Do not judge the book. Buy it

I bought inspirational books today.

  • The girl’s guide to loving yourself
  • You Go, Girl… Keep Dreaming
  • A Grateful Path

We say “Don’t judge the book by its cover.” but I bought these books because the front and back cover are interesting.

A Grateful Path looks so inspiring. The cover shows the road, house and children’s and I am curious about it the meaning of it. I bought two pieces of it, one for me and the other will be a gift for someone in the future.

You Go, Girl… Keep Dreaming, a special book about always believing in yourself. When I hold this book, I like the cartoon and the typography. The message about believing in yourself is what I always wanted to read. I might learn the different approach on how to believe in yourself.

The girls guide to loving yourself, a book about falling in love with the one person who matters most… You. It’s the same thing I like above, the cover and the cartoon graphics. But this time I want to know about loving yourself. We fall in love with others how about falling in love with yourself.

I got the receipt from Chapter and Pages Corporations located at east wing of Robinson Galleria, Ortigas.

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grateful path, girls guide, keep dreaming

Books From Blue Mountain Arts

I have four books at the end of the day two copy of A Grateful Path and each of The girl’s guide to loving yourself and You Go, Girl… Keep Dreaming. [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

If I really wanted to make a difference I would…

In this blog I wanted to cover my inspirational book “If I really wanted to make a difference I would...” I use to read this book when I started doing Multi Level Marketing business ( Forever Living Products Philippines International ) and now I love to read it again and share what I've learned from my experience related to the content of the book.

This book contains simple thoughts that can create big impact in our life. Most of the content or topic here are the things we usually do and sometimes were not aware of the result; we just feel like doing it.

You can read how to become a better person and make good relationship with others. This book is about making a difference or knowing that there are more things you can have or become.

Here are the list of wisdom and inspirations from the book.

If I really wanted to make a difference I would...

If I really wanted to make a difference I would...
- is published in the Philippines by Lighthouse Inspirational Books & Gifts, Inc. and it's available to your favorite local Bookstore- National Bookstore, Powerbooks and Philippine Christian Bookstore.

Learn About Moods and Money

My moods to attract money are being happy to what I want to have. I love the trick in the book that says “to be grateful when your mood is high and graceful when it low.”

Have you observed your moods? Do you use it properly?

When you are in a positive emotions, love, happy, sharing, passionate etc. you’re in a good mood. The energy you have at the moment is so powerful that everybody can feel what it is in you. Try to close a sale or try to start your work and you can deliver well. But when you where in a bad mood, having a feeling and emotions of being sad, frustrated, worried, hate, etc. you can feel yourself lock and it’s hard to move on.

It’s hard to work in a bad mood

To share my experience how I use my moods perfectly is when I work. Honestly it’s hard to work in a bad mood. It’s disturbed your mind and freezes you up, and don’t know what to do. While you’re in good mood you can easily figure out what next and you can work very well and efficiently. All possibilities will come up to your mind and you can have abundant of resources.

Get Mileage out of Reflection

Looking back to what happen to you can push you more forward. It is like famous quotes “sharpening the saw” I read in the book “The seven habits of highly effective people” by Stephen F. Covey. You find the benefits of knowing how you get here and understanding your strength and weakness.

Find yourself on things you can do well and things that you need to learn much more. When you reflect yourself, observe and find the answer of why you get there. When you have analysis on your reflection you can do more best on the next time around.

The reflection in my life that I always wanted to go back is the day I learn how to smile. There is inevitable mood of feeling bad and the way how I manage to smile and understand that process is the best reflection I always observe. The day I lost my first phone model is “Asus v8” I bought from my first credit card. It is lost it and its not yet fully paid. Imagine what you can feel if it was your first. Sure you feel bad, but how I make myself learn to smile is a different point of my life. I know that I become careless on riding a public transport MRT.  And when something is taken out to you something will replace or fills in back. Nothing will be lost now if you have none but a things to have.

You my lost your friends for a reason but you know someone can understand you better. Find a reflection where you can see yourself happy in the end. We make reflection to brighten up the way.

You can also find some reflection from others; you can adopt or relate some situation from your friends, or others. We can take more visual experience and imaginary solutions as we observes and learn from their experience.