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DLC Products

The products line is the Facial Care, Healthy Functional Foods, Natural Personal Hygiene, Eco-Friendly Household, and Native Products.

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DLC Company Profile

As businesses move more and more towards the corporate world and individual free enterprise faces unfair competition from publicly listed companies, we believe the age of individual free Multi-Level enterprise has just begun.

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Diamond Lifestyle Corporation

In this review I would like to tell about Diamond Lifestyle Corporation how it is founded by Eddy Chai. Let me show you how grateful this company to share the profit back to the distributors. Imagine in a company were the owners are the distributors manage and founded by a very humble philanthropy name Eddy Chai.

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GeoCities is my first free online hosting site where I learn to publish my first index html file. It was 1998 since I start to [...]

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FarmVille Level Up

If you want to gain 300xp you only need 3000 coins where you plant soybeans in 100 plowed lands and delete it after planting then repeat again and again. It’s up to you how fast you will execute the tricks.

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