Learn when to let go and move on.

Learning when and why you should let go is important in making a lifetime decisions especially in relationship. It is also important with regards with money and investment. To let go of your job and comfort zone. You may not notice the danger if you are not aware that you should let go or hold on.

Control Your Jealousy

Trust is the best antidote for jealous but don’t put your trust on that person or materials, instead put your trust on God that what ever may happen you can smile at the end of the day. That person you trust can fail you and those things may never be yours. What you can always have is hope that God will never fail you. Trust God to get over your jealous. You may find your self more loving when you trust God.

Be on time

There are many benefits of being on time. It avoids the negative impact of the delay and easily manages schedule. Time will never stop and wait, it goes on come what may. It’s our job to keep up on time or we find our self left behind.

Refuse to hold grudges

When you feel hate, grudges will come along and we must be careful of our actions. It flames up your anger and turns us bad. It is hard to avoid grudges but we can do something about it. Grudges give bad emotions and you carry it not until you’ve let go.

Put people first

When you think of putting people first, don’t forget to include yourself. You are just sharing good things to others. What happens when in times that you’re not enough? We don’t want to make it hard giving to others. As a builder we must check if our people can able to participate or not to make sure that the organization will be at its best. The organization is poor when the people are not good.

Get enough rest

Resting is very important to our health. You will get tired when your body needs rest. We have to be conscious in our activities. Enjoying things you do will give you more energy but we neglect to make rest. I experience working over 48 hours having only an hour of power nap. I have to finished my work on time and do it on a rush. Sometimes I beat the deadline and sometimes I ask for extensions; even though I wanted to give more time to accomplish my work, I choose to get rest.