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I learn to love like that

Hi, I miss you so much! It’s been two years since I don’t have you. You’re the woman who can demonstrate love in many ways without conditions. I learn to love like that, and that helps me understand and accept whatever the situation it is.

learn to love

You’re the one who knows how to heal my wound and how to make my tears subside. Your tender hugs help me to feel good and the power of your comfort is giving me so much strength to carry on. There is a feeling that I can always remember. I know that you put love in everything you did and loving you back is a wonderful feeling I can share.

I will always love you Nanay and we’re happy to celebrate your coming birthday this October 17, 2016. We will visit your grave to remember Nanay. Hangang sa libingan hindi mo iniwan si Tatay at magkasama parin kayong humimlay.

When you are sad have a good cry then find a good listener someone who will respect your ability to find your own solutions

Midyear Thanksgiving To God 2016

Happy thanksgiving. I will always be thankful to you my dear God, for it is always nice to see Your chosen one being thankful. I’ve been in trouble and hardship. Pertaining to this year alone, all I can do was to cry and surrender to Your name. Thank You God for giving me a good rest. I know that troubles and hardships are design to test my faith. You are always there to check me out and give me rest when I about to fail. I can always feel your love and support all the time.

When you are sad have a good cry then find a good listener, someone who will respect your ability to find your own solutions.

I am so sorry when I though I’ve failed. I’m so sorry when I felt that I’ve lost Your love. I’m am so sorry when I lost myself and about forget You. Dear God, I often check myself before the end of the day because I love you and I want to make sure that my heart is seeking You. Your love is the greatest and I will love You above all. For all that I had each day, I will always ask forgiveness and give thanks.

Thank You for the time, I don’t know the right time and the perfect moment but I will always thank you as long as I live in time. There was a time that I thought it was impossible to happen, and I did it. I thought I cannot break my one of promise to someone and now it’s broken for it is just a matter of time. Because I know that you can restore anything in Your will and in Your time. Dear God, thank You so much for the time for I will put my Faith and Hope in You all the time.

I’ve learned so much from worship service and I want to live in the way You want us to live. Thank you for guiding my heart at peace, I understand that love is very comfortable in the peaceful heart. Thank you so much for giving me the understanding heart and the feeling of peace and serenity. Thank you for this kind of heart that I hope to share with others. This will reflect your blessing to me for the glory of Your Name.

Thanks for the opportunity and blessings! I always want to go back to school and finished my study. I am really fond of learning and this kind of opportunity knock once again in my life. I don’t have a definite plan how to finish it but I will make a concrete road for my graduation along the way. Going back to school is a perfect diversion for my emotional troubles. It’s good to be back learning. Thank you God for your guidance.

Happy thanksgiving to all.

Thanks for the people that I met and I all the strangers that I will meet along the way. I hope to strengthen their faith and be a good branch to bear fruits. Thank you so much dear God for making my life meaningful. Amen

happy thanksgiving

When you are sad have a good cry then find a good listener someone who will respect your ability to find your own solutions

Walang Take Two Behind The Scene

What can you say about her?

I want to look into her eyes
To and see what her heart desire
We shake our hands and feel the warm
Wishing that she could be my charm

I had no words for you that time
I hope you read my face and smile
And I wonder how deep you are?
Just like a star -- up high, so far.

Another quick poem when my new friend Anne asked me what you can say about her? Pertaining to specific person name Grace. The scene from NEU Professional Building when they ask me to hang around with them before the class start at 4pm. I had 10 minutes to spare time with them and I am glad to meet the rest of her friends. Love was on the air and I don’t know how I reacted from it. I remember to smile naturally and feel good about it.

PS: The second stanza was for Anne!

Take easy on the poem, no animals harm and in danger while making this poem.

It’s good to remember how we did the independent film “Walang Take Two” at this building. Hospital scene and the awarding event was taken here last July 8, 2015.

PS: It is also what I can say about You!

blood drive New Era University 2016 07 14

Blood Drive

Let the blood flows
Let the love grows
Let life goes on
And let’s move on.

Hold my hand please
Be calm and peace
Feel my heart beat
Hugs and kisses

Drive me back home
Old memories
Funny stories
Bring me to rest

Days are counted
Love was hunted
August Seven
Twenty Fourteen

About Blood Drive Poem

This is a quick poem I wrote after NEU Blood Drive at NDEP Center. I knew that there will be a blood donation but I don’t know exactly when. Early morning before 10 am "July 14, 2016", When I passed by NDEP Center, I fill-up and registered myself as blood donor.

