Operation Back Link Overrides

Override is one of the techniques I use in SEO. It works when you appear on a top ranking website. You can override them by placing a back link on a top ranking website. This strategy came out to me when I am using social network on Friendster. I notice that I got more visitors whenever I put back link on comments on the popular profiles. My back links appear every time the profile page is visited and it’s a good advertisement for me. The idea is chance to put ads and the opportunity to arouse visitor’s attraction to visit my site. Then I start social media hopping to apply what I experienced.

I don’t usually make comments to my friends and plain text is enough for me to say something. Then I try html to put a back links to my site. I can express more using html and make my comment bold to see. Make your comment become a center of attraction and you see the result of having a good traffic from your back links.

You can get more traffic for free using back link, I am new to a forum, I don’t want to engage any conversation to them. I been directed to forum when I’m on a research, but now I am more willing to answers and engage to the topic. I find out that signature gives you privilege to put a back link in every question you answered.

Override the topic trough your comments especially on blog post. Contribute to the topic and give insight. Make a sensible contribution and gain acknowledgment from the reader and the authors. They will follow you trough and seek you to get to know more about you. This is very effective strategy you can use.

Mall Vs E-Commerce Website

Trading goods is like selling, it makes the living of the people from the money they earn. How technology of selling goes at this time. From the history people start trading to make money and others for collections. How about these days? It evolves the way how to reach the market, a sari-sari store where only a nearby or people passing by are their market, then somewhat vendor roaming around to sell its products yet still the market is few. Then there is a marketplace where lots of people came because the products they are looking are there. Mall emerges to give more convenient to customer and much attractive.

Now a day’s Mall vs Mall are in competitions to get most of the market. What I want you to notice is that the market of their products competes. From a small sari-sari store that has only few markets, to a marketplace that all people from community can visit to a mall that is much convenient to go.

Where people go today to get something to buy? They buy where the products are cheaper, convenient and save money.

The E-commerce unnoticeably spread worldwide. Its power can market globally through internet. It gives more convenient that you can do it anywhere you can access the internet. If the mall can accommodate visitors locally to sell goods, what more website can do if it is available all over the world? Undoubtedly many millionaires are produced from the internet marketing.

If you where an entrepreneur what is the best thing to have that can be easily start and make money, invest for a mall or e-commerce website.

Mentor vs Adviser

You can learn from both of them but careful from where you get advice. There are differences between mentors and adviser base on their teachings. The adviser is the one can tell you how to do it while the mentor shares to you how he did it. Always keep in mind that both of them can advise good thing but one of them are very successful of doing it.

This can help your learning process boost and gain more experience effectively as you listen to them both. You can identify problems ahead if you foresee the vision from what you learn from them. You get the perception of their experience that you might come along with. All you have to do is to learn.

Its better to be with someone who had been there! Its like having a guide that is regularly climb on the top of the mountain rather than people who just watching.

How do I look from the back?

naruto quotes

Have you ever try to ask somebody to see what do you look from the back? Yes…but how often did you ask for it. Did you know the attitude of self confident is inborn within? Ever since we were a child we really don’t care how do we look from behind. This proved that you are confident. They can look your physical appearance from top to bottom or head over feet but what is inside you is more important and that is yourself confident.

We are not aware of who we are in the eyes of others. They can find us good or bad physically in their own eyes but not our thoughts, experienced or the character you have. I can never guest what is in your mind now unless you share. We need to ask this to know who we are to them, and if you feel good about it you may act the same else you change yourself the way you want them to see you.

If you live your life by somebody else standard, your life is no longer yours.  This quote from BECK Mongolian chop squad.

What make me decide to write this topic?

As I watch the movie “Love Phobia” the girl is asking her uncle "How do I look from the back?" On that part, the girl decided to disappear to the person who love her and hide her feelings as she think that they were not really meant for each other. I think she said it because she feel that even if you hid something to the person you love and loves you, that hidden feelings will show and recognize even if you were from behind, even when you’re gone too long, and even if you lost forever. So how do I look from the back?

Sell nothing but make money anyway

How can you make money without selling?

It is unusual to make money without doing anything, but now I will let you know how I make money doing nothing after wards. I said afterward means that you will be doing something to make money.

