blood drive New Era University 2016 07 14

Blood Drive


Let the blood flows
Let the love grows
Let life goes on
And let’s move on.

Hold my hand please
Be calm and peace
Feel my heart beat
Hugs and kisses

Drive me back home
Old memories
Funny stories
Bring me to rest

Days are counted
Love was hunted
August Seven
Twenty Fourteen

About Blood Drive Poem

This is a quick poem I wrote after NEU Blood Drive at NDEP Center. I knew that there will be a blood donation but I don’t know exactly when. Early morning before 10 am "July 14, 2016", When I passed by NDEP Center, I fill-up and registered myself as blood donor.

I mention about August Seven before I end up the poem. I remember good memories that I wanted to go back from that day.

PS: I wish I can always donate blood specially when someone badly need it. I feels likes giving life supports for whom who wants to live long. Today July 11, 2017 I don't really know more about happen last August seven.

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