I am here in Sembawang looking outside the window from the 10th floor and thinking why I am here. I have good and decent job in Makati. I am living nicely where I can do whatever I want to do. But I can’t buy whatever I want to buy. It is the reality; you have to be contented to all what you have to suppress the things that you want and be happy.

I had planned to visit Singapore but not as quickly as I thought. I was invited to come over my friends place and agreed instantly. Somehow I am thinking of how I am going to fulfill my responsibility being out of the office and being supportive with my special friend. It will be a long distance art of living.

I have to do my office work in Makati while I am here until I totally turnover my job to someone who is qualified. My online businesses never stop here and maybe my venture here will contribute good things.

Now I am looking for a good I.T. jobs in Singapore. I wonder who will find me or where can I find it. I can try any other job in sales and marketing but I wish to be independent businessman. I want more connections and to be with the good team and organizations.

Finally what I want to accomplished now is to leave my worries and manage my responsibility of my work in Makati and look for a new work here Singapore.

I will never forget to say thank to the people who understand why I am here (my Family and friends) and to the kind hospitality of Lutchie Danao. I won’t be here without Lutchie's supports. Thank You.