I mention about August Seven before I end up the poem. I remember good memories that I wanted to go back from that day.

PS: I wish I can always donate blood specially when someone badly need it. I feels likes giving life supports for whom who wants to live long. Today July 11, 2017 I don't really know more about happen last August seven.

Do not dare lose hope, never ever!

Sometimes Giving Up Is The Answers, But Don’t!

You’re in a relationship that you wanted to give up but you can’t. You deserved to be free and happy. Happiness is sometimes giving up your commitment. We had decisions in life that we thought was right and feel something wrong along the way. Don’t give up! It means you have to learn it in a hard way.

We’ve always wanted to be happy. Happiness is always at the edge when it earns from the others or specifically from someone we love. You must learn to be happy from within because that happiness cannot be taken away. Don’t give up on others! Happiness is great when it is shared.

We cling on something we believed.

We follow that principles in life not knowing that there is a better ways. It’s okay to give up on what you had learned to know the truth behind the lies. But don’t! Don’t forget from where you from because you can become an inspiration by your story.

It is always good to hold on and keep your patient trying to save what you think is possible. You’ve never notice that there are more opportunities far better than what you have now. When you are ready to give up, remember why you think it is possible from the start!

I am trying to convince myself to give up! I am trying to believe that when I give up it’s over and I am done. I don’t want to experience something bad or to compete with others for winning or losing. I don’t know if I am tired because I want to give up. But after I gave up, I found the answers. My life doesn’t end after giving up and that only leads me more to unhappiness, pain, suffering and frustration.

I’ve learned to hold on to the dreams that I wanted to give up! Because I found that dream as a reason to live and enjoy life in good and bad times. I’ve learned because I gave up and I won’t give up again. Keep on trying.

Alejandro Escamilla macbook

How to print triangle shape asterisk using for loop?

This is my first exercises on computer programming 2. To triangle shape asterisk or echo out triangle asterisk in a for loop sequence.


Analyzing the output?

It could be 5 line break and so on
The number sequence of the asterisk is x = x+2

Here is the code for the number sequence.

$s=""; // initial variable
$b=9; // base number of the triangle
// execute loop if true
for($i=1;$i< =$b;$i+=2){
// make a line break
echo $s;

The output number sequences we get from the for loop


We already got the number of asterisk on each row.
Now we can print the asterisk accordingly.

$s=""; // initial variable
$b=9; // base number of the triangle
// execute loop if true
for($i=1;$i< =$b;$i+=2){
// store the string value of $s while the asterisk count is true
$s .="*";
// make a line break
echo $s;

The output of triangle asterisk using for loop.


We add dash to indent the asterisk to center for the final code.

$s=""; // initial variable
$b=9; // base number of the triangle
// execute loop if true
for($i=1;$i< =$b;$i+=2){
// store and add dash on the string value of $s while it is true
// or $k is less than $b-$i
for ($k=0;$k<($b-$i); $k+=2){
$s .="-";
// store the string value of $s while the asterisk count is true
// or $j less than $i
$s .="*";
// make a line break
echo $s;

The output of triangle asterisk using for loop with indention.

BDJ Box Beauty Bootcamp

Beauty Fair at the BDJ Box Beauty Boot camp!

A week before! I thought I was registering for a giveaway contest but it was a pre-registration for the (Beauty Fair) BDJ Box Beauty Bootcamp. So I feel like a winner when a congratulations notice arrived on my inbox. I was hesitant to go since the invitations are for bellas, but my interest to get the freebies is very much alive. I was thinking of passing the gift to someone I know who love beauty products, but I feel like I want to use it now for personal grooming. I love the discount and other free items on the Bootcamp. I wish that I could stay longer but I had a scheduled movie to watch.

Thanks for the awesome selfies with new faces! I wish to know them all and make not strangers.

LadyAnne - Ladys Motherhood Journey
Pria Amor
Angel Alberto

My observation for the Beauty Fair crowd?

I don’t know if I am the only male registered participant because I have not found any men registered participant before I went out of the Bootcamp.

PS: Independence Day: Resurgence 2016 Movie

Reaching out friends and new friends is much exciting than having a new friend in social media. It is really awesome.

Sometimes we come into a person's life not to make them love us but to let them feel that they're so much worth loving for.

What makes me happy becomes my reality.

What makes me happy becomes my reality.

