Love edition of Nestlé Club

This month’s Love edition of Nestlé Club online unveils heartwarming tips on how you can express your love in creative and fun-filled ways. Find out how to help your kids eat healthier, and how you can be the hostess with the mostest to your guests. There are also tips on how to have a special V-Day with friends, with your significant other, with your family, or alone, if you’re single. So start reading, and loving, the February edition of Nestlé Club online.

Show them your love by helping them build healthy nutrition habits that they will bring with them into adulthood. Click here to read the article.

You don’t need to have an impressive home to be a gracious host. Give your guests a sincere welcome and they will surely feel the warmth. Click here to read the article.

Everyone can definitely celebrate Love Day this month! Here are creative ways to celebrate with your partner, with your family, friends, or alone, if you’re single. Click here to read the article.
Whip up a complete meal that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day lunch or dinner. Grilled entrée, fresh fruit cooler, and a veggie and seafood dish will make your meal more special.Click here for the free recipes.
There are new forum topics this February, plus a new poll question for you to answer. Join now and be heard.


Choose a Healthy and Happy Lifestyle!

School has started and for many families, this means that there will be an additional flurry of activities for every member of the family! Help everyone keep up at work and school by keeping their bodies strong and their energies high with nutritious foods, healthy activities and a generally positive lifestyle.

Drinking milk every day makes a big difference in our general health. In this issue, you’ll learn why children and adults need milk, and how much milk one should drink every day.
You’ll also become familiar with the different Branded Active Benefits (BABs) present in many of Nestlé’s food and beverage products. Examples are Actigen-E, Bifidus, Prebio 1 and 3, and Calci-N.Finally, you’ll discover practical and expert-approved tips to cope with economic challenges. You’ll find that you can meet the needs of your family, while you save.

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Milk is important, at any age

Many adults and even older kids believe that milk is just for babies and little children. Not so, say the nutrition experts. Milk is an essential drink that everybody needs.
At your age, do you know how much milk you need to drink on a daily basis? Read more here.

What are Branded Active Benefits (BABs)?

In response to increasing consumer needs for better health, Nestlé continues to focus on transforming scientific advances into Branded Active Benefits (BABs). This is the range of functional ingredients contained in various Nestlé leading food brands across different markets. Find out how the presence of BABs turned some of Nestlé’s existing brands into unrivalled market leaders in their categories today.
Read about it here.

Keep your family's finances healthy

Since the economy is not doing very well, be a wise mom and use a few tips and tricks to stretch the budget and get more value for your money, while making sure your loved ones have everything they need! Read the recommended tips here.