransitMagazine

PS: The Model Lorgil Maquiling has nothing to do with the poem! But I the candle light and the bokeh.

never stop dreaming

The Night Without A Dream

It was empty and dark
Time skipping and sharp
Waking up to unknown
Life that you never own

For a blink of an eye
The whole night passes by
A night without a scream
The night without a dream

Sleep under the spell
The love you cannot sell
Hope that I didn’t mean
God please forgive my sin

Imagining the night
The future I’ve foreseen
Once forever waiting
Is night without a dream

The Meaning of The Night Without A Dream

This poem is about the time after I close my eyes at night and wake up with nothing to remember. My thoughts was asking where I am now and why I am here. It simply means that I am not at the place where I used to wake-up. I also want to say “my girl where did you slept last night” is for the line life that you never own.

I cannot really tell what will happen next from a single mistake that I did. For a blink of an eye is a decision that I cannot alter when it’s done. And I mention about A night without scream? yes I am experiencing lucid dream and I wish to know the truth even if it hurts. The night without a dream is a kind of rest. I think my spirit forbid me to dream and maybe I had enough.

I am broken heart lover who wants to carry all memories at the present or else I'll kept it in the past and forget. The love I cannot sell means rejection but my spirit of hope did not recognize that rejection. God please forgive my sin. I didn’t mean to over pray your love back, I guess I’m wrong I wish I had only prayed for guidance.

The future I've foreseen and once forever waiting is a vision vs dream! I can imagine and visualize the future with her and it is possible. But I am dreaming of the people that can never exist in reality but only in a dream.

never stop dreaming

Never stop dreaming!

you first believe you can facebook cover quotes

I Will Never Lose This Kind Of Feeling

Dear Ex (for this kind of feeling!)

I saw you in mind that you ware happy.
I found you in my heart that you ware sweet.
I can feel in future you'll be ready
We can be together with love so great

It's nice to know you're enjoying the days
I'll be more happy for the price I pay
I want to be with you no matter what
Where ever you are I'll be one step apart.

The love of God and memory of you
I can always feel closer next to you
With the love so warm and tender loving
I will never lose this kind of feeling.

About this poem I Will Never Lose This Kind Of Feeling.

I am just playing my vision that maybe time will come like this. I don't know what will happen sooner or later but now I know what I feel at the moment. I just want that someday that we might be on the same path again. Like I can always see you anytime or waking up hearing your voice or calling my name. I cannot promise you this but I will try not to lose this kind of feeling. Thank you so much for making me feel this way.

Grace Baque at Mt Batulao

I Only Have You

I only have you

When their so much love in my heart
I'm glad because I only have you
And even a little much love
I'm glad to give it all to you

I need no other haft but you
For making love just me and you
To try things out and feel the world
with you and no other but you.

But sometimes I'm imperfect too
losing myself out of the blue
For there is pain and sorrow
No solitude brings tomorrow

I only have you and please stay
Our understanding make ways
I gave my heart, I hope you too
I'm loving you forever true

About I Only Have You

Is it amazing when the both of you are falling in love with each other. You don't want to lose what you have. You have the feeling that is worth fighting for. But when the opposite comes and your the only one who is loving, things change as well as the relationship. And sometime the only things you can do is to let go to make you feel much better. I can always remember the reason why I created this poem and I regret what I did. This poem is just a pain reliever and a lesson to learn. I will never forget that respect is very important in a relationship.

jennifer salaiz quotes

Before I Close My Eyes Again

The eyes are one of the most powerful tools a woman can have. With one look, she can relay the most intimate message. After the connection is made, words cease to exist. - Jennifer Salaiz

The eyes are one of the most powerful tools a woman can have. With one look, she can relay the most intimate message. After the connection is made, words cease to exist.

I’ve closed my eyes for too long in the dark
and let this solitude sleeps deep in my heart
I’ve gone too long hiding from reality
But this feelings of love is hunting me

Everything seems over but here I am still waiting.
Like a child believing that stories has a happy ending.
I want to have another walk another time to spend
I want to unlearn what I know about love and love again.

I want to see the beautiful smile painted on your face
I appreciate the love while we're dancing on full moon sway.
I am loving you more than yesterday and each day I do the same
and before I close my eyes again, I know it is love.

About Before I close My Eyes Again

The part of my life where I enjoyed being single. I am learning something new like photography. But I can not avoid to feel the love that surrounds me. Yes I am inspired with all the people I met and that is giving me a sign to find someone where I can fall in love again.

lingap sa mamamayan yolonda

We are stronger than Yolanda

Lingap Sa Mamamayan Volunteer

Preparing relief good for Yolanda victims.

I don’t care about your struggle;
Waste of time for me to tackle.
My own problem isn’t yet solved
So why should I must get involved


I cannot hide my love and worries,
My heart tore apart with sorry.
I truly want to understand
How hard it is for you to stand.

My sympathy grows for my land
And now I want to stretch my hand
I set aside my own problem
To share my strength and time for them.

I can imagine how the wind broke the embrace of your wife and child
I can’t tell how much suffering you can bear when storm took them

How hard it is to start again?
What strength is need to rise from pain?
I step forward with my passion,
I want to help and make them strong.

I know people are stronger
When together for each other.
We can stand even it is harder
Because all of us is gather.

About We are stronger than Yolanda

This poem is my tribute to the victims of the strongest typhoon Yolanda “Haiyan” recorded in the history. Yolanda hit central area of Philippines. Many lives lost and destroyed the livelihood of the people.

I really don’t care much as I expected that the storm is not that destructive. But then what happen is different from what I am expecting. My sympathy get stronger and touched my heart to offer my help.

I will help in re-packing goods and contribute some donation tonight at the INC relief goods station in Tandang Sora. Thank you Jennie Genita for inviting me to help. I felt like it is only the first time meeting you but actually it is the second time arround.

It was a good experience to participate and help this kind of mission or activity. I donate 12 packs of pancit canton too and gave over 3 hours for preparing the plastic back ready to get filled with goods.

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