DLC Products

The products are very consumable and necessity for daily use. This will bring more income even in time of economic struggles. DLC is committed to provide a very high class standard of products with 100% money back guaranty. That is how we assure that the products of good quality.

DLC belongs to the billion dollars of products sales because of the products lines. Basic and daily needs are always on top of Billion dollar industry, the health and beauty products, the home care and household products.

DLC also promotes the native products available in the country by acquiring and manufacturing the products. This will give more jobs to the Filipinos and the opportunity to export the products with a fast sales and distributions.

Diamond Lifestyle Corporation products line are Facial Care, Healthy Functional Foods, Natural Personal Hygiene, Eco-Friendly Household, and Native Products.

DLC Company Profile

First of all, we would like to congratulate you in your desire to improve yourself and your lifestyle through our industry called Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and we hope this is the vehicle that will help you discover your dreams and your full potential.

Today, as businesses move more and more towards the corporate world and individual free enterprise faces unfair competition from publicly listed companies, we believe the age of individual free Multi-Level enterprise has just begun. We have high hopes in this exciting development.

However let us also warn you that there is very little free about free enterprise. It is our hope that you will pay the price with hard work, commitment and determination to build your Diamond Lifestyle Corporation (DLC) business and be an ambassador of this Company, created BY distributors FOR distributors like you.
Let us get to work and "Aim Higher"!

The Spirit of "Love."

Let the foundation spirit be the spirit of "Love."
They say there are three kinds of love.
The first kind is “I love you because I want you”.
The second kind is “I love you because I need you”. The third is “I love you because you need me”.
Only humans, because they are needed,
know how to give the third kind of love and it is our hope that you understand this kind of love when you work your DLC business.


Diamond Lifestyle Corporation are committed to provide distributors a company base on, integrity, honesty, and ethical business standard and a marketing plan that does not allow game playing.

Diamond Lifestyle Corporation are committed to sourcing or manufacturing for you from above average up to the best products priced according to their fair market value so that you can be accountable to your customers. We have reinforced this by our D.L.C. Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.

Diamond Lifestyle Corporation are committed to providing you professional trainings, literature, brochures,CDs and DVDs. Based on our annual plan, we will also provide for you necessary trainings, seminars, rallies and other activities.

Diamond Lifestyle Corporation are committed to opening new international markets so that you will have a business that has no boundaries.

Diamond Lifestyle Corporation are committed to doing whatever is necessary to give you the best MLM Company in the world. Many people say that there are no perfect MLM company and no perfect marketing plan. We do not agree. Any MLM company who knows it is not perfect or where the marketing plan is not perfect should take steps to remedy the situation. DLC knows that distributors are putting their hopes and dreams in us and we are committed to build for all of you a perfect company for your trust. We know we can and we must. DLC is setting out to create a new standard. Let this be one of our missions.


Let us “Aim Higher” and always strive to do more than what is expected. Do not make the mistake of doing only the minimum requirement to get your bonuses when you work your DLC business. We will be very disappointed if leaders practice this and teach their organization the same.
When we wrote our marketing plan, we purposely lowered the minimum requirement to make it easy for all distributors. This is only made possible by increasing the amount of bonuses that we pay out. Can you now imagine the amount of money you and your downlines can make by doing more than what is required with our outrageous bonus pay-out? We created this company to make you rich! Do not make yourself or your downlines just mediocre. Doing an extra 30% to 50% more than the minimum requirement is a goal you should set for yourself and your downlines.


July 1, 2008. After 28 incredible years in MLM, 21 of which is as a Managing Director for one of the biggest MLM company in the world making an outrageous annual income most people cannot make in their lifetime, I resigned and started this new MLM company.

What in the world am I doing? Well, it wasn't money for sure as I can hardly spend 30% of my outrageous annual income. Was it for fame or recognition? I don't need to start a new MLM company to get them. As one of the most successful networker in the world with an organization that has sponsored over 3 million distributors, I already have my fair share of recognition and fame. A desire to own a company? Listen to my speeches and training and you will sometime hear me mention that I love my role as a General and have no desire to be the Emperor. So, why start a new MLM company called “Diamond Lifestyle Corporation”?

