Baguio City Lions Head Kennon Road

Baguio Tour 2016 – Going Where The Wind Blows

I had a very good experience during our travel tour at Baguio city. I had never planned it but I am glad to joined with my brother with his family. I am an extra person going where the wind blows.

Going there was easy without traffic along the way and our first photo together at the Lions Head. They said that you had never been to Baguio if you don’t have a photo of the Lions Head. I been there few times and taking photo is not necessary because it dark on early morning or late afternoon. And this time is perfect for taking photo shoot.

Baguio City Lions Head Kennon Road

We had a good lunch at Don Henrico’s SM Baguio for our next stop. I enjoy the mozzarella stick and chicken.

Don Henrico's SM Baguio

We stayed at Pines View Hotel for three days and two nights. The place is very good to stay. The free breakfast meal is very good too. I can say that I am comfortable with Pines View Hotel.

Our first city-walk is going to Burnham Park. The main attraction of the park is the boat ride at the lake.

We walked along session road. I’ve always been walking at Session Road from my entire past visit.

We joined the crowd of the market looking for some scarp and other souvenirs and passed by Rizal Park while going to Cafe by the Ruins for our dinner.

cafe by the ruins Baguio City Top Restaurant

Cafe by the Ruins is one of the top ten restaurants to check in Baguio. The ambiance is nice at night with romantic candlelight.

Back at the Pines View Hotel, I love the night it was as cold as my heart, but I was happy.

We rent a van service going to Baguio tourist spots. It is very useful because they already know how to get there and very time efficient.

  • Church Bell
  • Strawberry Farm
  • Tam-Awan Village
  • 300+ stair steps of Our Lady of Lourdes
  • The Ketchup Community: Green Pepper
  • Mines View
  • Good Shepherded
  • The Mansion
  • Baguio Botanic Garden
  • Passing by Camp John Hay
  • View Deck of Cannon Road

Another one of the top ten restaurant in Baguio is Good Taste, and it about 3 minutes walk for Pines View Hotel. We had a good dinner after our day tour has done. Good Taste is well know for its cheaper value and bigger servings.

Another cold night for me, and my heart said that you really need someone to be with to make you warm. I replied: It doesn’t matter if your feel is warm or cold, what important is you can be happy. The cold night begins and I was happy doing my job until I fall asleep.

Last day of Baguio tour!

We will stop by at the Dinosaur Island along the way going to Manila.

We had lunchtime at the NLEX Caltex gas station and another fun animal feeding at mini Zoo.

We had a very good experience during our Baguio Tour. Thanks so much for having me with you kuya Mon and Family.

happy mothers day cover photo

I am blessed to have a happy heart

My first cry was amazing and I believed that I brought joy and happiness to the world especially to my Nanay. I am not conscious and aware (as a new born) but I know now that my happiness was a pure blessing. I am so blessed.

Blessed: I think I had enough

I wanted to discover how happy I was back then; how did I share my happiness with my mom and to others who cares to me so much. Can you imagine the day when you were in your mother’s arms and close to her heart? She protects you from any harm and gave you so much time and attention. I can say it was unconditional love, so pure and so kind. I don’t know how much love I need but I think I had enough.

Sometimes I got pity. I was emotionally hurt and feeling down. I wanted something that I couldn’t have. How much longer should I endure this pain while making myself happy? I asked myself how much longer do I have to cry; is it until tomorrow’s light? I wasn’t afraid to lose this happiness taken away by someone I let go. I cried again and it was amazing. I believe that I still have my heart that can be happy from within. I really missed my mother’s hugs and her caring instinct from where I felt happiness from within. I missed my mom so much.

For anyone who asked me about their tears, fears and burdens, I had shared my thoughts and advice to my other blogs too.[Paano Maka Move On] I am wishing for you to find your happiness from within and remember that you are also blessed with a happy heart.

Happy Mother’s Day Nanay! Thank you for being my inspirations and helping me to have this kind of happy heart. It’s all about the love that you had with us.

grace baque

Love and Desire of the Broken Heart

What kind of words you want to hear?
My heart to speak into your ears.
How did it hurt you even more?
When someone leaves out of your door.

Your confuse mind and heart so cold
You want this burden to be told
My love for you will be remain
uncertain love to be sustain

If only I can steal your pain
would I can also feel the same?
When someone precious let you go
had never seen your heart of gold

Life’s goes on, times are moving on
Love and desire of heart unknown.
You need a light, you need a home
is where happiness you can own

I am happy to be with you

Love and Desire of the Broken Heart Poem in the Making

I was stalking to my friend and find the post “Bakit ang Sakit.” I had that feeling too and I wish I can do something about it. I open up chat conversation with her made this poem. My intention was to help and ease her worries, but it didn’t turn good after all.

