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Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Being busy with your work or goal in life is nice and it is very effective when you’re having fun. After all the things that we’ve done always make sure that you have fun. Sharing our happiness is more fun. Eating alone is good but it is best to be with others and share it. Blessing can multiply when you know how to share it and it is more likely the more the merrier.

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From where his strength comes?

The unseen power of love gave so much strength to my father's will to survive in his current sickness. He almost gave up because of pain and being tired, but with love and support knowing that all the love ones is there fore him, he never give up and lose hope. He’s will to survive is greater when he can feel the love from us. My fathers’ life is almost taken away but with the love and care that we show to him, he managed to recover his breath back.

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Why I Love To Hike

Never lose the kids in you! Going up and down is challenging and the experience at the top is rewarding. This is how I forget the rest of the world and enjoy my life at the moment.

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