Learn when to let go and move on.

I remember the story of how to catch monkey in India "the hand of the monkey are stock inside the jar if the monkey will keep holding the things inside the jar, therefore the monkey cannot move fast if the jar is stock at the hand." and this story is very good example how can you move on easily. Another example is the hot air balloon where you have to drop the sand bag to rise. We often times don’t let go of our dreams because we already learn to live and dream with it. Specifically it is our wants in relationship, material things, and everything that we are in love with. Even the situation isn’t comfortable we’re able to attached our self and mindset to feel that it’s okay. We always believed that there isn’t an easy way to move on and it’s true for those people who can’t understand why to let go.

Why you should let go?

  • Because your emotions isn’t good for it
  • Because that thing are pulling you down
  • When things destroys your health
  • When it gives insanity
  • You are not making profit
  • It isn’t value for your time
  • To Move On


Why you should not let go?

  • Because you still believe and someone believes in you.
  • Because you are hoping for something
  • Because you can bear the pain and struggle
  • When there is someone who support you
  • You know the return of investment is good
  • You can enjoy the time with
  • To Carry On


Learning when and why you should let go is important in making a lifetime decisions especially in relationship. It is also important with regards with money and investment. To let go of your job and comfort zone. You may not notice the danger if you are not aware that you should let go or hold on.

Commitment will solidify your belief. This is the reason why people cannot be able to let go. You can stand firm with your commitment but please bare your struggle to move on. Sometimes it can be hard and painful but it is your guts to overcome it.

let go of what you think you know

What is the process of letting go to move on?

Seek closure – this can help you understand more the situations. You have to know where you stand and speak out gently what you feel and intentions. Let your heart do the talking and let your mind observe your feelings. Know that life is just a cycle repeating itself, because you may meet again on the other plane.

Get Weird or have fun– You have to know and enjoy more about yourself. Do something that you may never forget because those things will help you to cover up. Watch movie, and get along with your friends. Keep the faith and completely trust God for He is there to comfort you.

Move on – Make if fast and don’t try to look back. Face and see the brighter future. Tell yourself I love you and I will take care of you. Tell yourself that you may get hurt again but you’ve already learn to love yourself and nothing to worry about.

What did you learn?

  • It is something we cannot learn without experience.
  • Let go of what you think you know

You can make a difference

  • Your commitment will make you stand still and you can move on even on life full of struggles. “sorry but this is not the kind of life I wanted.” You can still make a difference this way. Lol.

Know When to Bet, When to Hold, and When to Fold

Exercising your brain can develop good analytic thinking. It is the best to practice in making good decisions. Let our mind works and give enough time. Gathering information will make you smart enough because you are making decisions based on facts and possibilities. You have to know when to bet, when to hold, and when to fold.

Know When to Bet

When you are 100 percent sure enough that you can win, then make a deal. Don’t lose the opportunity. You can only get result by trying and it is great to try when you know you can win. I join network marketing company because I know I can have a good income if I work it out.

Know When to Hold

Don’t go if doubt and fear is very strong, try to conquer it first by learning and get more understanding. Don’t let others push you do the things they wanted if you don't know about it. It is better to hang up in the air while you can prepare for a perfect landing. It’s better to hold on first, asked advise and learn.

Know When to Fold

Always think like a winner but consider losing to win again. You cannot win in unhealthy conditions when you are fighting on martial arts. When your strategy is not working anymore, even if that strategy was good in the past years, fold that plan and create a new. The best thing that you can do now is be humble and give thanks.

Timing is very important in life. Use your commonsense to know when to bet, hold, and fold. Making yourself ready is important. That is why you need to know these things before you act. Your timing would be great when you know what you are doing and the result will be good enough as planned.

What did you learn?

  • Exercising your brain can develop good analytic thinking.
  • Don’t lose the opportunity of winning
  • Ask advice on the things that you don’t know and understand it more.
  • Things that are working today will not be able to work in the future. Be innovative.

You can make a difference

Not all people know how to use their commonsense, try to practice logical thinking.

