Be prepared to walk away from a negotiation – you can usually go back.


I learn to prepare how to buy the price you wanted to be. This time I learned the “don’t worry attitude” applied in negotiation and it’s often done in sales. The book “don’t worry make money” share the story you can read up and relate. I want to share my personal story to too when I have my first car, I use this kind of attitude.

My friend was selling his second hand Nissan Sentra 91 model at Php 150,000.00. I don’t have that budget so I ignore it and ask them to find someone who can afford it. It was December of 2008 when the offer was good. After six months he offered it to me again but this time he gives it less 50% or Php 75,000.00. It was really a good price but I don’t really have the money to afford it. I found out why he wanted to sell that car. It was because he doesn’t have enough space parking for his new truck “Nissan Navarra” and he want to dispose that car immediately. I want to get it but I don’t want to pay him. I offer him an extra time to work with the company and pay for it afterwards. The point is he can sell the car to someone who can afford it but if he does that he will lose a great service that I can offer.

The one who get more worries will eventually fall to those who have less. Like he worries about losing my service and the worries I have is just “I don’t have money yet and drivers license” so why buy a car. I just ask him to give me the car at Php 25.000.00 and pay it later.

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