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The 100 Peso Bill with Iglesia Ni Cristo Centennial Logo

Bangko Central ng Philipinas recognize the INC centennial celebration this coming July 27, 2014. The 100 peso bill is printed with INC centennial logo. I think it is very special bank note for INC members especially for me that’s why wanted to have it in my possession. It will be more useful to use in thanksgiving day rather than keeping.

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Year End Thanksgiving to God 2013

Thank you for all the trust and respect that I gain this year. Having more connections with great people is such a wonderful blessing. They become the channel of my blessing. Thank you God for letting them be part of this year journey. Though I was been in many struggle, God provide me the wisdom to manage and handle it. And now the year is about to end I love to give few details and significant things that I want to give thanks.

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The Best Method I Use To Hide WordPress Toolbar

I don’t want to appear wordpress toolbar on the frontend since it has nothing to do with the registered user. It will appear by default once the user has been registered. Other method is using wp hook to place on header or footer to override the style sheet to make the portion disappear. You can disable the toolbar on editing your user profile. Uncheck the Toolbar with description “Show Toolbar when viewing site”

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We are stronger than Yolanda

This poem is my tribute to the victims of the strongest typhoon Yolanda “Haiyan” recorded in the history. Yolanda hit central area of Philippines. Many lives lost and destroyed the livelihood of the people. I really don’t care much as I expected that the storm is not that destructive. But then what happen is different from what I am expecting. My sympathy get stronger and touched my heart to offer my help.

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I am busy with the servers during the last 3rd quarter of the 2013

I will tell you about how busy I am learning with new stuff and challenge. I am very thankful for these opportunity because I am making money while doing the things I love. I was able to manage windows server 2013 as well as Installing Exchange Server. Implementing a good NAS setup for Office and gaining more experience in online payment gateway.

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