Addicting Games


I don’t want to install games on my desktop because it will only attract me to play and take my time away from doing more productive work. There are games install in my desktop but I don’t play it either because it’s very old kind of game.

Lourdes left playing online games ( Coursed Treasure TD ) on my desktop. I try to play just to see how to win the game. You can find this game online and you don’t have to install it. Just load it from your browser and you can start playing games. I love strategy games, I know that playing strategy games will take a long period time and when you fail the mission you will not accept to lose again on the next fight. I start playing on July 05 up to July 09, 2010 today. Even I complete the mission you will still love to play it again to see if you are now a better player after last game. You can say that I’m addicted to it now and I have to control myself out. I missed lots of schedule because I was stock on playing.

When I was on high school my favorite strategy games are War Craft I “Tide of Darkness” and War Craft II “Beyond The Dark Portal”. I also use to play the Command and Conquer also know as Red Alert. These games make me addicted. I played almost a week just to complete the mission.

After all I asked myself what did I learn or achieve from playing games?
1. My brain enhances my thinking and become more logical solving the puzzle.
We learn from our experience or from our previous mistake and we use this to prepare for the next time. Have this in mind and you will avoid of doing the wrong things again and again. This will bring you to the most efficient way of doing things.

2. You have to level up to solve some mission or you cannot win the game if you’re not equipped.
How matter you give your most strategic way to play the game, you can’t not win. It is because this required or something missing. We can say that in this level you are now match and you have to have some reinforcement to win. Jumping on the plane will require a parachute or else you die.

3. When you love the things you do it gives you more energy.
I asked myself how did I able to stay awake for almost 3days and having only and nap of 2hrs each day. There is something essentials on playing games that I must discover. I make a list of the day I have experience making myself awake more than a day. I take down notes what is similar of making myself full of energy on that day and let’s analyze it.

I found the same thing in common are the reasons of doing this things and the rest is followed, the attitude, the skills, and spirits.

These are the reasons I found  on that days.

  1. You simply don’t want to lose or you have to accomplish immediately.
  2. It makes you interested, learn and enjoy.
  3. You love it.

Without these reasons your energy will eventually drop.

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