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Be aware of your unique stacking order

I believe that doing your job one at a time is very effective and you can make it better, but we’re trying to make-a-difference here. To give you a clue, you can not make it without a break. My point it you still have to have to eat, drink and rest. Manage your timeline and you will always have a chance to do some other things while you’re doing something important.

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This is KADIWA 2013 – Manila Central Edition

I cannot express myself or say so much on this event because wasn’t able to attend, but I can able to tell something good by looking on my friends photo on facebook. Pictures tell story and capture the moment and that can make me feel that was there even I wasn’t. Visit “This is KADIWA Facebook Fan Page” if you miss the event. I guessed the photo can say something about what happen and explain everthing.

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