This is KADIWA 2013 – Manila Central Edition

The "This is KADIWA 2013" held at New Era University Campus was fun and indeed successful, I assume that this event was for the year 2012 but it has move on Jan 5 and 6 2013 and for whatever reason for me it just fine. We can still hope that this can be organize again before this year end just when it was started on December 23, 2011.

This Is KADIWA 2013 is hosted by Metro Manila Central District and open to all. Even some of the BUKLOD members comes to witness this event. I also wonder if there are some couple who manage to get a good relationship after the last  This Is KADIWA 2011 held on World Trade Center.

I cannot express myself or say so much on this event because wasn’t able to attend, but I can able to tell something good by looking on my friends photo on Facebook. Pictures tell story and capture the moment and that can make me feel that was there even I wasn’t. Visit “This is KADIWA Facebook Fan Page” if you miss the event. I guessed the photo can say something about what happen and explain everything.

Let me grab my friend’s photo and this may gives you the idea what happens on This Is KADIWA. I grab most of the photo on This is KADIWA (Official Fanpage).

This is KADIWA Golf Booth

Probably one of the easiest booths to win in, the Golf Booth just needs you to put that golf ball in the hole in just three (3) tries. Earn a sticker and win as many This Is KADIWA 2013 exclusive items. I tried this on driving range, and it not easy for the beginner like me. Thanks for my coach Lutchie for inviting me to play golf with her when I was in Singapore. This is Kadiwa so lets talk about this it again.


This is KADIWA Jail Booth

If in Monopoly, you need a 'Get Out of Jail --- FREE' card; and, in real life you need cash, a lawyer, and bail. Well, in MMC's edition of This Is KADIWA, the Jail Booth needs your charm, guts, and witty humor if you want to get out. Yup! Here the mechanics are pure and simple. Once you're caught and "put in jail," you'll have to talk to someone you've never met before and get as much as you can about them in a very short span of time. If you don't, well expect to be locked up for a very long day.


This is KADIWA The Next Top Model

Who will be this year's KADIWA's "Next Top Model?" Show off your stuff, your strut and cobra walk. You may just be the next 'IT' thing in the world of fashion. Come on over to New Era University's high school open field this January 05 and 06 with your family and friends, and visit the Top Model booth.

This is KADIWA Literature Booth

The KADIWA locale officers prepare their Literature Booth in This is KADIWA 2013 Metro Manila Central Edition. As one of the booths opened this January 05 and 06 at the New Era University open field, the Literature Booth aims to sharpen the creativity of the KADIWA through poetry. Courtesy of the Locale of Manggahan.


This is KADIWA Kiss Marks Booth

Find your match at the Kiss Marks Booth! This sure beats the Lovapalooza held by Close Up every year. Why? A brother or a sister (in Christ) can amuse his/herself by drawing letters of the alphabet from a box and then looking for a fellow-KADIWA of the opposite gender whose name starts with the letter from the box. They have three minutes to find one to get their really "unusual prize".

This is KADIWA The Gig

if there is a stage there is a show, the Udaya band and other artist are there for us to entertain, I love to play with band so I miss the feeling of playing music on the stage with eyes and ears on you.

This is KADIWA Speed Dating Booth

When was the last time you went on a date? Was it a blind date? A double date? Or a group date? Have you ever tried going on 10 dates in one day? At MMC's "Metro Manila Central" This Is KADIWA 2013 event at New Era University's high school open grounds, you'll find the Speed Dating Booth. That's right! You've got just a few minutes to actually meet and get to know someone before the buzzer goes and ushers you to the next table where your next 'date' awaits you.

This is KADIWA The Board Games Booth

Hosted by the Locale of Veterans Village 1 is an exciting and fun way for brethren to get together and build long-lasting friendships. The game is an INC-inspired version of Snakes and Ladders perfect for this year's Water Snake. Thing is as some KADIWAs wait for their turns to play the real board games, they are given the chance to just sit down and play a simple game of tic-tac-toe.


This is KADIWA Hello Dear - THERE

Having trouble searching for that certain someone to change your 'Single' or 'It's Complicated' status? Just find the booth that guides you with three easy steps. No, it's not "Stop! Look! And, listen!" Nor is it "Stop! Drop! And, roll!" It would be more of "Hanap! Usap! And, Deal!" Come to This Is KADIWA's 2013 MMC edition and visit the Hello, dear! booth to see what might gonna happen next.

This is KADIWA The Drawing Booth

Here, you can win a lot more "This Is KADIWA" pins in just one minute. At least two partners are required, most preferably a guy and a girl. One of the partners should pick the task from the box. The task is to draw what is written on the paper. In just one minute, his/her partner will guess what s/he drew. If they win, then they get more pins and stickers from the booth manager.

You can see more about this on the This Is KADIWA (Official Fanpage) There are some activities that I wanted to add but this are all I can share. and I hope that I’ll be there again on the next This Is KADIWA.