Control Your Jealousy

Don’t get jealous! The how you resist jealousy is how you keep tolerating the pain.

When other people are having things that you wanted then you might jealous. Jealousy can be dangerous when you cannot control it.

We get jealous by love or in a relationship with your partner because you think someone will take it away and we get jealous by materials things because you don’t have the things that other has.

How to get over your jealousy?

Breath the air, I know the feelings of getting nervous and the mixture of bad emotions, just breath the air to survive this. The next step will make you feel better. You have to know why you are being jealous and break it down to understanding. Keep on breathing. Jealousy is really hard to understand while anger and hate will pop up anytime when you can’t understand why. Relax and continue breathing.

You have to visualized good thing to happen but don’t lie to yourself, if it is bad, it is really bad. Be thankful that you can prepare and plan to avoid it.

Good communication can help. Be honest and tell what you feel. Listen and understand on the feedback. Sorry if you get jealous by mistake or intentions, humbly understand and forgive them anyway if you want to get over it.

Trust is the best antidote for jealous but don’t put your trust on that person or materials, instead put your trust on God that what ever may happen you can smile at the end of the day. That person you trust can fail you and those things may never be yours. What you can always have is hope that God will never fail you. Trust God to get over your jealous. You may find your self more loving when you trust God.

When you manage to control you jealous, then it becomes positive energy. It creates harmony in between. You become strong not to lose hope and feel better at the end of the day.

Choose friends of various ages in varying situations.

Life without friends seems to be incomplete. Imagine a world without them and no one cares about you. Having many friends is good. They can help and care about even if you don’t need them. It is wise to choose friends of good influence.

Friends of various ages can give also different answer when you ask advice. Ask the elder and you get their experience and ask the younger and you get what they think about, “new idea, concept, innovations, etc.” If you are planning to know how to become successful ask the elder, they already know how to get there. Be with the youth to get curious and explore more.

Friends gives flavor to our life, It can influence us, so be careful. They can turn us up and down. "Tel me who your friend is and I tell you who you are." This quote is realistic for those people that can be easily influence.

Let me share the group of friends that I interact regularly.

  • INC Brethren – We see each other in Worship Service and many religious activities.
  • Bloggers – I may not often meet them but we are connected online 24/7 via internet.
  • Band Mates – When I want to express my emotions on music, I makes me feel good and great
  • Businessmen – Where I learn how to set goals and Dream Big.

Every group has different qualities and uniqueness. We must know how to face different situations, sometimes when I feel hopeless; I go to Church and ask spiritual advice; I am learning from my partners in business how to have nice and decent income. We have to choose friends from various situations to get the right advice. Don’t expect to get more accurate answer when you ask the wrong person.

Life Advneture Planner with Jopet Pedroso

Acquaintance I would have, but when it depends not on the number, but the choice of friends. – Abraham Cowley

Be on time

wasting time

There are many benefits of being on time. It avoids the negative impact of the delay and easily manages schedule. Time will never stop and wait, it goes on come what may. It’s our job to keep up on time or we find our self left behind.

Scheduling can help your task on time. Having so many tasks can ruin your time management because we only have 24 hours per day to be exact. It is important to know each task because you can determine how long it will be. Now you can able to adjust your time schedule carefully. Being punctual is an attitude that will keep you on time. Don’t forget to check the surrounding and the weather, it can also cause of your delay.

To keep yourself on time

  • Know your task – it will give you the idea how long it is.
  • Schedule – it will avoid overlapping task and time conflict
  • Attitude – be punctual and don’t be lazy. Your attitude will keep you moving.
  • Surrounding and climate – bad weather and not appropriate surroundings can cause delay.
  • Don’t think late – when you think you are late, it will manifest and the feeling of being late only brings bad vibes.
  • Just think that you’re just in time and it will make you not to worry.

We are trained to be on time when we are set to school. We did not get in the school without preparations. That preparation is how we manage to be on time. Without preparations, we have the tendency to be late. Task and time management is one of the key to keep up on time.
Plan your 24 hours or daily routine. It is a very good habit. Plot your task in time table make a plan.
I miss my healthy time schedule when I was on elementary.

