Work On Knowing Instead of Believing


This topic will guide you to choose to decide which way is much better. Which is better! knowing or believing? It said that believing is something that you just feel, but it is uncertain and often you don’t understand. Believing is something implanted in the mind while we’re young but we never really know it from the first place. Knowing is said to be within your understanding and making yourself sure about what is certain.

kaya toastMy personal example of believing is like a pay day. I expect to have money on that date but it is inconsistent on my experience and it was delayed. We move now of knowing that pay day will sometime never come on time and knowing it makes you prepare on a budget.

At first I believe and after I experienced, I  learn to know about it. We believe that a nice looking and mouth watering food at the table is good but you never know unless you taste it. And once we knew it, we learn from the second time around to and explain more detail.

It is a gift when you to know something in instant. But it requires lot of experiences of knowing something you want for. Just like planning to become rich or have a nice income. We can start from believing but knowing things what to do will be easier to achieve our goals.

We believe that we can earn big income on doing business but only few try to know about it. And the people who try can able to learn and know more about the business they are doing.

If you believe on something and you know it will going to happen, act for it. It’s an opportunity to have this kind of wisdom to do a certain thing that will eventually happen when you act.

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