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Remember to say Thank You.

You are the poorest man if you can't even say thank you. The words thank you attracts more blessing and opportunities. It is a confirmation that a good thing is done. With or without an offering, saying thanks wholeheartedly can be enough to give back.

By |2017-12-10T15:09:22+08:00June 27, 2012|Make A Difference|6 Comments

High Fever SEO

I am thinking of good conditions because as of this moment I don’t feel good. I have a high fever for two days now and my daily habit of doing SEO is affected. I am also in developing new shopping cart project and my programming logic slow down because of this sickness. I am also having a diarrhea but this will not stop me from doing SEO.

By |2017-12-10T15:09:22+08:00June 4, 2012|SEO|1 Comment

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