BDJ Box Beauty Bootcamp

Beauty Fair at the BDJ Box Beauty Boot camp!


A week before! I thought I was registering for a giveaway contest but it was a pre-registration for the (Beauty Fair) BDJ Box Beauty Bootcamp. So I feel like a winner when a congratulations notice arrived on my inbox. I was hesitant to go since the invitations are for bellas, but my interest to get the freebies is very much alive. I was thinking of passing the gift to someone I know who love beauty products, but I feel like I want to use it now for personal grooming. I love the discount and other free items on the Bootcamp. I wish that I could stay longer but I had a scheduled movie to watch.

Thanks for the awesome selfies with new faces! I wish to know them all and make not strangers.

LadyAnne - Ladys Motherhood Journey
Pria Amor
Angel Alberto

My observation for the Beauty Fair crowd?

I don’t know if I am the only male registered participant because I have not found any men registered participant before I went out of the Bootcamp.

PS: Independence Day: Resurgence 2016 Movie

Reaching out friends and new friends is much exciting than having a new friend in social media. It is really awesome.

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