I’m doing this for a year now and my income is already auto pilot, it will generate money doing nothing. But do you think that we really do nothing, it is only a motivation. What we are doing everyday is to check how much money we are making. My point is we’re really making money.

We sell nothing but we make money in other ways, maybe not from having our own product but other products by means of our web pages we can do it.

My revenues come from different sources, from advertising, selling, affiliate etc. Sell nothing but make money anyway is one of methods that is very easy to do. We can apply this to advertising, you don’t have to sell but to refer customer.

How it’s works? Did you know that Google AdSense gives revenues in every click from the publisher website or blog? It is the link and banner ads you see in the website. It show the ads related to the content inside, related to the topic of what you can read on that page and the ads design to feel it is part of the content. And then there a reader or visitors that will get interest to click on your ads. You make money when it’s happen.

What is my story of doing this? I am just an ordinary internet user just like you. I use to join lots of social media networking like, Friendster, Facebook, Multiply, MySpace, Tagged, Noypf and more. I also love chatting online with my friends and have more friends online. I write or post comments and blogs what is in my mind. These are the things I do that are also common from all of us. But what makes difference is that others are making money doing this and how about us.

I came up to a research what they are doing that I must do to make money. I look for the keywords about making money online and find people like Markus Frind of “plentyoffish.com” and Ashley Qualls of “WhateverLife.com” that are making money not just little but huge amount. You can research these names and look for the news about them, how much they are making and know how they started. The things they have in common are their website was become popular and get more visitors each day. They manage the ads in the website and make revenues from it.

So how did I start? The first thing that I must do is to create a page were you can able to post your content and ads at the same time. I start posting my blogs, my thoughts, my idea, and what is going on to me in blogspot.com. Afterward, I apply for Google AdSense that can able you to post ads on your blogs and I start making money. The beauty of this is that you can start earning without giving any single cent but give your time to create a nice content to your visitors that will love to read.

What is the key? You make money in every ads click you got from your visitors. Your goal is to make your page more visitors to get more chance of making money.

I love to be with you but I hate the things we do

I always wanted to be with you.
Stay, live, and laugh with you.
I love to cry and share the feelings.
To risk my love for you I’m willing.

To cheat the most I love I hate.
The things we do forward this kiss.
It brings discomfort, guilt and pain.
Please help me God forgive my sin.

Help me to make this shadows go.
And gain more fear for I love you.
We need to be in faithful ways.
And love the things we hate to do.

This is a short poem about love and lust, a kiss with pleasure and discomfort. I hope you can relate when you are kissing someone that you must not do.

The Secrets Behind KKK Success… Facebook?

What if Dr. Jose Rizal has a FaceBook account, do you want to be his friend. And if facebook exist early on the day of revolution will you be updated and share a post.

Dr. Jose Rizal Facebook

kkk conversation

kkk conversation

Private vs. public profile in social media

Which is better Private Profile or Public Profile?

If you want to get social only with your friends then its okay to make your account on private. But its okay to have your account in public when you want to promote something and you want the world to see what they need to know about you.

Publishing your profile to the internet is one of the common usages of social media website. Sharing your information is one of the key features in order to make the others seek you. But what it is really the difference of making your profile on private or public.

Private profile protects your personal information and members will have limited access to your profile or no access at all. It is one of the common options to hide your information. Settings your profile on private is disallowing members to see your full profile.

Public profile is open to members to read information about you. They can see the information you put in your profile. Every member will have more idea about you and more often you become more interesting to the others who view your profile.

In my case I use to set my profile on public, so that I can share something that benefits me and the viewers. I use to set my profile on private on the earlier time but it does not give me potential to share information. At the first place I notice that we can only put information that we want and really not published the info that is private. Never to published your private profile if it is really private, sooner or later you it will be expose even if you set things in private because it is still published in the internet. If you want to share information that is good for you and to others I choose to make my profile on public so that anyone can see what I want to give them.

One of the benefits of making your profile on public is that you are making an advertisement for free. It is an opportunity to use this benefit. Imagine that you can share something to the World Wide Web and millions of users are welcome to see what it is for them that will benefit both of you.

Let me give you an example how I utilized this benefits. I create my profile like introducing my favorite books that helps me how easy to make money online. I also share good information and keep them update so that they comeback more to visit my profile. More of my visitors become one of my regular customers and some of the do what I did.