Alright because I've been busy most of the time on computer server. I miss my girlfriend so much, “just my imaginary girlfriend.” I keep doing my responsibilities for my part time job local and abroad. Part of it is looking forward to have more time with my family. I love to be with them often.

I am busy developing program and algorithm to apply in my project. My project is composed of a task list that is running together to build system. I love to create a customized system that is needed to comply with the requirements.

I am developing Online Assessment Exams to give user-friendly analytic results. The system will aid to improved passing rate on actual exams because it gives very efficient review system and analytic reports. It will cut off expenses because of its paperless applications.

It is nice to have good experience on helping progressive start-up company. This company is also in retail business selling unique 3D Film Products. Let me introduce you to EyeFly3D, now it is possible to view 3D in the palm of your hand with out 3D glasses.

On the next post I will share some of the work that I did in the past. Some helpful tips and instructions for network configurations.

Windows Server 2012

Installing windows server is very easy; all you need is to follow the process. You can easily find more instruction on other blogs. I configured Active Directory, DNS, and DHCP. Thank you for the blogs specially the video blogger in YouTube from where I learn so much.

Exchange Server 2013

This is very challenging part of my services. Testing and configurations consumes so much time to finish when you don’t know the proper settings. Transitions from existing Godaddy Mail account to Exchange Server 2013 is also important. All requirements must be setup first and required before you point mx dns to new mail server.

I help everyone in the office to setup and configure their email account. Exchange Server has more advantage over the usual email that we use to have. Its nice to learn the delegation and sharing options. I will cover up some screen shot how to configure your exchange account using MS Outlook, Mac Outlook 2011 and Mac Mail.

Network Access Server

It is my first time to handle NAS Sysnology. It is very good OS that you can access over the network. NAS Sysnology is loaded with so many useful module and it is very good in file sharing with level of permissions. NAS Sysnology simply bring your file anywhere you go with the use of your internet.

Online Credit Card Payment

I manage to learn how to use the API provided by to accept credit card payment online. It took me a week for testing and debugging the existing codes to work with magento shopping cart.

I learn to give myself a diet.

I avoid to much eating because I feel my tummy is getting bigger and bigger.  It also help me save money.

I feel good even though overwork daily and every time I love to thank God for making my life wonderful.