Be aware of what you don’t know and what you’re not good at.


Filling up your weakness is a great help to make your goal done easily especially if your weakness will requires working with it. You must first find your weakness in order to prepare a supplemental aid for it. One good example is solving mathematical equations, if you having hard with numbers use your calculator. That is a very simple way that others may fail to do so. They push themselves so hard and making their work much longer.

My personal experience doing things that I’m not good at is ordering a menu on a restaurant. So I always ask who’s with me to pick food to eat. Same thing on my business, when don’t know much about the product a have, I ask somebody who can explain more about it.

When you are good at something share it. It is your opportunity to leverage yourself to many. If 9hours of work can be done by you, when you delegate it by 3 people, you can finish the work in 3hours.

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