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Midyear Thanksgiving To God 2016

I will be always thankful to you my dear God, for it is always nice to see Your chosen one being thankful. I’ve been in trouble and hardship. Pertaining to this year alone, all I can do was to cry and surrender to Your name. Thank You God for giving me a good rest. I know that trouble and hardship are design to test my faith. You are always there to check me out and give me rest when I about to fail. I can always feel your love and support all the time.

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What can you say about her?

A quick poem when my new friend Anne asked me what you can say about her? Pertaining to specific person name Grace. The scene from NEU Professional Building when they ask me to hang around with them before the class start.Love was on the air and I don’t know how I reacted from it. I remember to smile naturally and feel good about it.

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Blood Drive

This is a quick poem I wrote after NEU Blood Drive at NDEP Center. I knew that there will be a blood donation but I don’t know exactly when. Early morning before 10am, I passed by NDEP Center and fill up my registration to list myself as blood donor. I mention about August Seven before I end up the poem. I remember good memories that I wanted to go back from that day.

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Sometimes Giving Up Is The Answers, But Don’t!

I am trying to convince myself to give up! I am trying to believe that when I give up it’s over and I am done. But after I gave up, I found the answers. My life doesn’t end after giving up and that only leads me more to unhappiness, pain, suffering and frustration.

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