While the other are afraid with fears be brave to overcome yours


This story is about the the villager who act like a ninja and accidentally saved the princess. The villager had no idea what was happen and he had nothing to be afraid at the moment.

It was a fine day off for the princes to play near the swamp. She rode on the boat and the river pulls the boat to the middle of the crocodile circle. The princes was afraid and never had the idea how to get out. She waited for the help and rewarded the one who can save her.

The villagers informed the king about the conditions of his princess daughter. Everyone who tried to save the princess got swallowed and eaten by the crocodiles. No one in the village wanted to rescue the princes after seeing what could happen to those who tried. The king announced that there will be gold to reward and be able to visit his daughter anytime.

Why should I be afraid?

Something happens somewhere at the middle of the crowded people. There was a young man as quick as a ninja and as fast as the wind blows who went over the princess by jumping over the forehead of the crocodile. He manage to rescue the princess with the breath taking moment. With an effort to give as if it will be his last.

The villagers and the knights gave an outstanding salute to the man for his courage and bravery. They were very amazed how he did save the princess. Was it because of the rewards? Or he suddenly fall in love with the princess when he saw the princess at first sight.

The king asked the young man what was really happen during that time and a follow up question "What is your first request?" The accidental ninja says, “Bring me the man who pushed me when I only wanted to know what was going on here. I did not know how successful I am today if I did not try to survive. I still wanted to give my thanks to the man who believe and trust me that I can."

What did you learn?

Some people will trust you for the capability you have. They will push you hard because they believe that you can.
The accidental ninja could die if he thinks twice. Don’t stop until it is done.

Let’s make a difference.

While others are keeping their fears of doing things be brave to overcome yours and you will make a difference.
You will never know how successful you can be if you never try.
If you think you are tired then you are almost done, don’t quit.

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  1. Ehsan Ullah
    Ehsan Ullah says:

    This is a great lesson for everyone who think that they don't have ability to do something, but they can. They also need someone to push them like that man pushed the ninja 😀

    Awesome story bro and also thanks for connecting with me by leaving your comment on my blog, hope to see you again and again.

    • dlysen
      dlysen says:

      Hi Ehsan, It is wonderful that you learn a great lesson. Sometimes there is a task that we think as it is impossible for us to do, but then we try and never expect to succeed.

  2. Romy Singh
    Romy Singh says:

    Hello Dlysen,

    Quite interesting story.

    If once we made up our mind then start doing it immediately don't waste any more second in thinking because if you do then lots of negative thoughts going to appear in front of you, and finally you'll end up on deciding that you are not going to do what you are planning because its too risky and involves your life, future etc...

    Decisions are easier to make but working on it is very hard. 🙂


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