  • 6am – wake up and prepare for school
  • 7am – 3 pm : Study time
  • 3pm – 6pm : play at the beach, fetch wood, bring pale of water in full, watch sunset
  • 6pm – 7pm : must be at home, clean, do home work “not school assignment” just help at home.
  • 8pm – must be sleeping.

Now my schedules are more on appointments and doing my project done on time.

There is one kind of robber whom the law does not strike at… who steals what is most precious to men: time – Napoleon I

Someone else's time is a terrible thing to waste.

Refuse to hold grudges

When you feel hate, grudges will come along and we must be careful of our actions. It flames up your anger and turns us bad. It is hard to avoid grudges but we can do something about it. Grudges give bad emotions and you carry it not until you’ve let go.

Happy person don’t hold grudges and wise enough to learn that grudges are for the people who can’t let go of sad things or experience. Forgiving can take away your grudges and that is the best way I know.

When we cause other peoples grudges? Be the first to humble down and ask forgiveness. It can lessen the hate and make them easily to forgive.

Avoid before it happens. We are not perfect that sometimes people don’t like what happen. By understanding, we can control our emotion well and giving considerations allow them to do the right things. Managing our emotions can handle our grudges to let go.

I don’t want to end this topic without sharing my personal experience. What can you feel when you are giving love to someone that loves you back untruly? It is like having a fake relationship that will never last. I have to know where the pains of grudges come from. The pain of letting go can heal faster than the pain of being cheated. I don’t have any benefits on my grudges. I also remember when my friend borrowed my Eraser Heads “Cutterpillow” album that was never returns. I have now in mind that when I let someone borrows my things; I assume it was already given, so that I won’t hold any grudges on them.

What did you learn?

Grudges is a rewards you get when you hate someone so much, It is up to you to received it.

You can make a difference.

You can avoid having grudges because its normal and you can make a difference when you can learn to let it go quick. You don't need grudges in your life.

Put people first

People are important in building an organization. They are the foundation of success. We can say that the numbers tells how big it is. Putting people first is one of the key in building up the organization. As a builder we must check if our people can able to participate or not to make sure that the organization will be at its best. The organization is poor when the people are not good.

There are many reasons why we have to put people first.
People give loyalty when they are getting good benefits in return. They will also perform a good job in giving back favors. It’s a win-win situation in both parties.

How can we check people if they are getting the enough benefits?
By asking them we can find the answers. Performing a survey questions and knowing their needs is a big hint to check if they are getting enough.

I share my story as “Micro Amigo Probiotics Corp” part owner. We are promoting health products containing beneficial microbes. It is good for the digestive tract to balance bad and good bacteria in our body.

Being a part owner, everyone expect to get anything in return after hard works. The budget is not enough to compensate us but we make sure that the distributors who are selling the products get what they have to get. From over 10 part-owners the number drop to 3 and that includes Me, Ivy Gatapia, and Corina Lopez. In the owners point of view the distributors are the people who need to put first in priority and make sure to get their benefits, but in the others point of view, we the owners are the people who are running the business must be compensated to maintain our daily needs. Since we’re not getting what we are expecting to get, we look for new opportunities and others leave their responsibility. Becoming a part owner of Micro Amigo Probiotics is charge to my experience. I learn many lessons from my partner and friends. We never last for 3 years and that business ventures is where I’ve learned why we should put people first. If the owners or the management get satisfied for what they get, I might think that we’re still together until now.

When you think of putting people first, don’t forget to include yourself. You are just sharing good things to others. What happens when in times that you’re not enough? We don’t want to make it hard giving to others.

fully loaded helth drink

lost in the crowd

Get Enough Rest

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Typography by Asha Jade

Having enough rest is very important to health. You need to rest when you get tired. We have to be conscious in our activities. Enjoying things you do will give you more energy but don’t neglect to make a good rest.