Here is my opinion: She only sees what she had lose and never open her eyes to see the aid and replacement. She is on the stage of holding on and I want to see how long it will last when she let go.

The poem was made for her

Live With The King Huawei Nexus 6P

Live with the King Huawei Nexus 6P

I want to share what I want in my mobile smart phone like what Huawei Nexus 6P is all about.

When it comes to mobile smart phone, I am very comfortable with octa-core combined with good 3GB RAM and 32 or 64 ROM. This makes the phone perform at its best.

Live with the King Huawei

Camera and video entertain me so much that is why I want to "Live with the King" this kind of phone to be with me all the time. It is nice to share the good photo and video taken by 12.3MP rear camera (1.55µm) and 8MP front camera (1.4µm) on your social media accounts.  This makes me more social and cool.

Smart phone is also my personal secretary and I am glad to have a phone who has good apps in your hand like calendar, browser, email, and maps. This makes Android App is very helpful tools on the go.

When it comes to sounds. I like it very noisy and sharp speaker for my alarm, I also like it more on music and phone call. I think it sounds good on Dual specified front speaker .

When you are always on the go, it’s nice to have fast charging phone like this phone which has its USB type C Charging port. It has 3450 mAh battery anyway that is enough with my whole day usage.

I think the size is good enough for me. It found it good to my lifestyle and work. Design and style are good too.

What I really want most is its LTE Connectivity. Everybody loves good internet connections.

Visit the link to know more about Huawei Nexus 6P this will give you a glance of Live with the King

Lorgil Maquiling

When You Become My Candle Light

I’ve been long walking at the dark
Then your light shines into my heart
I started to fall in love
with a graceful path in my eyes

I’m happy to follow your ways
Never get lost in your trace
But all was just an illusion?
I want to see in my vision

I can hug your warm lovely light
I stare and let it through my heart
But that was when were young before
I wish I could love so much more

You are still the light that I knew
The one I kept but I let go
The light within will always be
Making night romantically

So sad to feel distant apart
Hope you can remember my heart
I want to touch flame of the night
Burning desire to keep your light.

The meaning of when you become my candle light

It was a heartbreaking moment when I invited someone to be with me and I knew that the answer was already no. The poem was created having this kind of feelings. I was in the dark but I did not mean I am not happy, dark was a symbol of my close heart and I mean to see the light as opening for the relationship. I became a follower of you  by tracing steps and every activity. I almost had seen the visions of me and you at the wedding, but it was just an illusion and false hope. I remember how it was before and now things had changed. Change? You are still the girl I knew, but I don’t know about you now. What I can see is that you become the better person and I can’t be with you now. All I can do is to watch and get some updates about you. I did not mean to stalk over you, what I am doing is keeping my desire to love you even if we are apart.

PS: I don’t want to post this poem on my blog but rather I wanted it to be published elsewhere. I did post in anyway and explain how it was made. I was first published by TransitMagazine

PS: The Model Lorgil Maquiling has nothing to do with the poem! But I the candle light and the bokeh.

Trial Commitment and Love

What Did The Kite Taught Me About Relationship?

I want to share what did the kite taught me about the relationship. When I was a child during elementary days, I love to create my own kite. The only feeling I knew about flying kite was fun and I never knew that one day I could relate and understand more about the relationship. There is a quote about a kite that said “the kite fly against the wind” and that is very well known to us. It means that you get success in every problem that you face and solved.

Let us substitute the kite with some of the ingredients of the good relationship. The kite body stands for relationship status, the string is the commitment and the wind is love that must not stop in order to keep on flying. And both of us are holding on the string.

This is my story and I only want to share this because you might find the valuable lesson. I hope that you can also use my experience for uplifting taught.

Trust and Faith

I wouldn’t try to make my own do it yourself kite if I knew that it wouldn’t fly. Even it is my first time, I had a faith that once I followed all the instructions It will be efficient and all my effort to build that kite will become successful.

The trust and faith in kite making are just like how I enter the relationship. I believed good things happen and if I just follow my heart and then success will be waiting. I have to trust and have faith that my good intention and vision is coming. Success comes after trials and your faith must not be shaken to reach your goal. You must have the ability to wait with the right attitude. I am waiting for the windy day to come.

