I wonder where networkers manage to do their business today. From the traditional business opportunity invitations and what you called “home party” where people gathered at home to talk about the opportunity. Lately it was only the telephone call and a drop by message from home to set an appointment. Now, you can set invitations in many ways especially internet marketing is now a trend.

I’m sharing a website with a purpose to help networkers “MLM Leaders” or distributors to leverage more. It gives pages where you can create profile, promote our business and create your marketing tools.

The first application you can enjoy is the “Questions and Answers” where you can give much more information.

You can also able to design your calling card and print it directly to your printer.

The will be a sales page where you can promote your products or opportunities. The important of this page is where you can create a number of prospect lists by asking to fill up the form it they interested. Signup means interested, it’s up to you to follow up.

Create your personal domain name. Like impress more prospects and qualify them.

These applications are not yet included in the site but only the questions and answers. Registered now to get updates and notify when it’s ready.

My Blog Template Success

I’m looking for new WordPress theme around the net, some site offers it for free and others are for membership or for extra money. My theme which I bought from is been good enough for me. I’m so thankful for the year of making my blog looks good. From this theme I learn how Template Pages work where I am able to add some php code the way I want the page work. My Contact Page and Social Comments Page are the experiments I use to create with WordPress page template. And after that I begin to add some RSS Page and Amazon Store.

The WordPress template sites that I am planning where to get a new template.