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Let’s Run!

Life is an art; you make an art to contribute how beautiful world it is to live. You can make history to tell the young the way you pass through life. You run to prepare their path. Your goal at the finished line is just always the beginning for the next generation. If you live a life for others, your tracks and trail will not going to be fade and for every steps you marked in the road, It shows us how you made it through.

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My DC Comics

I am too lazy to read DC Comics when I was a child and I never thought reading and writing will be my daily hobby. My DC comics are all given to me by my brother in law when he was courting my sister. I am planning to sell this to eBay but I have special memento to it. It is already borrow for a year before I have it back.

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Friends’ love at all times

Friends' Love at all times – Proverbs 17:17 When the bible says “Friends Love at all times” it must be always, forever, and never ending. We must learn to love the person even if they are strangers. Make them feel that you’re kind enough to be a friends. Everybody needs to be love. Your friend is more than enough to become source of you happiness, triumph, and blessing in this world.

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Job Well Done

Often I ended not to finish the first thing I should do. I accomplished things in the end but this habit is really bad not to prioritize the first thing that you started. I notice that you will get more pending jobs and later you will be having an overload jobs to do.

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