Keep in Mind that Circumstances Don’t Make a Person, They Reveal Him.

We become the person and the product of our experienced. This topic explains what come first, Attitude or Success? Every successful man has the right attitude to achieve his goal. It is hard to become successful when we don’t have the winning attitude.

We want to become successful but first we must engage with circumstances. We can call it a test that shows who we are as we failed or succeed in the end. A circumstance is a mirror that shows how you react and reveal who you are. That experience will transform to become who you are weather you learn or not. Looking at the mirror don’t change anything, I only shows who you are. What important is to learn from what you see. Being prepared at any given situation can help you handle or solve the problem and sometimes it’s already solved, we just have to pass thru it. The circumstances will reveal if you are really prepared or not.

Attitude can be mold by circumstances. Circumstances is constantly shaping your character, we adjust ourselves when we see us bad or good at the current situations. We can choose what we become and known for who we are.

Ask for what you want.

We are born to ask for what we want. Did you know what it means when a newly born child cry? They ask for something that they can’t say but to cry. As we grew up, we forgot how asking is very effective way to get what we want.

Ask knowing and believing that you can hope or have it is important. How can you ask for something that you can’t trust or hope for? It’s waste of time to convince yourself that it will happen even if you have a doubt. It can be once in a blue moon. Believing 100 percent it can’t be an assurance. So why give a doubt on the things that you want when you know that you can have it.

It is better to forget things that you want when at the same time you don’t believed to have it.

It is also applies to the law of attractions. You attract what you want and your thought become things.

Magnetic Attraction Diagram

This diagram can explain the scenario from the things we ask or want.


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