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Happy Women’s Day to Grace

I know you for being weak and strong women because I’ve been with you. Knowing you for such a year now make me believe that you are amazing Grace. I am so proud and happy to know about you more each day. Knowing your great improvement makes me feel inspired too.

Focus Journal 2016

Thank you for this journal, the kind of gift that I can touch and hold as your hand. This will help me improve my goals and plan. I can always remember Grace when I am opening and filling up the page each day.

Before end of this year 2015, I am filling up my commitment on this journal, so help me God. Let’s welcome the year 2016 claiming for the blessing that we are asking for. For my dreams or something better dear God, your will be done.

Year-End Thanksgiving To God 2015

This year is great or good enough? It will depends on how I see it. I feel great for all the challenges that I’ve been through. I humbly bow myself down for the bad experience. In the summary of it! I am thankful for whatever happens, because in any case or situation there is God to look over and love me.

Mid-Year Thanksgiving To God 2015

I learn how to keep prayers and talk to You our God with sincere asking, and because of that we humbly obey what is good and righteous. Grant us the strength to continue this good habit and because this make us feel so close to you.

I Only Have You

Is it amazing when the both of you are falling in love with each other. You don't want to lose what you have. You have the feeling that is worth fighting for.

Review and Moderate Post that Appears on your Timeline, Groups and Pages.

Take control over your Facebook timeline because anybody can insert something that you don't want. Don't let anyone post on your timeline, group that you admin and Facebook pages. To do this you have to update Facebook account settings. By doing this you are allowing only positive things and you can still have a time to talk to people why their post is not approve. Moderation is important to protect your group interest and goals.

The Founding Father of Modern Singapore Lee Kuan Yew

His leadership turns Singapore from third-world to first-world country in single generation. I had experience life living in Singapore and feel his political power. I am totally impressed with the way he implement the law. He manages to eliminate corruption by giving high salary to the officials. I hope this corruption free government happens also in our country.