Thank you for visiting and now you are reading my about page. I hope you will be reading my blogs too. I simply want to share my idea by the means of this blog and I hope you learn from what I had experience.

I started blogging on 2009 because I was inspired from the success and awesome ideas of people who become successful of using the Internet. I want to do the same like helping others how to benefits the internet.

Let me show what I can do and what love I can share. - DMacatangay

We are discovering new things, new knowledge, new experience and new life.

Billy Baque

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I love to work with you as partner and hopefully become a good friend. Good relationship is important to me and professionalism at work. Me and my team are here to give our service at its best to meet the expectation you need in our venture.

@Web Design

I can setup your website for business or personal use delivered to you with excellent design and content management.

  • Applications – Contact me and fill up applications, terms and condition and guidelines.
  • Submit – provide a soft copy of text, images, video, etc to be publish on your website.
  • Select Our Design – select our design that will match to your website descriptions.
  • Tutorials – We teach you how to manage your website content management system.
  • Launching – Once everything is ready we can announce your website to public.

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@System and Design

We can customize system built for you. We can offer software for accounting, payroll automation, online payment, Multi-Level Marketing and more.

@Prints and Digital Media

I can make your logo, brochure, banner in much creative way.

Consultation Free

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Most of your questions can be search in Google. You can also find the answer with or without me but here I am to save your time, money and effort in searching for the things you want to know.

I love to help groups, companies, organizations, individual business owner or private who wants to know more about online business. I can give you a friendly and expensive consultation for Free. I can help you create website for company or individual use. I design some banner for company advertisement and other type of advertising media like video editing, graphic enhancing and printing. I contribute to their software development and other system programming using internet base technology.


Everybody can make a difference. Just like a set of notes that can be play in different ways. Learning each day to know more about you, acknowledge yourself and the rest of the world will follow.


This blog rise awareness that you can make a difference in everything you do. I encourage you to believe in every little thing you do for it can create a big impact in your life.


I have a dream too. It is to make a difference and I found it wonderful every time I do.

Wants and Needs.

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Hope and wishes

I hope to find a good sponsor who can provide me a good meal three times a day (food can be spoiled so I prefer cash) and I wish someone can give me a 15-inch MacBook Pro and EOS 70D.

I want a new MacBook Pro, DLSR Camera and brand new phone. ( 2015 wishlist ). Plus brand new car.

Dlysen The Blogger

A little about Dlysen The Blogger. From being friendly to being happy. You will get some tips and tricks from this awesome people and that is me. Mr. Dlysen The Blogger!