Be aware of your unique stacking order


What is stacking order really is? Stacking order is something that you do in order list. Be aware of it because stacking order might develop your habit.

Other people love to work on only one project at a time. They focus beautifully on whatever they are working on until they are completely finished.

It is not really advisable to do different work at the same time for it slow the progress. There are some good tips that I want to share and might also help you to focus on one thing while doing multiple tasks.

I believe that doing your job one at a time is very effective and you can make it better, but we’re trying to make a difference here. To give you a clue, you can not make it without a break. My point it you still have to have to eat, drink and rest. Manage your timeline and you will always have a chance to do some other things while you’re doing something important.

You have to know what is more important

Do not accept job if you believe that it will only hang on the process. It is important to accomplish your priority list on time. You have to visualize and plan your goal before you take an action. Your staking order will be more efficient and effective.

Know your ability and capacity

You have to study and understand what you are going to do and how you can do it. Sometimes you have to take a bath first before you eat because your breakfast is not yet ready. The availability of your resources can help you decide what comes next. This will help you to make a priority list.

Pin it on your timeline.

When you put everything on schedule, your action will be more efficient. Your timeline will shows that you can still do something with the vacant time if there is. You can do some follow up call when you have 30mins vacant time, and that extra effort can make a difference. When you are aware of your staking order then you can do more things and at make it good at the same time.

What did you learn?

Visualize, plan and take action can make your goal easy to accomplish.

You can make a difference.

I believe that you can accomplish one job at a time but, learning to give extra effort on your vacant time to do something more can make a difference.

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