I had a nice birthday surprise! Thank you dear God for everything. I can understand and accept all circumstances in my life. Thank for this kind of gift of being able to manage my emotion at the right time.

I have not published anything on my blog since last year so now I am writing this for the first blog post of the year.

I had a pre-celebration for my birthday. I got some birthday treat from my friends. I feel so good and lucky. I really appreciate all of my friends and love one who made me feel so important. Thank you so much.

My car has been wrecked due to car accident and I’m lucky that my nephew who drove (Nissan Sentra 94 model) the car survive from the accident. It helps me decide to junk my car not because it became useless but I think it’s time to have something new. I’ll try to write a tribute blog to my car.

car accident in marikina car accident in marikina

In summary! I feel so bless to have this kind of birthday. I manage to keep myself up and strong enough to face all the challenge in my life.

My birthday wish is to build a hospital to help more people. I had a picture of a white building of the hospital since last year. I had an sculpture activity in our subject "Arts and Appreciation" where I curb the building from perla bar soap. Then I notice that I am always thinking of it. Please help me God.