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Why you should buy gold with Global Intergold?

This is a very positive review for EmGoldex online store. This is the only company that sells gold with amazing options. If the client cannot afford to buy 100grams of gold then he can join the table of orders options. The price of gold today will be more expensive in the future. Client can earn by buying it now and selling it later when the price goes up. It is very simple buying and selling because the value of gold is always increasing because of its demand.

Year-End Thanksgiving To God 2014

My offering may not be enough to give thanks. It’s all that I have to offer and my self to give thanks. Thank You. Thank You. With so much love, hope and faith! I can’t say much how I should thanks God for being good to me. Dear God thank you so much for accepting my thanksgiving.

The Ice at the Summit of Mt. Batulao

This is my second day hike at Mt. Batulao. The good things is the adventure is always brand new. It feels like easier for me to route on new trail to old trail. If you want to avoid the sun at noon time then you can go to the old trail first where you can pass by more trees for shelters. The new trail is nice to for sunrise or sunset to enjoy beautiful view on the way to the summit.

Vary My Routine

have few friends who are claiming to be the boss or businessman with time freedom but cannot give time leave their business running alone. It seems like they are like an employee with no work no pay. Wake up and do some extra stuff! I did not mean to become irresponsible but to learn how to manage your routine. You can exchange your time to learn something new because doing the same thing again and again might be good only today but not for tomorrow.

Mid-Year Thanksgiving To God 2014

Half of this year was filled with worries, lost and challenge. Worries to face financial crisis, my father past away last January and facing new challenges in life. I must go on and together with God, you and I are not alone. I appreciate so much for being a member of INC.