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How to Delete Mobile Legend Conversation?

For not being aware of sending unwanted message built-in from an app like Mobile Legend Halloween Greetings and for all who simple delete the conversation. Here is how you can delete the conversation with your friends. You can simply unfollow the user to delete your entire conversation with the player. Go to your social page […]

We are stronger than Yolanda

This poem is my tribute to the victims of the strongest typhoon Yolanda “Haiyan” recorded in the history. Yolanda hit central area of Philippines. Many lives lost and destroyed the livelihood of the people. I really don’t care much as I expected that the storm is not that destructive. But then what happen is different from what I am expecting. My sympathy get stronger and touched my heart to offer my help.

Year End Thanksgiving To God 2011

Thank You for all the days I had through this year. Happy thanksgiving. I felt joy and sorrows that made me closer to You. I experience joy and blessing to praise and sorrows to get closer to You. Thank You for all the answered prayers like giving me the understanding heart and vow to humble […]

Control Your Jealousy

Trust is the best antidote for jealousy but don’t put your trust on that person or materials, instead put your trust on God that what ever may happen you can smile at the end of the day. That person you trust can fail you and those things may never be yours. What you can always have is hope that God will never fail you. Trust God to get over your jealous. You may find your self more loving when you trust God.