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Boat Man Story

We don’t know everything in this world and we must keep humble because we never know that the person you are dealing with know something that you didn’t know.

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For One Who Works Hard

Here was a minute insect, lacking in size yet equipped with a brain to reason, explore, discover and overcome. But this ant, like the two-legged co-residents of this planet, also shares human failings.

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How to catch monkey in India?

In other way sometimes it’s hard to let go of a habit repeatedly ends with same result, we never try to escape or accept changes that can make-a-difference. We are being comfortable as it is but we deprive the opportunity to change our life.

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He explained to his student that by helping the butterfly, he had actually killed it because it is a law of nature, that the struggle to come out of the cocoon actually helps develop and strengthen its wings. The boy had deprived the butterfly of its struggle and the butterfly died. Apply the same principle to our lives. There is nothing worthwhile in life without a struggle.

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