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Where to buy cheap isopropyl alcohol?

The demand of the isopropyl alcohol is going up due to the pandemic NCOV19. I would like to share my research where to find store or outlet where you can buy it at the cheapest price. Big supermarket like Savemore, PureGold, Supper8 and many others has now a limited or lacking of supply. That is […]

How to update WordPress version, Themes and Plugin?

Uploading or updating files on WordPress needs permission to read and write on the directory. This is how you can modify and change the ownership of the directory to the apache user. In this case my WordPress install on debian LAMP and we will run the command on terminal. Don't forget to give update file […]

How to delete ._ file on mac?

I got this ._ file name after extracting zip file on directory. In my case it was automatically created after unzipping. Here is how I delete that unwanted files. On your mac terminal run the command: I always wanted to delete this in linux way and you can still perform this on your mac terminal. […]

How to update wordpress version, themes and plugins on XAMPP VM?

When trying to update plugins, themes or wordpress version it leads you to ftp informations for the reason that your wordpress don’t have credentials or access to the system files and folders. To solve my problem I go to xampp-vm “open terminal” where I do some terminal command. I simply update the user group of […]

My blog is not dead yet.

Thank you… I want to start saying thanks for the having the feeling of being welcome to blog again. It’s time to express my thoughts and feelings. It’s time to blog. Thank you for this wonderful 2018. I wasn’t expecting so much blessing and having a good relationship with friends and special girl. I am […]

My Thanksgiving 2017

It is easier to give love than before. When I felt that Your love is flowing towards me, I’ve learned that it is okay to fall-in-love again, to give love again and again... and to love wholeheartedly when You give the right girl for me. You love us first and loving you back is the greatest relationship man can do. I love you dear God most of all.

My Birthday Wish 2017

I had a nice birthday surprise! Thank you dear God for everything. I can understand and accept all circumstances in my life. Thank for this kind of gift of being able to manage my emotion at the right time. I have not published anything on my blog since last year so now I am writing […]

My Checklist For coming Year 2017

Before the year end, I want to list the goals and dreams that I want to achieve this New Year 2017. Let’s start by having a checklist of the things and activities that I want to accomplish. Time Management I want to wake up early at 5:00 am to start the day. I’ll check all […]

Year-End Thanksgiving To God 2016

Dear God, I humbly offered my thanksgiving and I will always give thanks to You for the rest of my life. Everything is possible to You and I always trust whatever happens to me is Your will. Thank You so much for the understanding love. It helps me to let go and step forward. I […]