Sometimes we come into a person's life not to make them love us but to let them feel that they're so much worth loving for.

Sometimes we come into a person's life not to make them love us but to let them feel that they're so much worth loving for.

Sometimes we come into a person's life not to make them love us but to let them feel that they're so much worth loving for.

I had let go! That was the solution I did over and over again. It didn’t work out on me until I decided to love you more. Now I am free and I can overcome my emotions with love.

I had let go of pain and suffering but it is always coming back. Memories can still hurt and leave you hopeless. I decided to love you more and accept the pain until I understand and tolerate. I put the weight of my suffering to my shoulder until it became part of my life. I love you more and I did manage to hold on. Now I can endure pain and reject suffering.

I had let go of the dream we planned but it did not fade. I can have a new mindset and see things differently to make some changes. Dreaming without you are still a dream in the absent of you. It doesn’t make sense because the story and visions are made with the shadows of you. I will love you more and my dream goes on even without you. Now I can live whichever dream ever accomplished.

I had let go of your promises but it makes me feel guilty and weak. I believe in every word you said until it became the opposite. You’ve always been my inspiration and motivation. I will love you more because my commitment is not like a broken promise. Now I can stay in love whatever it takes without guilt.

I had let go of the past but I cannot forget. Our history was made but I can’t put an end to it. I will love you more so that I don’t need to forget even if I have to move on. Now I can share our story that love is a choice.

I had let go of our friendship since you start to ignore me like the wind that you can't see. You’ve always been the best companion where ever we go. Together I almost forget the rest of the world and stay happy with you. I will love you more so that one day if you need a friend, I’ll be just like the wind that you can feel and breath.

I had let go of everything about you but then I love you more. I guest letting go is just an illusion and loving you more is a magic. I don’t know which is the reality between magic and illusions? What makes me happy becomes my reality.

Baguio City Lions Head Kennon Road

Baguio Tour 2016 – Going Where The Wind Blows

I had a very good experience during our travel tour at Baguio city. I had never planned it but I am glad to joined with my brother with his family. I am an extra person going where the wind blows.

Going there was easy without traffic along the way and our first photo together at the Lions Head. They said that you had never been to Baguio if you don’t have a photo of the Lions Head. I been there few times and taking photo is not necessary because it dark on early morning or late afternoon. And this time is perfect for taking photo shoot.

Baguio City Lions Head Kennon Road

We had a good lunch at Don Henrico’s SM Baguio for our next stop. I enjoy the mozzarella stick and chicken.

Don Henrico's SM Baguio

We stayed at Pines View Hotel for three days and two nights. The place is very good to stay. The free breakfast meal is very good too. I can say that I am comfortable with Pines View Hotel.

Our first city-walk is going to Burnham Park. The main attraction of the park is the boat ride at the lake.

We walked along session road. I’ve always been walking at Session Road from my entire past visit.

We joined the crowd of the market looking for some scarp and other souvenirs and passed by Rizal Park while going to Cafe by the Ruins for our dinner.

cafe by the ruins Baguio City Top Restaurant

Cafe by the Ruins is one of the top ten restaurants to check in Baguio. The ambiance is nice at night with romantic candlelight.

Back at the Pines View Hotel, I love the night it was as cold as my heart, but I was happy.

We rent a van service going to Baguio tourist spots. It is very useful because they already know how to get there and very time efficient.

  • Church Bell
  • Strawberry Farm
  • Tam-Awan Village
  • 300+ stair steps of Our Lady of Lourdes
  • The Ketchup Community: Green Pepper
  • Mines View
  • Good Shepherded
  • The Mansion
  • Baguio Botanic Garden
  • Passing by Camp John Hay
  • View Deck of Cannon Road

Another one of the top ten restaurant in Baguio is Good Taste, and it about 3 minutes walk for Pines View Hotel. We had a good dinner after our day tour has done. Good Taste is well know for its cheaper value and bigger servings.

Another cold night for me, and my heart said that you really need someone to be with to make you warm. I replied: It doesn’t matter if your feel is warm or cold, what important is you can be happy. The cold night begins and I was happy doing my job until I fall asleep.

Last day of Baguio tour!

We will stop by at the Dinosaur Island along the way going to Manila.

We had lunchtime at the NLEX Caltex gas station and another fun animal feeding at mini Zoo.

We had a very good experience during our Baguio Tour. Thanks so much for having me with you kuya Mon and Family.