I had experienced to work over 48 hours only with only an hour of power nap. I have to finish my work on due time and I need to work very efficient. Sometimes I beat the deadline and ask for extension if I cannot make it. I don’t want to give more time to my work because it is not a good practice, what I mean is I have to finished it as soon as possible in very efficient manner so you can take your rest early.

Abusing body out of rest is very bad healthy habit. Rest must be into your time management. Don’t worry about having a work deadline because you can plan it without affecting your rest. If you know your schedule very well, you can have a time rest or finished your work on or before deadline.

Where do I rest?

I look for a comfortable place to rest where my body is fit to relax. Find a place with pleasant surroundings. Noise can destruct your resting too. I find time to rest on vacation at least once a month. I don’t recommend expensive vacation when the budget is out.

Rest Tips

Schedule time to rest. – If you don’t have rest schedule, someday you will pay for it when you get sick. It is better get rest in tiring condition and get relieve than confine on the clinic or hospital for treatment. It is very important to take your rest on time.

Get at least 4 - 8 hours of rest. – Like a machine it needs maintenance, time to operate and time to check its conditions. Machines need rest to maintain its functions. Our body should take enough rest to maintain good conditions.

Eat the right food. – The food we eat contributes to give more energy while we rest. Don’t eat too much if you were going to sleep. I recommend fruits that easy to digest.

Avoid too much rest. – Our body needs activity. Our body needs to be in actions to maintain its ability.

Learn to meditate. – Meditation can improve you rest. It is one of the best kind of relaxation.

The morning is wiser than the evening. - Russian Proverb


solid exist in the absent of space

Before I write what’s in my mind I will say what bring me to think about space and time. On my previous post about space and time, I share that by knowing the future you overcome time and overcoming space and what left is here. So what’s the point of being away and waiting when you can enjoy. It is because of the question what if the one you want to connect is now here.

Ok here I think about space, and why it exists. It’s a kind of weird question but believe me you got to agree on what I am going to share with you.

Why God created space?

This question comes in my mind when I preparing myself to bath. Space, space, space, I want space. Truly that time I want to get away from the things that I don’t want. Honestly, I am very sad at the moment. I don’t want to see things the way it happen. Do you want to know what the things that make me very sad? Let me share it to you some other time. This time I am going to figure out why God create space. Science tells that space is a distance between an object. Like you and me and what between us is the internet where you read about this blog.

Why there is a space between you and your dreams?

We dream about things and it’s not served to you instantly. When we say dreams, visions or goals, it is not the things that are present but it is already exist because you’re the one who create it in your mind. You have to process it to become physically present. The process is the things that between you and your dreams.

Why the process need to exist and give us difficulty, burden, frustration, challenge, motivation, passion, and all things that is negative and positive ways towards it. This time I start to figure out the answers. What if space does not exist? Then the solid will occupy it, physically you think it is true but it is not. What I know is solid exist in the absent of space. Doubt exist in the absent of belief. Evil exist in the absent of good. I remember when I was a child come to stare at the heaven and think how far it is to reach and until now I try to think of it. Obviously solid is not the things around us but space.

To give experiment or an example, get an empty glass of water and put a coffee on it without water to represent the space. You see that the moment you put the coffee it place at the bottom. Get another glass of water and add water, the moment you put the coffee you can see how it sinks to the bottom. Lastly get another glass of water with solid ice and put coffee, then it will not penetrate at the bottom until it remove or dissolved. These three examples represent the reality in life about why there is a space between you and your dreams or the things that you want. The space meant to brings those things that you want and the solid things are the one who prevent you from getting it. Having doubt will slow your process of getting what you want or never.

I learn now that your positive attitude will give you more space to get your dreams and your negative attitude will block you on getting what you want.

It’s time to answer my question why God created space?

The man on the quick sand cannot move, touch or reach the things that he want especially if the whole body is buried, because of the solid things occupied the space. Then put the man on the field where he can freely move. It is why God make the space present, in order for him to reach us, touch us, care for us, give us blessing. It is because He loves us so much that he knows what the best is for us. God don’t want us to make sins it create a barrier between you and God. God create space to allow us to ask forgiveness, if there is no space, where in hell because of sin.