Mid Year Thanksgiving To God 2012

Life’s indeed full of adventures, success and failure. Thanks for the message we received from our Over All Executive Minister. The inspirational message from the words of God reminds us to put our trust in Him whatever it takes. Happy thanksgiving to all my brethren.

I am so blessed and I want to return as much as I could this thanksgiving.

I have so many beautiful and wonderful things and event that I want to give thanks and praise for our Creator. Thank You God for the friends that you put by my side who consider my handicap not literally but they there are when I need theme. They are my friends who challenge and encourage me to do extra ordinary things and share their blessing. I may not be able to re-pay their goodness but it is You Lord that I want thank the most. Please bless their life and livelihood so that they can continue to prosper and enjoy life.

I would like to thanks You for the event that guides me to understand more of the uncertain things. You know God that I’ve suffer from some emotional pain and it is You who I leaned on, because I believe that Your love is more than enough to heal any pain occurring into my life.

Thank You for I have a good family. My parents may not be in real good health conditions but they let me feel how much they love me. I hope to find so many ways to show them how much You are more willing to have them included in the Church Of Christ. For this is one of my burden that I will carry until they come to know the same and one true God that I worship and give thanks.

There are so much more to thanks, my health is in good conditions. My beliefs of having stable financial resources are going strong. Thank You for the guidance and Love that I can feel every now and then. Thank You for there are always challenges, I can use them all to improve my life and to show to everyone You’ve never forsaken me.

This Is Kadiwa 2011

I went to This Is Kadiwa event alone but ended up meeting new and old friends. I don’t want to miss this happening. I will regret for not coming because my locations to the venue is very near. World Trade Center is just one ride from Bagtikan St. corner Pasong Tamo St. by LRT sign board jeep. My expectation is very good and it goes that way. I don’t have much time to stay on the event but I satisfied myself for about an hour.

This is KADIWA Speed Dating

I love to see the Speed Dating and Jail Boot, congratulations to the hearts that meets and get to know each other. The common question you can observes is what is your name, are you single, and your locale and the rest is bla blah bla. The conversations sound sweet. I wish to register on Speed Dating but I did not my heart is fully taken.

I see people more on taking photo and saying hi to new friends. I love to hear the mini concert too.

I can remember their face but I cannot recall their name because my name list got scramble. Luckily one did text me, her name is Eden from Cavite and I can clearly remember her face. If I could extend my stay for the long time I will try to participate on each activity. I hope to meet Leah, Aims and Emmylou but I cannot extend my time, I have to go to my bro Mons' house. I am glad to see my teacher in High School Mr. Cainglet. Kadiwa parin po ba kayo Mr. Cainglet? Thank you for all the friends I meet and nice to meet my old friend.

We can say that This Is Kadiwa is very successful. I am hoping for this kind of event for the next year, and wishfully this event happen every quarter of the year. Thank You This Is Kadiwa.

If happen to be that you are the person on the photo, please contact me to acknowledge your name.

Year End Thanksgiving To God 2011

Thank You for all the days I had through this year. Happy thanksgiving. I felt joy and sorrows that made me closer to You. I experience joy and blessing to praise and sorrows to get closer to You. Thank You for all the answered prayers like giving me the understanding heart and vow to humble down my self. Thank You for helping me throw away my pride, I become more concern and listen. Thank You for forgiving me, I had committed sin but you lead me the way to obey your commandment. Thank You for I was able to use my ears to listen and do what is righteous to You.

Happy Thanksgiving To All.

Thank You for the new friends; I meet new brothers and sister in the Church Of Christ that we may love each other. Thank you for the gift, my partner and my love Maria Lourdes Garcia. We’re planning to settle down next year and with your blessing, I am giving thanks for making us together in the service of your Church Of Christ.

Thank You for calling my brother Jose Sigasig Macatangay. He influences me the way I appreciate and understand certain things. Thank you for the long life you give to my father and mother, for I thank You for giving me chance to bring them in worshiping You.

I thankful for all the problem and hardship you gave to me. I hope you found me worthy of bearing them that I have put my trust in You. Thank You when You lift me up when you know that I am hopeless, You know in my heart that I have no other way but in Jesus name to You.

I have saved an amount here to bring an offering to you. Please I know it is not enough to pay back the blessing you are giving me. Thank you for I learned to cry, this is great and the best way I know to take away the pain in my heart, and thank You for helping me to handle my emotions. With out your help I am down hopeless and I am here to thank you for giving me hope to stand up. Thank You.

I will take care of all the blessing to give to me; I can feel it coming from You. I will also give it back to glorify your name.

Thank You our almighty God, in Jesus name. Amen.


Victory is sure with God’s help. With Him, nothing is impossible; no adversary is unbeatable. The success of Iglesia Ni Cristo proved that our God’s help.

The news said that the property is sold because their members are few and the others are not coming to their worship service.

The success of Iglesia Ni Cristo is really amazing, It because we believe that this is a work of God.