Love survives when you know the best for relationship

If you are going to love someone you must like it first.
It is hard to make love when you don’t like it. The love becomes artificial and may never last longer. Sometimes we don’t see the difference between loves and likes. Like is focus on the things we want and love is acceptance. This is [...]

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Until We Say Goodbye

I dedicate this poem to a couple who never let their partners dies inside their heart even though they passed away

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I love to be with you but I hate the things we do

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I always wanted to be with you.
Stay, live, and laugh with you.
I love to cry and share the feelings.
To risk my love for you I’m willing.

To cheat the most I love I hate.
The things we do forward this kiss.
That guilt and discomfort it brings;
To me this [...]

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