The worst case is if time isn’t in favor of you then you might wait for too long. It is not about being happy, it is about having faith. You can find happiness from within anyway.


I step on many trials from the making and flying kite. I need to find the best materials to assemble. To launch the kite, a body must be balance and the wind must be enough. I had to run when the wind was weak just to maintain its position, but how long I’ll be running? When the kite was about to crush down then I had to extend the rope to recover up. Sometimes I needed assistance to push up the kite up. If you don’t know how to fly a kite from the start then you will never know what kind of relationship you are having. Learn to avoid mistake!

Trials and courtship are alike. You must understand first how to fly or how to make a good relationship with your partner. If the wind is love, then don’t fly kite during the storm because won’t make it if the body is weak. If the love is weak then you have to put more effort and care. The love must be enough and not too much because your partner might not accommodate that kind of love. It sounds unfair but it happens to me. Adjustment is very important to recover up and build up. You must always have a vision of success to fly and make it trough trials.

Maintaining the kite above or making the relationship stable

Steady relationship means enough wind, balance body and strong string. In other words enough love, balance relationship and strong commitment that you are holding on.

The relationship goes down without love. You know what is the hard part? Your commitments are still there; it is like the string of the kite that you keep holding on. I will not fly without the wind or without love; I dare not to make a relationship without love.

Letting go of the relationship is also letting go of the string. Commitment is something that you agreed upon from the first start. Commitment should grow while the relationship is going higher. When love is pure your commitment can do whatever it takes to make it. The love in the air will be nothing if the string of commitment is cut. Your relationship will be falling out of nowhere and without a string attached it will be hard to be found and recover back. Just move on when you can’t find a way to go back.

When you are already contented

Satisfy and happy. At the end of the day before the wind change and before I get tired of holding on the string. I felt that I had enough. We all know that there is always time to rest and give thanks. To returning back from where we came and rest. To return to our creator is kind of rest. I had flown a kite and watched them in love, faith and hope. I had experienced the relationship with love, faith, and hope but it isn’t perfect. But I am proud, satisfy and contented for accepting God’s will.

What did happen to my past relationship? And what is next to come? Everything starts with trials, you have to learn a lot from the start and accept whatever it is. I don’t want to build a relationship without a good foundation. The commitment will grow along the way. Commitment is the reason why people stay and stick with you even the love is weak or fading.  Yes, commitment is more than a promise. Commitment is more than responsibility. Commitment is the home of unconditional love. When I say I love you, I mean it for a friend, my family, and my future wife. I don’t have any purpose without love and I will live to share my purpose in life.

What did you learn?

You learn that relationship must be balance.
You learn that if love is weak then you have to support and nurture it.
You learn that commitment is how you can do whatever it takes or let go.
You learn that trials are there to make you a better person and handle relationship.
You learn that nothing is permanent, so you better getting ready to accept and adjust for changes.

never stop dreaming

The Night Without A Dream

It was empty and dark
Time skipping and sharp
Waking up to unknown
Life that you never own

For a blink of an eye
The whole night passes by
A night without a scream
The night without a dream

Sleep under the spell
The love you cannot sell
Hope that I didn’t mean
God please forgive my sin

Imagining the night
The future I’ve foreseen
Once forever waiting
Is night without a dream

The Meaning of The Night Without A Dream

This poem is about the time after I close my eyes at night and wake up with nothing to remember. My thoughts was asking where I am now and why I am here. It simply means that I am not at the place where I used to wake-up. I also want to say “my girl where did you slept last night” is for the line life that you never own.

I cannot really tell what will happen next from a single mistake that I did. For a blink of an eye is a decision that I cannot alter when it’s done. And I mention about A night without scream? yes I am experiencing lucid dream and I wish to know the truth even if it hurts. The night without a dream is a kind of rest. I think my spirit forbid me to dream and maybe I had enough.

I am broken heart lover who wants to carry all memories at the present or else I'll kept it in the past and forget. The love I cannot sell means rejection but my spirit of hope did not recognize that rejection. God please forgive my sin. I didn’t mean to over pray your love back, I guess I’m wrong I wish I had only prayed for guidance.

The future I've foreseen and once forever waiting is a vision vs dream! I can imagine and visualize the future with her and it is possible. But I am dreaming of the people that can never exist in reality but only in a dream.

never stop dreaming

Never stop dreaming!

lost in the crowd

It’s Easy To Let Go If You Know How To Get It Back!

