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What Did The Kite Taught Me About Relationship?

When I was a child during elementary days, I love to create my own kite. The only feeling I knew about flying kite was fun and I never knew that one day I could relate to understand more about relationship. There is a quote about kite that said “the kite fly against the wind” and that is very well known to us. It means that you get success in every problem that you face and solved.

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The Night Without A Dream

This poem is about the time after I close my eyes at night and wake up with nothing to remember. My thoughts is asking where I am now and why I am here. It simply means that I am not at the place where I used to wake-up. I am broken heart lover who wants to carry all memories at the present or else I'll kept it in the past and forget. The love I cannot sell means rejection but my spirit of hope did not recognize that rejection.

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My Nanay And Tatay Taught Me How To Live And Die

I want to share what valuable lesson I’ve learned from my parents. They had always been a source of love and happiness that I want to cherish. Sharing this is just a way of being thankful to my Nanay and Tatay. To make the story short, they took care of me and guide me through living. The final part was how they shown me the graceful farewell.

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