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Learning to Play Golf at Orchid Country Club Driving Range

I thought it was easy. Yes it is not easy for the first timer like me. When I strike the ball, I miss many times. Then I observe other how they do it. If you want to learn the perfect swing you have to start hitting the ball slowly and develop your motion skills. When you got the skill you can add more power to your shot.

By |2017-12-10T15:09:23+08:00February 13, 2012|My Blog|7 Comments

What it is for me in Singapore?

Now I am looking for a good I.T. jobs in Singapore. I wonder who will find me or where can I find it. I can try any other job in sales and marketing but I wish to be independent businessman. I want more connections and to be with the good team and organizations.

By |2017-07-21T21:44:05+08:00February 10, 2012|My Blog|4 Comments

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