You don’t need to be worried of losing something important if you know how to get it back. And YES! it’s really hard to accept that the things once were in your hand was gone. You need to know how to get it back to help you not to worry much.

About Me

Yesterday I’ve lost my phone! A Lenovo K8 Note together with MyPhone basic phone. The moment I noticed that it was not in my pocket, I already admit my carelessness and assume that it was slip-out on the tricycle that I rode from Manansala St. to SaveMore, V.Luna extension. This is not my first time to lose mobile phone. My Starmobile Octa-Core was lost or stolen by pickpocket on the bus right after I got in the bus at Philippine Coconut Authority on January 2015. It is very easy to let go mobile phone when you can afford to buy a new one.

About Waiting

So I think you already get over me and let our relationship end. You know that I will always love you and that will be easy for you to get me back. I am happily waiting but please don’t make it too long because my heart might be stolen.

About Love

Don’t asked me how easy to get back the love you knew once was true and then fade. Admit that when you let go, it might never come back. The things that you cannot control are impossible and hard, but you can always learn how it goes and how it works, to find the opportunity to manage.

About Money

The rich people are not afraid to lose all money they got because they know how to get it back, while a poor people are the opposite.

About Faith

You have to let go of yourself and surrender! Admit that you cannot do all things and sometimes all you can do is to cry. Cry to tell your God that you already did your best and you need help. God is waiting for us to seek Him so He can restore us back. Let go and surrender all the things you cannot do, your God is always have a better plan for you.

lung center of the Philippines

My Nanay And Tatay Taught Me How To Live And Die

I want to share what valuable lesson I’ve learned from my parents. They had always been a source of love and happiness that I want to cherish. Sharing this is just a way of being thankful to my Nanay and Tatay.

To make the story short, they took care of me and guide me through living. The final part was how they shown me the graceful farewell.

A guide to live

I live by quotes from my parents who said to me. “Learn what is evil and good and live the path that you’ve chosen.” Then it is my will to be what I want to be!

My father was a giver. He gives his all and sometimes he forgot the set aside for himself just to help others. My father was a kind man and I’ve learned that I must able to help myself first before I can help others.

Strong will to survive! My father had so many near death experiences. Is it amazing to get back and recover from over 10 strokes? How many times did he hold his life string to asked for another breath to come. If he only thought for himself he just let go of his breath and goodbye. I’ve learned that I must live with purpose to live long. I want to become very good in helping my family, friends and myself.

My mother was always with patient and grace. My mom had a dream of a good life for me; she was calm and had the vision that one day I can achieve it. She can easily forgive and showed me that life is meant to be happy. I’ve learned that waiting for changes is important and I will change for good from time to time. If today is not for my success then the next day might be mine. I’ve learned to forgive my self first before I understand why I should forgive others.

Strong love to remain! My mom bears all her emotions and kept by herself. All I've seen in front of her was being happy. Her love was great for she was able to hid her burdens and suffering from me. She keeps on telling the same story over and over again because she knew it was good and its really good. She stayed beside my father in good and bad times, even for better or worst. She tagged along with my brother and sister who were in need. If I am going to love, I will love like my nanay who give time and presence to make you feel good.

A farewell lessons.

Peaceful, my father died peacefully while sleeping. I know that pain is not peaceful at all and he left us with the message of HOPE, “Hold On Pain End.” He was suffering from emphysema with only one lung to support his breath. He can only see with one eye and eat with one tooth. In his case, the only way to endure pain is to die and it is so meaningless. But he is not really talking about pain. He wanted me to hold on to what makes me happy because pain is just a counter measure of happiness weather it is physical or emotional pain. I’ve learned that if it is meaningless to hold on, then learn to let go because you can still be happy with something else without pain.

My mom passed away and never gave any sign that she was about to rest forever. It was always been a normal days for my mom at Lobo, Batangas. I guess my mom live life for my father and having only with that purpose, its best for her to rest. She knew that my brother, sister and I can live on our own and it's time to go. I’ve learned to be contented to what I have and leave the rest for the world to share.

Thank you Tatay at Nanay.

Thank you Tatay for lighting up the will of fire in me, and now want to live helping my family, my friends and myself in order of priority. Thank you for showing us how to hold on our happiness and how to let go of pain.

Thank you Nanay for loving Tatay with all your heart and soul. You show us to become contented to what we had and your love for us is always abundance. I miss your hugs and smiles. I’m sure I will love the way you loved.