After 28 long years, I have found an industry that is my life's passion. A business, I believe, is the best available option to channel goods and services. A business option for many who are not satisfied with their present financial situation. A business option for many who have no other business options. After 28 long years, I have also found things that need to be changed to help those who love or need this business and give them a fighting chance. Let us talk about 2 of them.

First. In my opinion, for the last 50 years there is only one MLM company in the world and all the others are pyramid schemes. I would like to ask distributors who believe they are from legitimate companies: If you also operate your business like pyramid schemes, playing the money game, buying up to get bonuses, pins and incentives what is the difference between you and them? DLC intends to close all loopholes to prevent this behavior. We can now say that there are 2 MLM companies in the world: one is called DLC and the other is the biggest MLM company today.

Second. With the percentage paid out by all MLM companies and the way their marketing plans are designed, it will be ill-advised for most of you to believe that this business is a vehicle to your dreams. After the owners of MLM companies suck away a huge percentage for themselves, there is not enough money left to give the mid- and lower-level leaders a decent income. That is why all company marketing plans are only designed to look after the 20% high level leaders or the superstars. It is not uncommon to listen to these superstars talk about the 80/20 rule like it is a virtue. We think this is catastrophic. When the 80% of leaders find their income unsatisfactory they may quit and when they do so, it becomes a domino effect on the business of the superstar. This is a fact. If we cannot pay enough to look after the 80% we also cannot look after the 20%.

How then can we write a marketing plan that can also look after the 80% of the leaders? THIS IS THE MAIN MISSION OF DLC.

There is only one solution. I wish there were another. We must write a marketing plan that also includes the 1/3 that is the profit of the owner of a MLM company into the plan. Only when we have this extra 30% can we have enough money to write a marketing plan where we can concentrate a huge portion of the bonuses to distributors who have one to three break-off legs.

Yes, I understand what I am doing is abnormal.It is normal and right for all owners of MLM companies to make a profit from their investment for the risk they are taking. But please also understand that I am not interested in the profit of my company. I just want to build an MLM company for distributors and do something for this industry before I retire.

Thanks for joining me on this meaningful mission. Let us leave our footprints in the sand. Let’s get to work.

Eddy Chai and Diamond Lifestyle Corporation

Eddy Chai Introduce Diamond Lifestyle Corporation to be at home and more likely he want to call it our own. DLC gives 60% profits to the distributor which is set to the marketing plan that is very achievable.

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Eddy Chai

Eddy Chai The Founder Of DLC

When Eddy Talks?

The audiences want to hear every single word that he says because it is very meaningful and full of details. He speak with convictions knowing everything he says because of his 28 year of experience in Multilevel Marketing. His consultation fee is very expensive that even a percent of gross profit from the company are offered to him just to say yes for recommendation.

Eddy Chai is Fun

Doing business with Eddy is very fun. He wants the DLC members enjoy doing the business. When you seat to hear the business, every words he says give motivation, courage, and paradigm shift in life what is wrong and good to become. He teach you by telling a story where you get a moral lesson, he also tell a jokes to keep the audience alive. And for sure he will catch your attention and have fun.

When Eddy Share

Eddy want to share his blessing, he share what he have in heart and mind. He write a marketing plan by heart and analyze with his mind. He knows that calculator, number and figures never lies. He make sure that DLC is place where strike with a home run.

More About Eddy Chai?

You can visit his website and found more info about him. He aim higher, Live life, and Fear God. His website tell you a that he is only human like us that we can also achieved what he did. I is just a matter of choice that he start to believe that he can. I love Eddy Poem like “And God Said No To A Multi Level Marketing” and his favorite story that can inspire you. All of this can be found on his website.

It is the first meeting I have with Eddy, I heard him sing a birthday song not knowing that there is someone inside the room celebrating his birthday. He sing for giving the example of royalty income where people make money even if your already done with it. The meeting or presentation last for 8:00pm – 10:00pm and I got a calling card from Eddy before the presentation started.

He aim higher, Live life, and Fear God.